the effect of cannabis on bone health
the effect of cannabis on bone health

The Effect of Cannabis on Bone Health

How does marijuana affect bone health and density?

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The Effect of Cannabis on Bone Health

cannabis and bone health

For centuries cannabis was used as a go-to medicine to treat a multitude of ailments. Sadly, when it became a prohibited substance, years of research on the efficacy it provides was hidden from the public. Since the legality of medical cannabis however, research have uncovered many more unknown benefits and we’re learning more every single day.

When it comes to bone health, we traditionally think of drinking a glass of milk. We grew up with the idea that a glass of milk is good for bones. It turns out that weed is also even better.


Cannabis Helps to Heal Bones

According to a study done at the Tel Aviv University in 2017, researches found that when CBD (cannabidiol) was applied to a fracture, healing significantly occurred. The team of researchers later also discovered that cannabinoid compound reacting to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies led to bone formation and the inhibition of bone loss.

Accumulating evidence indicates the importance of the role of endocannabinoids and their receptors in bone metabolism. It regulates bone cell function, bone loss, and bone mass.


How Does It Work?

In the study done by the Tel Aviv University, researchers used CBD and THC in their testing. THC was included because it has the ability to enhance stronger bones. CBD on the other hand, strengthens collagen. Together they work in unison and creates the entourage effect to render even stronger results. THC alone was not as effective as CBD. Other than speeding up the healing process, CBD had more significant results.


CBD stimulates the enzyme Lysyl Hydroxylase. This enzyme is prominent in bone healing and is found in all bone-building cells. The bone-building cells, or osteoclasts, get kick started to begin bone healing, and it causes collagen to form stronger and healthier bones.


Osteoporosis: How Cannabis Helps

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones are very porous. The bones are starting to lose density and minerals and are more prone to breaking. It normally is associated with old age. Old age alone is not the only cause of osteoporosis. Some other causes are:

  • Estrogen deficiency in women – usually after menopause, bone density in women decrease. This is due to a significant drop in estrogen levels. This leads to a potential risk in bone mass and fractures

  • Inefficient Testosterone in Men – Both estrogen and testosterone are needed for healthy bone structure in men. When testosterone levels are low, they are prone to low bone density.

  • Imbalanced Hormones – Parathyroid and growth hormones also play a role in bone density. They are essential in coordinating calcium levels and when to build – up or break-down bone. Too much parathyroid hormone cause calcium loss and as age, the growth hormone decrease as well.

Recent studies indicate that Cannabis contributes widely to the treatment of Osteoporosis. THC, CBD and CBG all contribute to the acceleration of bone health.

The Endocannabinoid System is imminently prominent in the growth of the bones. It also contributes to preserving and strengthening bones. When CB1 and CB2 receptors interact with the immune system, they are activated against bone disease.

In a study done on lab rats, THC and CBD, as well as pure CBD were used for healing. Interestingly enough, CBD didn´t speed bone growth up, but made it stronger. It made it less likely to break again in the same place. The study illustrated that the treated bone was 50 % stronger than the untreated parts.


What Does CBD Do?

In a study done by French scientists, they discovered that the human skeleton has higher levels of endocannabinoids and ligands than found in the brain. Anandamide is a cannabinoid generated by the body. It has an effect on bone tissue and helps in the binding process with CB2 receptors. CBD has the ability to imitate Anandamide and therefor contribute positively to bone health.

This is good news for those suffering from osteoporosis as CBD affects bone health and ligands.


Other Symptoms Treatable by Cannabis

Apart from aiding in the treatment of bone fractures and strengthening of bone mass in osteoporosis, cannabis can be used for other symptoms too, like:

  • Inflammation

  • Fracture related pain

  • Sleeping problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


More Attributes of CBD

The fact that CBD is a natural chemical makes it a safe alternative to conventional medicine. CBD-like endocannabinoids are found in the human body. CBD mimics these endocannabinoids is a far more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E or C. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used for numerous symptoms. It is also beneficial in treating cancer.


Final Thoughts

Even though initial studies years ago thought that cannabis lower bone density, recent studies prove differently. Both THC and CBD are used for treating bone fractures, but CBD tends to have more significant results. Fractures heal faster and bones get stronger. When it comes to osteoporosis, taking CBD in oil form or as a topical salve, could only contribute to bone health.








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