thc-infused patch
thc-infused patch

The THC Transdermal Patch and How It Works

How does a THC-infused transdermal patch work exactly?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Jan 29, 2020

THC Transdermal Patch and How it Works

thc transdermal patch

Some people just don’t like smoking or vaping for pain relief. Some could be new on the scene and with all the noise about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, really would like to try it without actually consuming it. Others find it just easier to use methods that don’t imply too much effort. This is where THC transdermal patches come in very handy. There is literally no need for joints, bongs, pipes, edibles, or oils and tinctures. An easy way to have long-lasting pain relief.

Transdermal patches are not new on the market. They have been used for about 40 years already. There was the scopolamine patch for motion sickness, and the nitroglycerine patch for heart problems that were introduced in the ‘70s. Later on, nicotine patches were also brought on to the scene. Now there is the THC patch that offers consumers a different way to take their treatment.


What is a THC Transdermal Patch?

The two square inch THC patch delivers a steady release of THC for four to six hours. They are medicated adhesive patches placed on the skin to deliver specific doses. They are effective and discreet and perfect for those who do not like the psychotic effect of THC. It is long-lasting and easy to use. All you need to do is to find a venous spot on your body. Your body heat will activate the release and a small amount of THC will enter your bloodstream. It is excellent for patients who need to manage their chronic pain.


How does it Work?

The THC patch works very much like a nicotine patch. The medication slowly enters the bloodstream at the exact spot you would like for it to happen. It then penetrates the central nervous system to deliver the pain relief patients are desperately in need of. This is all due to the drug concentration gradient that was created. This means a huge concentration of THC is put onto one part of your skin. As the skin heat activates the patch, the cannabinoids begin to move to other parts of the skin. This process is called “moving down the gradient”. The THC cannabinoids enter your bloodstream and reach your brain finally without having to pass through the lungs, stomach, or liver.

The benefit of the cannabinoids moving directly into the bloodstream and not having to pass through the liver, stomach, or lungs, a hundred percent of medicinal value is received. When it passes through other organs, it gets filtered and broken down. This makes it easier for patches to deliver results with smaller amounts of THC.


Can you get High on THC patches?

There is no way to get intoxicated with THC patches as the amounts are just too small. Furthermore, your body absorbs it over a long time whereas when you smoke it, it delivers a big hit at once. This makes it very popular under those who really want it only for medicinal reasons.


There are Two Different Kinds of THC Patches

Patients need to know the difference between the patches. They might appear to be the same, but they are differently constructed. There is a Matrix patch and a Reservoir patch.

Matrix Patch – In this patch, the THC is infused into the matrix of the patch itself. Most of the time it is in the adhesive and when it comes in contact with your skin, THC begins to move from the higher point of concentration to the lowest point of concentration. The Matrix patch does not have a polymer membrane as the solution is built directly into the patch. The moment it gets int ouch with your skin, it starts releasing the treatment.

Reservoir Patch- The reservoir patch, just like its name says, has a small pool, or reservoir, built into it. The THC is suspended in the middle layer in the form of a gel or a liquid. The polymer membrane allows a low and rate-controlling release of the cannabinoids. Delivery rates are more controlled and are very good for precise micro-dosing.

The difference between the two is that reservoir patches are more precise, but both are very effective for pain relief.


Is Transdermal Delivery Better?

THC transdermal patches are very good at treating pain in auto-immune disorders and cancer. The benefits are more than other consumption methods provide.

Targets the entire body- As it enters directly into your bloodstream, the entire body gets relieved, not just a targeted spot. It circulates throughout the body and is very good for chronic pain relief.

Offers Time-released relief- it slowly releases over 4 – 6 hours

Focused THC- When you smoke or eat cannabis, there can be a blend of other cannabinoids as well. If you are looking for pure THC, this is a viable choice.


Final Thoughts

THC patches offer great benefits. It has no side-effects but gives accurate dosing measurements. It has all the benefits of other THC methods. It is good for physical and neuropathic pain. It combats nausea, has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces stress, and is an anti-depressant. It is a very convenient and powerful way to treat medical issues.











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