cannabis strains for post polio syndrome
cannabis strains for post polio syndrome

Cannabis Strains for Post Polio Syndrome

Medical Marijuana For Post Polio Sydrome Patients To Try First

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Cannabis Strains for Post Polio Syndrome



Post polio syndrome is a condition that polio survivors may experience years, sometimes decades, after the initial attack.


Post polio syndrome is not a life-threatening condition, although its symptoms can greatly affect a survivor’s quality of life. Common symptoms of post polio syndrome include weakening of the muscles, joint and muscle pain, fatigue with minimal activity, breathing or swallowing problems, muscle atrophy, sleep disorders, and a decreased tolerance of cold temperatures. New symptoms may present itself after periods of inactivity.


The cause of post polio syndrome is not yet understood, although a common theory in the medical community is that the surviving motor neurons from the initial polio attack end up becoming overburdened and fail over time. The surviving motor neurons have to compensate for the dead motor neurons, and after several years, they fail and this causes muscle weakness. Others speculate that new motor neuron loss in patients with post polio syndrome experience it because of the aging process. Additionally, underuse and overuse of muscles can also contribute to muscle weakness.


The symptoms of post polio syndrome are different in everyone, thus, treatment is individualized based on each patient. There is no known cure for post polio syndrome; conventional treatments include lifestyle changes such as the integration of non-fatiguing exercise, rest, ventilation equipment and mobility aids.


Cannabis can help treat the symptoms of post polio syndrome by addressing specific symptoms. If you know someone with post polio syndrome, these are the 5 best cannabis strains to medicate with:

white widow cannabis strain

  1. White Widow is an excellent strain to help with muscle weakness and pain. A combination of a South Indian Indica and a South American Sativa, White Widow is a popular choice among medical patients for its ability to treat pain while delivering a euphoric, relaxed, and happy high. White Widow is a multi-purpose, versatile strain that can also help post polio syndrome patients from depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, and stress.

afgan kush strain

  1. Afghan Kush is recommended for post polio patients who suffer from swallowing or breathing problems. The THC content of Afghan Kush can help relax the airways, but that’s not all this strain can do. It’s a powerful sedative and can assist with sleeping problems that post polio syndrome patients tend to have, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. Afghan Kush invigorates the appetite, has painkilling properties, helps to manage depression, and aids in combating stress.

jillybean strain

  1. Jillybean is a sweet flavored strain, and a top choice for daytime medication particularly for post polio patients who struggle with fatigue. Jillybean will give you a good source of mental and physical energy, while uplifting you when you need to be productive or social. It’s not too heavy that it will weigh you down; in fact, Jilly Bean is a great strain of choice to help you become focused, energetic, happy, and motivated. Aside from giving you energy, Jillybean can also fight muscle pain and weakness.

chocolope cannabis strain

  1. Chocolope is a favorite among patients suffering from fatigue caused by any condition, including post polio syndrome. Its effects can be considered that of a classic sativa, one that uplifts while energizing mind and body. It’s no surprise that Chocolope is a go-to for morning medication, it will wake you up and give you the energy you need to complete tasks. Many consider Chocolope as a good all-around daytime strain, it also eases depression and anxiety so you can power through the day no matter what it brings you.

bluecheese cannabis

  1. Blue Cheese is your go-to for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia. Initially, the smell may be “stinky” but don’t let that deter you. Blue Cheese has powerful medicinal qualities that post polio syndrome patients will find useful. It also has a strong THC content, so this strain will get you very high – start slow if you aren’t sure about how to handle its psychoactivity. Blue Cheese is revered for its euphoric high, one that will also calm you down from head to toe. If you need a peaceful, good night’s rest, Blue Cheese will do the job for you. It’s also extremely beneficial for depression, lack of appetite, and muscle pain.


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