cbd oil on athletes foot
cbd oil on athletes foot

CBD for Athlete's Foot - Does it Work?

Does CBD oil help with an Athlete's Foot infection?

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Chiara C on Monday Feb 22, 2021

What Should You Know about CBD and Athlete's Foot?

cbd oil for athlete's foot

Athletes' feet are clinically called "Tinea Pedis," It is a fungal infection that starts between the toes, commonly happening to people with consistent sweaty feet caused by a confinement in tight-fitting shoes. The fungus thrives in very moist and warm conditions, making it a contagious skin condition that spreads from one toe to another.


An athlete's symptoms include mild itching, a burning sensation between the toes after taking off your shoes, or a scaly rash that spreads from a part of the toe to another. It extends to the patient's hands in some cases if he touches his feet and hands, thus spreading the infection. If athlete’s feet is left untreated, it can infect the toenails, and at this level, a much more extensive medical treatment is needed.


If you have ever experienced a rash-like sensation in your toes with a big patch that increases daily, then you have had athlete's foot. There are several conclusions on solutions for athletes' feet from people advised to shower excessively to avoid it or stop putting on stockings, but these are not true. So what are the solutions, and can CBD help? 


Many things can go wrong with the skin, especially when exposed to certain natural elements like sunshine, heat, or extreme cold. Therefore people seek solutions to such skin conditions, and skincare companies are always quick to make people believe that CBD in single-use can eliminate skin challenges. CBD.


CBD for athlete's feet doesn't clear up in a single-use. Although some claims about CBD's capacity to solve these skin issues are not entirely confirmed, CBD does offer a lot of promise in treating peculiar such as depression, pain, and anxiety. Athlete’s feet are fungal infection, and CBD contains many anti-fungal properties, making it suitable as an alternative treatment option. Unless the patient suffers from other immune system illnesses or other diseases, then it can get complicated. If the infection spreads, fluid-filled ulcers may develop, which pose a health threat for those with underlying issues. 


Conditions like athletes' feet are not easily treated with over-the-counter medication. Some people who have had success with CBD will agree that they relied on prescription medication while using CBD. Hence this makes CBD more of supplementary medicines that can be used to treat fungal infections. 

Using CBD for athletes' feet is gaining a lot of popularity because there are CBD receptors on the skin, but full-spectrum CBD products should be used with this particular skin condition. Full-spectrum products contain ALL the chemical components of cannabis, which helps the body deal with a wide range of imbalances, including those that cause infections. 


Due to the complexities with athletes' feet, even with CBD, it will take a while before patients see improvements because plant extracts like CBD work differently on different people. While some people's skin is quickly receptive to CBD, some others may not be so receptive, and it's all good; you have to be patient and watch for results. It is okay to feel some frustrations at the start of the CBD treatment when you don't see quick results, but with CBD, it is never "One size fits all." 


There are some ideas to note about CBD as an alternative treatment for athletes foot: 


The kind of CBD product you use (oils, lotions, etc)

The milligrams in each dose. 

The timing with which you take the doses.

How you take the product (orally, topically, etc.) 

How the product works on your feet.


When you start using CBD for athlete’s foot, the helpful tips below will be useful; 


First, take a photo of the athlete's foot before using the CBD so you can measure your progress. 

Get advice from the CBD expert or the pharmacist over the counter on the best kind of product to use: should you take it orally, apply it on the feet or in the shoe? 

Give the CBD products at least a week before judging their effectiveness. 

If you are advised to take the product orally, please start with the lowest dose as you may have to increase the quantity as you monitor your progress. 

Don't be worried about increasing the doses week by week until you get to the most effective amount for you. 


A combination of oral CBD with topical salves, sprays, and creams gives a double-shot of cannabinoids, improving the athlete's foot condition. While doing all of these, immersing your feet, i8n CBD-infused soaks will also be helpful. To succeed with CBD for an athlete's foot, one must be willing to take on a long-term process that aids with eliminating any possibility of the infection growing in the toes again. Please always visit the dermatologist or your family doctor as you experience progress. 


While using CBD for your daily wellness regime against athlete's foot, the steps below will help you keep fungus away from feet: 


Always wash your hands after applying any CBD medication on the feet. 

Please do not get pedicures of the salon doesn't offer footbath liners or work with sterilized instruments. 

Switch your shoes regularly, use removable insoles, wash and replace them daily. 

Avoid sharing towels with someone else in your household with an athlete's foot (this could spread the infection in the home). 

Dry your feet thoroughly after having a bath (spend more time drying in-between your toes)

Keep your feet dry by sticking to moisture-wicking socks. 

Limit your use of cotton and natural fiber socks that will retain moisture near your feet. 

Wear shower shoes in public showers, public pools, and gyms to preserve the healing process and prevent re-infection. 


Bottom line


The craze for using CBD for every condition is not misplaced but should be controlled because some people become incredibly disappointed if they don't get the "quick" results they seek with CBD. In particular, with the athlete's foot, patients are advised to document their journey from the first day they use the product, how it was applied to the skin, and the kind of progress experienced. But if the challenge persists, please see a dermatologist for medical advice and precise medication.





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