pandemic weed buying
pandemic weed buying

5 Cannabis Products Surging in Sales Since the Pandemic Hit

What cannabis products are selling well during the pandemic?

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Lemon Knowles on Tuesday Aug 25, 2020

5 Cannabis Products Surging in Sales Since the Pandemic Hit

pandemic weed sales

The Corona virus pandemic has definitely had an impact on a lot of sectors since it started on a global scale this year.  Different sectors and industries have experienced the impact in different ways. While some like the aviation industry, cinemas and theatres have seen their stocks and profits plummet horribly some industries have been on a bullish run. The cannabis industry hasn't been left out of the action and the effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the demand and supply of cannabis has been quite significant.


A detailed analysis


When the coronavirus pandemic began, there was a lot of panic buying of cannabis products all over. This was mostly due to the emotional and mental effects of the pandemic coupled with  the indefinite lockdown imposed by the government. These were troubling times and no one knew how long it would last, how to deal with the new normal or what the future holds. And in times like that many needed the relaxing and calming effects of cannabis. The majority  of people sought out cannabis not just for the maintenance of their health but also to help in dealing with all the troubles in the surroundings. All these coupled with the fact that cannabis was listed among the essentials allowed to operate during the lockdown resulted in a surge in demand for cannabis products.


In this article, we'll be talking about the top-selling cannabis products since the Corona virus pandemic started, why they're in such high demand and if this surge in sales can be maintained. Below are the top 5 cannabis products that have been surging in sales since the pandemic began.


Weed edibles

The cannabis industry has seen a lot of activity recently, and one of the cannabis products that has been in high demand and has also surged in sales are weed edibles. With the nature of the coronavirus and the fear that people have regarding their respiratory system, many cannabis users both for medical and recreational purposes have resorted to the use of weed edibles. Weed edibles are easy to use, potent, and they do not bear the risk of causing harm to the respiratory organs which is why more people have resorted to using them as opposed to the more conventional methods of smoking and vaping.


The panic buying that has been brought on due to the fear of a decrease in the availability of the product has allowed weed edibles sales to surge through the roof during this pandemic period. The different varieties of these edibles also make many members of the cannabis populace more open to it as it attracts less attention with the absence of fumes and scent that comes with smoking cannabis. The resistance of many to share cannabis as can be expected during this period has also helped the cause of an increase in sales of weed edibles. Contrary to what was available before where many cannabis users can share a joint together by taking one puff and passing, with weed edibles like brownies and gummies, each person can have one to themselves with a lesser risk of infection.


CBD Oils 

CBD is one of the important cannabinoids that make up the hub of medically beneficial cannabinoids that are embedded in the matrix of the cannabis plant. The beneficial effects of CBD for medical purposes are well pronounced and documented which is why CBD oil is very common among users of cannabis for medical purposes. Since the pandemic hit, the users of CBD oil have not diminished and the upward surge in sales will explain that many are using more of CBD oil during this period. Although CBD itself is non-psychoactive, it still contains small amounts of THC and CBD is known to give an entourage effect with THC promoting a calm and sedative feeling. CBD's effects in  improving sleep and dealing with anxiety has also played a role in its increase in sales as many are trying to deal with the stress and anxiety the threat of the Corona virus pandemic is imposing.



Since the pandemic began, the sales of cannabis tinctures have skyrocketed much like that of CBD oil and weed edibles. The cannabis tinctures are a common feature in the cannabis world as an alternative to smoking and vaping and with the health risks being posed by the coronavirus, many cannabis users have pitched their tent with cannabis tinctures. This character in the cannabis market was mostly shown by cannabis users who rely on cannabis for medical purposes. The fact that cannabis tinctures will bring the same effects as other more dangerous means of consumption like smoking has won a lot of people over. It helps in dealing with sleep disturbances, stress, and so on. The sales of cannabis tinctures has gone through the roof during this pandemic period. Cannabis tinctures are also loved for their added flavor and non-psychoactive effects thanks to the prominent activity of CBD.



Despite the health implications that are prominent during this period of the coronavirus, the sales of cannabis concentrates have also surged very high. The reason for this is also not far-fetched. Many cannabis users have obviously found solace in cannabis to be able to get through these times. Cannabis concentrates have a very good concentration of THC which means they have the ability to give a strong and intense euphoric feeling. This, among  many others are the factors that account for the improvement in the sales of cannabis concentrates that we're seeing during the period of the coronavirus pandemic.



 Much like what was seen with the cannabis tinctures, the sales of cannabis lotions, balms and creams have also increased during the period of the pandemic. The Corona virus lockdown has caused us all to remain indoors limiting our movements, daily exercise activities and so on. The human body isn't made to be locked up. Being inactive for too long leads to muscle spasms, joint pain, and so on. Many users of cannabis for medical purposes apparently turned to the use of topicals for local action at joints and muscles. Topicals also help to deal with pain and inflammation without psychoactive effects which is why it is well accepted among many medical cannabis users who do not want the added euphoric feeling. Due to the risk associated  with going to the hospital and the strain on many health care centers in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are also more inclined to using cannabis topicals for such health problems as opposed to going to the hospitals.


Bottom line


We can only wait and observe to see if the increase in sales of some of these canna products will last after the pandemic is over. However, based on the economic projections of the cannabis industry it is highly unlikely that we'll witness a steep decline in product sales.








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