Colorado Stoner Activities
Colorado Stoner Activities

Stoner-Friendly Activities In Colorado

Cannabis Activities To Try When In Colorado

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DanaSmith on Sunday Jul 16, 2017

Stoner-Friendly Activities In Colorado

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This summer, you might want to consider traveling to Colorado, which offers a wide range of stoner-friendly activities that are perfect after – and even while – you toke! Visit some of Colorado’s best dispensaries and purchase some good bud before you check out these exciting activities that will definitely get you high on fun!


puff puff pass

  • Puff, Pass, and Paint is the first-ever art class catering to cannabis creatives! Operated by Heidi Keyes, a Denver-based painter, visitors are invited to join Puff, Pass, and Paint for 2 hour pot sessions as you follow her instructions so that you can create your own consciously-created artwork! Guests are also encouraged to create their own inspired pieces if they want. Art supplies including paint, canvas panels, and brushes are included in class costs. Cannabis intake is allowed and even encouraged, even if you prefer to consume edibles rather than smoke. Each Puff, Pass, and Paint class accommodates only 20 students at a time, so that Heidi can give everyone equal attention in a fun, relaxed environment where you can even pass joints as you paint. Art lovers – can it get any better than that?? Heidi also offers private group sessions upon request, where you can have art classes with your friends and family at home or at a location of your choice. Come in clothes that you’re willing to spill some paint on – you’re guaranteed a whole lot of fun!



  • Ganjasana is perfect for those looking for a spiritual cannabis retreat. Yoga healing ceremonies are operated by teachers who are also cannabis enthusiasts. Ganjasana offers deep and transformative experiences, ideal for those who need some emotional and mental uplifting from the plant. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes are offered; but guests will also learn how to build a better relationship with the plant. At Ganjasana, you’ll also learn how to use the plant based on the ancient Shipibo shamanic practice. Ganjasana offers one-of-a-kind spiritual ceremonies that merge traditional approaches while helping you connect to your most authentic self.  Ganjasana also partnered with a certified permaculturist as well as regenerative cannabis growers so visitors are treated to the highest quality cannabis with the smallest environmental footprint possible.


medicine man technologies

  • Medicine Man Denver Grow Tour is owned and operated by celebrity Pete Williams. At Medicine Man Denver Grow Tours, you’ll be given front-stage passes to the most famous dispensaries at Denver including Medicine Man’s 40,000 square foot facility, where you can also buy the bud of your choice. They also offer luxurious cannabis-friendly limos and party bus services (perhaps a good idea for your next bachelor or bachelorette party?). Other activities offered by Medicine Man Denver Grow Tours include a glass blowing demonstration where you’ll get to see how beautiful glass pipes are created – and even have a chance to buy it! Since seats are limited, guests are invited to book in advance.


behr bodyworks

  • Behr Bodywork offers cannabis-infused therapeutic massages, perfect for relaxation and helping you get rid of body aches and pains. Behr Bodywork is owned and operated by Matthew Behr, a licensed massage therapist based in Denver. They offer a wide range of massage therapies including cannabis-medicated massages, aromatherapy, deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, and much more. For the medicated massage, Behr Bodywork applies cannabis-infused muscle balms designed to treat inflammation. The balms are massaged in an invigorating way to your ligaments, joints, and soft tissue in the body; but don’t worry because it won’t get you high and these balms won’t cause you to fail a drug test! Behr Bodywork studio is located within the Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast.


kush tourism

  • Cannabasics Sommelier is a fantastic educational activity that lets you learn first-hand everything you need to know about cannabis. They offer classes that help you learn about the different forms of cannabis, strains, origins and regions, products, and more. Cannabasics Sommelier also lets you learn how to identify different cannabis strains through touch, sight, smell, and so much more. Guests can also visit state-of-the-art industrial grow faciltiies and have a chance to talk to master growers. Guests of Cannabasics Sommelier will also have the opportunity to take photos, and basically take home a valuable learning experience about the most important plant in the world!




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