Sunrock or Moonrocks
Sunrock or Moonrocks

What is the Difference Between Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks?

Which one is stronger, a cannabis sunrock or cannabis moonrock?

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Aug 22, 2020

What is the difference between Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks?

sunrocks or moonrocks

When it comes to strong and potent cannabis products, there really isn’t much out there with the level of potency seen in sun rocks and moon rocks. Different hybrid cannabis strains are known to have very strong levels of THC giving them the ability to produce very strong euphoric effects, however with sun rocks and moon rocks a new level of euphoric high is experienced. As their names suggest, both products have the ability to give an overwhelming feeling that is out of this world, to say the least.

A lot of people have sought to identify the differences between sun rocks and moon rocks. What each entails,  which is more potent and so on. Which is why in this article, we'll be looking deeply into the components of both sun rocks and moon rocks, what they entail and the differences between the two.

Before I continue, it should be noted that both products are extremely potent forms of cannabis which when combined together give a unique and strong high. It should not be used by newbies.

Moon Rocks

The moon rocks contain three distinct layers of cannabis materials closely knit together in a unique mashup that is sure to set every cannabis user on another level. The first layer of the moon rocks is made from cannabis buds which are dried and cured. The packed buds of cannabis can be gotten from any cannabis strain depending on the potency of the strain and the intentions of the user. These buds are the same as those that are grinded to give joint and put in a pipe.

The second layer of the moon rocks after the grinded cannabis buds is the cannabis oil which is used to coat the packed cannabis buds. Cannabis oil is produced through different cannabis extraction methods that give these concentrated cannabis products. The character of cannabis oil depends on the type of extraction method that produces it but its nature is always thick and very potent. It has a honey-like texture which makes the cannabis oil perfect to hold the first and third layers together.

The final layer that completes the already potent two layers of the moon rocks is the cannabis kief which more or less is the powdery form that falls from the cannabis buds. It is also the grinded products of cannabis after it passes through the grinders and it is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which are to be thanked for the aroma, flavor, and effects of cannabis.

Moon rocks are very potent and can boast of a THC concentration of about 40 to 60% a concentration that cannot be seen even in the strongest of indica cannabis strains. The addition of the three layers makes the moon rocks very potent. This is not for the fainthearted.

Sun Rocks 

Where the similarity occurs between the moon rocks and the sun rocks is that just like the moon rocks, the sun rocks is also divided into three layers of cannabis materials. The difference however begins when we begin to look into the composition of the three cannabis layers of sun rocks. The components of the sun rocks are more sophisticated and more matured in comparison with the moon rocks which makes the sun rocks more potent with a THC concentration of up to 80%!

The first layer of the sun rocks contains the buds of OG cannabis flower and unlike the moon rocks, the cannabis strain that must be used has to be of OG origin. The type of cannabis buds needed for the sun rocks needs to be of the top-shelf quality which as expected is more expensive but is definitely worth the additional cost. This is where another difference can be seen between moon rocks and sun rocks as unlike moon rocks where any desired cannabis strain of any origin can be used, the strain for the sun rocks has to be of OG origin.

The second layer of the sun rocks is cannabis oil and here another difference from moon rocks is seen as the cannabis oil to be used for the sun rocks is extracted by solventless extraction methods. The reason for this mode of extraction is because extraction by solvents can have residues of the solvent in the final product which can be detrimental to the lungs of the user.

The final layer of the sun rocks is the organic cannabis kief and like the first layer, it has to be of OG origin. The organic cannabis kief is of better quality and has to be a top-shelf to ensure a higher potency to complement the effects of the two preceding layers of cannabis.

The importance of safety can't be stressed enough when using these potent forms of cannabis. They are very potent and should not be used by inexperienced cannabis users.












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