sore throat from weed
sore throat from weed

Sore Throat from Smoking Weed? (We Found the Solution!)

Do you get a sore throat from smoking marijuana?

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The Undercover Stoner on Friday Apr 30, 2021

Sore Throat After Smoking?

sore throat from weed

(Here's The Solution)

Are you interested in discovering working solutions to help with the raw and scratchy feelings you get in your throat after smoking weed?


This write-up is for you.


Toking can be really frustrating and dissatisfying when it produces irritating symptoms in a user's throat. These symptoms include a continuous cough, a raspy voice, as well as a painful and dry sore throat.


The appearance of these irritations may vary depending on the type of cannabis smoked or the user's tolerance to the common irritant in this situation; Smoke.


The enjoyment of several weed smokers has been cut short due to the painful sore throat developed almost immediately after smoking one or two sticks. It not only affects recreational cannabis smokers, it also affects medical patients using marijuana to relieve the symptoms of their ailments. In fact some users have had to quit the use of medicinal cannabis due to the sore throat developed. What the majority of users don't know is that there are other ways you can try to soothe your sore throat and still be chanced to smoke some more. In this article, we'll delve deep on all you need to know about this subject, and how to deal with it. Read on!

Why Do Cannabis Users Develop Sore Throat After Smoking

When a person smokes, it results in a dry mouth and throat. This is because toxic chemicals are inhaled along with the tar present in the hot and dry air. These particles can irritate the throat. Research carried out by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) has made it known that the smoke inhaled when smoking cannabis comprises 'carcinogenic combustion products'. This is enough reason for users to develop sore throats.


While the user can continue smoking when the throat is sore and irritated, it is not advisable, unless he/she attends to the irritation.

If you're a new user or you just recently developed the irritation to a new strain and you're feeling helpless… Don't Fret.

To help with this, I have curated a few solutions that can soothe your sore throat and other symptoms when next you smoke that unique strain

Solutions To Help With Sore Throat After Smoking

Stay Hydrated

Smoking dehydrates the throat and mouth—that is, it draws and dries out the moisture that is needed by these tissues.


Water is Life…

The intake of at least the recommended daily amount of H2O  is necessary for regular smokers. Although, they need almost 50% added to the recommended amount.


Smoking for hours on end without drinking water or any other liquid that is made up of a lot of water can be very bad. The healthy lining of the throat gets stripped off when there is no moisture available. Hence the painful soreness felt in the throat as well as the raspy voice developed.

Stay hydrated with water regardless of the amount of smoking you plan on doing.

So, before smoking—drink water,

while smoking—drink water,

immediately after smoking—drink water.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Smoking marijuana induces a healthy appetite in seasoned smokers. They either crave more pot or they crave food.

In this situation, you have to do well to avoid spicy meals when you have a sore throat.


The acidic nature of these hot spices could worsen the inflammation. Chilli pepper, hot sauces, and even nutmeg should be avoided.

Rather, you should eat and enjoy only soothing meals. Like ramen, tomato juices, and other soothing sauces can help ease the pain and boost the immune system.


Although, it is common for you to crave more weed after smoking, eating these soothing meals will help satisfy your cravings in a way.

So when you're about to smoke, make sure your fridge is filled with your favorite non-spicy meals. Ice cream is also a better option for when your throat is burning up after smoking.


Gargle With Warm Salt Water

Saltwater gargle is an old but gold solution to throat infections. In the same way, it is an efficient solution for easing a sore throat.

While it has bad taste, the relief it offers is worth it.


You just have to warm up a little amount of water, add at most 5 tbsp of salt and stir till the salt dissolves. Then you gargle for at least 30 seconds before spitting the water out and gargling another. Continue till you feel better. Results can be seen in a few minutes, or at most a few hours.


For cannabis users that tend not to smoke at home or in a place where they can easily access salt and tap water, they tend to carry around a Chloraseptic spray— which acts the same way salt water does.


Reduce The Amount Of Cannabis Used

This does not mean you should quit cold turkey (that's a bad idea). This means you should reduce the number of sticks you smoke. However, if the sore throat turns out to be very bad, you might need to take a few days off. This would give the throat time to recover, rather than degenerate into more serious issues.

By cutting down how much or how often you smoke, you're helping your throat tissues and sinuses stay hydrated and less irritated.


Other solutions include;

Lick honey or lemon.

Drink soothing herbs tea with fruits

Avoid caffeine or energy drinks

Switch your usual smoking location to a more airy place.

Purchase a vaporizer or humidifier to remove stale dry air in your homes.

Try another method of using cannabis— vaping and consuming edibles.


Vaping: This is an inconspicuous way of enjoying the effects of the cannabinoid in a marijuana strain. It is also healthier, as no dry/hot air is inhaled. Although, you might still take in a little bit of tar.


Edibles: Not everyone fancies smoking. Edibles are food products that have been infused with an active cannabinoid— could be THC, CBD, or both. It is the healthiest way of ingesting weed— no risk of having respiratory issues in the process of getting high.


Bottom line

If you have adjusted and tried every solution listed in this write-up, and your throat has still not recovered—it is still sore and the pain persists— It might be an indication of an underlying illness. You need to see your health practitioner ASAP.








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