What is geraniol
What is geraniol

Terpene Analysis - What is Geraniol?

The Geraniol terpene is a powerful anti-inflammatory for the human body

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The Diversity of Cannabis Terpene Geraniol

terpene analysis geraniol

By now, most people interested in the benefits the cannabis plant provides, have to some degree knowledge of what the cannabinoids THC and CBD offer. They might also know that there is more to the plant that the eye meets. Apart from the hundreds of cannabinoids, there are also other therapeutic properties found in terpenes and flavonoids. There are quite a number of terpenes present in cannabis, and researches are having a field day in studying and understanding what properties they have. Terpenes, just as cannabinoids, have great potential to contribute to the overall health of us humans. Today we are going to look at the benefits of the terpene Geraniol.


The Terpene Geraniol

Geraniol is not exclusively part of the cannabis plant. In fact, it can be found in many other plants as well. You can find it in fruits, flowers, and vegetables. It is a very flavorful terpene and in cannabis, its oil contributes to the aroma of the plant. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in plants. In cannabis, terpenes play a key role in the characteristics and effects of cannabis strains. It also has numerous biological functions.

Geraniol is one of about 200 identified terpenes in the cannabis plant. This colorless, flavorful oil naturally are found in geraniums. That is where it gets its name from originally. It is also found in roses, lemongrass, blueberries, lemon peels, carrots, and other plants. Interestingly enough, geraniol is also produced by bees. They use the aroma to mark their territories. It has a combination of smells. It has a fruity, floral, sweet, and citrusy scent.

Because of its potent scent, geraniol is also widely found in essential oil extractions. It plays a big part in the makeup of rose oil and citronella oil. Because it has a sugary-citrus combination, it is popular to enhance the flavor of desserts and other sweet things. Because of the pleasant smell it renders, it is also commonly used in various household products from perfumes and lotions to candles and detergents.


The Quantity of Geraniol in Cannabis

For medicinal cannabis consumers, it is important to know if this terpene is present in cannabis, and if so, how much? More so, they would like to know what the therapeutic benefits are for them. Geraniol might not be the most commonly discussed under cannabis connoisseurs, but it is widely found among cannabis chemovars (chemically distinct entities). It seems to be just as widely found as another more known terpene, linalool. Linalool is widely known for its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties.

If your cannabis flower smell quite citrusy, or even a little bit like roses, there is a significant amount of geraniol present. Some strains known for high amounts of geraniol include Black Cherry Soda, Afghani, Great White Shark, Agent Orange, and Island Sweet Skunk. Most of these have an uplifting and positive effect on moods.


What is the Science Behind Geraniol?

As studies progress, finding show that geraniol has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, and anticancer properties. The terpene also has a very high bioavailability (the degree and rate a substance is absorbed in a living system).


The anti-inflammatory and protective properties of geraniol – In 2016 a study was done to investigate the effect of geraniol on inflammation and oxidative stress-related to spinal injury. The study was done on rats with spinal cord injuries. After as little as 3 weeks, there was a significant inflammatory response, oxidative stress. The caspase-9 and -3 activities (a mechanism to initiate apoptosis by activating downstream execution). Its anti-inflammatory properties help with the prevention and treatment of infections. It is also known for treating certain fungi and has anti-viral properties too.

Geraniol for the treatment of Cancer – researchers are confident that geraniol has anti-cancer properties. It has the ability to suppress angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). This is highly important for the treatment of cancer. The formation of new blood vessels plays a role in feeding tumors. When this process is blocked, the tumor can’t grow and eventually starve to death. Geraniol downregulates proliferating cell nuclear antigens, essential in fighting cancer.

Pain-relieving - studies show that geraniol directly mediated activation of pain neuron sites in the brain. This allows for pain relief without negatively affecting motor skills.

Enhancing topical cannabis – geraniol helps to increase the effectiveness of other chemicals. Geraniol helps the skin to absorb cannabis topical ointments better. Topical creams with higher amounts of geraniol might be more potent and effective than those with lesser amounts.

Geraniol as a neuroprotectant – geraniol has the ability to protect nerve cells. It is specifically helpful in treating diabetic neuropathy, which is responsible for pain, numbness, and weakness of limbs.


The medicinal benefits of a plant work best in the underlying synergies between the different compounds. The true value of any terpene may lie in the combinations with the other compounds of the plant. More studies are still required to understand the synergies between geraniol and the other natural compounds of the plant.











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