strains for Bell's Palsy
strains for Bell's Palsy

Top Cannabis Strains for Bell’s Palsy

Medical Marijuana For Bell's Palsy Research

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DanaSmith on Friday Oct 13, 2017

Top Cannabis Strains for Bell’s Palsy

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Bell’s Palsy is a form of facial paralysis that occurs as a result of conditions affecting the facial nerve. When the facial nerve is damaged, it can no longer control facial muscles on the affected area in the face. Accompanying symptoms of Bell’s Palsy includes headaches, dry mouth, dry eyes, facial weakness, drooling, difficulty eating and drinking, and sensitivity to sound.


Bell’s Palsy affects around 40,000 men and women in the United States each year from all ages. Each case is different from the other; while some are mild and don’t require treatment, others are more severe and the patients will need to undergo therapeutic treatments and medication. Bell’s Palsy has also been linked to other conditions; patients who have had strokes, Lyme disease, brain tumors, and herpes simplex virus are more at risk for developing Bell’s Palsy.


However, cannabis has been shown to be effective in assisting patients as they treat their Bell’s Palsy. Cannabis has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which has shown to be useful in managing the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. Medicating with cannabis can reduce the severity or frequency of its symptoms.


If you’re looking to medicate with cannabis for Bell’s Palsy, these are the 5 of the best strains that can help this condition:

blue dream strain

  1. Blue Dream is a renowned sativa-dominant hybrid from California. Because of its versatile therapeutic benefits as well as the amazing high it delivers, Blue Dream has become a household name among medical as well as recreational users. This strain offers head-to-toe relaxation while gently invigorating your mind. Whether you’re a veteran or novice consumer, it’s easy to understand why this strain is so popular. Euphoric, tranquil, happy, and delicious; patients of Bell’s Palsy will benefit from Blue Dream’s ability to quell inflammation and pain.


super sour diesel strain

  1. Super Sour Diesel is a legendary sativa, no doubt about it. This strain is recommended for Bell’s Palsy patients looking to medicate during the day because this strain delivers a burst of energy and euphoria. New users should medicate moderately since Super Sour Diesel has been known to hit first-time users harder than others; many novice users report that it may take on overwhelming cerebral effects. Other than that, Super Sour Diesel is a top-shelf for medicinal purposes; from Bell’s Palsy to pain, stress, nausea, depression, and fatigue.


cannatonic cannabis

  1. Cannatonic is world-famous for its high CBD content, and THC content so low you’ll barely feel any buzz. Because of its potent CBD content, Cannatonic is ideal for Bell’s Palsy patients particularly those who are trying to heal from an extreme case. Although Cannatonic is a hybrid, many users say that it has more indica-like properties, which means that it’s better suited for evening or nighttime medication. Some strains have a CBD percentage of as much as 17%; it’s no surprise that Cannatonic is a must-have in the medicine closets of patients especially those suffering from Bell’s Palsy. Cannatonic also works wonders for muscle spasms, stress, pain, and depression.


lemon kush

  1. Lemon Kush is another effective strain for beating inflammation and Bell’s Palsy. Thanks to its high limonene content, Lemon Kush has a refreshing and delicious lemon flavor. Lemon Kush delivers a euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting high; but be careful not to smoke too much as this strain has been known to cause headaches and dizziness in high doses (tip: try microdosing). Because of its medicinal properties and positive high, Lemon Kush is recommended for Bell’s Palsy patients who also suffer from depression, as well as insomnia, pain, stress, and nausea.


girl scout cookies

  1. Girl Scout Cookies should be on everyone’s must-smoke list, whether you’re a recreational or medical user. Girl Scout Cookies’s versatile uses and delicious flavor have thrilled novices and veteran users alike. This strain delivers a full body relaxation and offers a unique perspective on life, making it truly enjoyable that you might even forget you have any kind of medical condition, at least for a short while. Girl Scout Cookies is an award-winning strain, so you can be sure of its dependable therapeutic benefits. Patients suffering from insomnia, stress, pain, lack of appetite, and depression will also benefit from medicating with Girl Scout Cookies.


What are your favorite strains for treating Bell’s Palsy? Share with us in the comments below.











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