thc limits and caps on products
thc limits and caps on products

Why Capping THC Levels is a Terrible Idea - Regulatory Madness!

Some regulators want to limit the THC levels in legal cannabis products

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Mar 4, 2020

Why Capping THC is a Terrible Idea! - Regulatory Madness!

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While it’s definitely a good thing to see that more places around the world are legalizing cannabis – it is quite disturbing to see how those charged with making our laws are handling it.

Some places – like Colorado, which I still believe to be the model to follow in most cases – are attempting to place a limit on the amount of THC present within the plant. They are trying to “cap THC” – like they did in Canada because they believe it is dangerous for people.

However, they actually DON’T have any scientific evidence to back up their claims. They have no real peer-reviewed science to support their claims. Yet -  arguing from their outdated belief system, they believe that by “capping THC” they are doing the world a favor.

I’m here today to tell them exactly why they are completely wrong about their assessment of THC levels. Capping THC levels is probably one of the worst ideas imaginable for a number of reasons – all of which I’m more than happy to go through below.


Why Limit something Natural?

Imagine you have an Apple Tree that can produce 1,000 Apples per season. That’s a lot for an Apple Tree. Now – let’s say that because “too many apples” would be dangerous for people, the government decided that it would be better to limit the number of apples you can have to 300 per season. The 301st apple would be illegal according to them.

Does this make sense?

It doesn’t. Something that can naturally reach such high levels of THC should not be stifled. You might say, “Reginald – they are using artificial light, advanced nutrient delivery systems, etc to reach those levels” of which I’d say – yes, they increased the “conditions” for the plant – but did not genetic manipulation to achieve the results.

This means, that they simply “optimized natural processes” and that is the point.

Now – cannabis isn’t an apple. This means, that we still don’t really know whether “more THC” could actually be better for particular conditions.


If we don’t have “enough information”, why take action?

The other thing we need to consider is the following statement, “We cannot legalize until we have more research on cannabis.”

However, “We should limit THC in cannabis because….’somehow magically we know that more THC is bad for you!

Wait what? We can’t legalize because we don’t have enough information, but we do have enough to limit the natural processes of a plant?

Furthermore, as I explained above – how do you know that high THC isn’t good for; certain types of cancer, seizure disorders, psychological issues, etc.?

By limiting the production of THC within the commercial space – you limit the incentive for people to “test” these higher ratios. You diminish the odds of people discovering new medical processes. You follow EXACTLY in the same pathway than your prohibitionist predecessors.

This is something that – in a society that values information like it values currency – should be considered a crime. We cannot stifle research due to fear. We cannot limit innovation because “somebody feels like it’s a good idea”.

We can no longer sustain a model of ineptitude in governance and regulation. I for one, have reached a point where I can no longer fathom the depths of stupidity of regulators. A bunch of “never-consumed-cannabis-in-their-lives” are trying to regulate “people who smoke weed” because “they know best”.

This is getting ridiculous folks – we’re in 2020…let’s grow up!


Limiting THC content makes the market more dangerous

Due to the inability of regulators to see beyond their limited understanding – allow me to illustrate exactly what will happen if you limit THC.

You create a BLACK MARKET. For the regulators still not aware what this means. The Black Market is a place where people buy and sell goods that are prohibited within the public space. This is because of a basic principle of “SUPPLY AND DEMAND”.

If the public demands “high potency THC products” and you sell them “Low-Potency Products” and a drug dealer offers “high potency products” – where do you think they will shop? Do you think that because it’s “illegal” they won’t spend their money on this black market option?

If you do think this – please revisit the past 80 years of cannabis prohibition. Then, look into the mirror and repeat the following phrase 80 times – “I’m a cunt for trying to regulate other people’s consumption behavior.” Hopefully – enough repetitions might provide you with momentary insight revealing the folly of your ways.


Finding the Balance

Finding the balance between “good regulation” and “bad regulation” is always tricky – however, if we look at places like Canada and California – we cannot leave it up to those who know nothing about cannabis.

Our lawmakers/regulators all abide by an old paradigm – it’s absolutely vital that some of the newer generations start taking up positions within the government. It’s time to get out with the old and in with the new in order to stop this regulatory madness.








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