CBD free trial scam
CBD free trial scam

Buyer Beware - CBD Free Trial Scam Spotted by the Better Business Burea

Getting anything on a free trial is usually not a good idea!

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Better Business Bureau Warns of CBD Free Trial Scam

cbd free trial scam

Since cannabis has gained popularity and global prominence, the demand for CBD-infused products has risen astronomically. With such a rise in demand, some people intentionally seek out "Free" products to test new samples or utilize products they like without paying for them. 


While there is no wrong with seeking free samples, a warning was released to cannabis enthusiasts to be mindful of the kind of free samples they use. These CBD free trials are now viewed as "Scams," which cost consumers and users hundreds of dollars. 


The warnings from Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB has warned its consumers to become mindful of CBD trials which lead to customers getting outrageous bills. Companies that offer CBD-infused products use this scam method to provide their customers free products but is this really free? 


No, it isn't free!! The customer is charged a monthly subscription of $80-$100. BBB asserts that it has gotten lots of reports on this scam through Scam Tracker. Now because the consumers have already used the free trials, they become stuck and have no other option but to pay the fees. 


The consumers do not discover this scam until three weeks after they have already signed up for the subscription and are charged $99. The companies will not refund consumers' monies even when they say consumers have up to 14 days to cancel. 


If consumers call the companies to complain about such stringent rules, they don't get favorable results as there is no accurate description on their website. The warning from BBB is to prevent subsequent sad tales of being ripped off by CBD companies, and it is timely advice. 


Details of the scam

Better Business Bureau maintains that sometimes the products touted as "Free samples" become enticing because they are "Celebrity-endorsed." However, there were different reports about CBD companies utilizing celebrity names without their consent. 


Some CBD enthusiasts easily fall for products that are packaged with their favorite celebrities or influencers. Of course, it is often safe to assume that these celebrities have done due diligence on the products and have certified them as being fit for use. But how can a consumer confirm if a celebrity really endorsed a product? What f a celebrity's image is being ripped off for profit? 


In 2020, Clint Eastwood filed lawsuits against 20 cannabis companies for using his image with "Fabricated" quotes. In November of the same year, a spokesperson for Sir David Attenborough stated that he is not involved with products that have his name or companies promoting products with his name. 


BBB also particularly mentions the reports that provide products endorsed by famous people such as Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. However, it remains unclear if they wholly back the companies that claim to be associated with them. 


Reports to BBB

At the time of their press release with the warning, BBB had received reports from upset consumers. These consumers alleged that they often got swindled through social media ads or online searches that offer free CBD oil samples. 


So long the consumer covers the basic shipping fees, the company promises a unique experience. So consumers go right ahead and pay the little dollars with their credit cards. The scammers then respond by charging a higher fee for the monthly subscription within the $100 range. 


So why don't they cancel?

That is easier envisaged than what happens in reality because the consumers report that they are often given numerous excuses on why they cannot cancel the subscription. The company's excuse could range from compute system failure to missed cancelations or even problems with issuing refunds. On many occasions, the charges will continue to pile up despite the consumer canceling the order. 


Consumers have said that despite their best efforts, the companies DO NOT refund the monies. This outright disregard for proper company behavior makes the entire process a fraudulent scheme, and all CBD consumers should be mindful of how they interact with such companies. 


Some consumers also get into such traps when they fail to read the sign-up forms and check all details on the website before going ahead to input their card details. There are worse cases of people whose cards were entirely wiped out of every fund before realizing what had happened. 


All consumers must take the cancellation policies of these online ventures seriously. Do they have feasible cancellation policies? Are they keen on being held accountable by the registered and regulated banks? 


Before getting carried away by the urge to try out a free sample using your credit card details on an insecure website, pause to think about the risks involved and refrain from such actions. 


BBB has issued the warning, and now it is up to cannabis consumers to become wise enough to distinguish between scam websites and the real ones. If a free sample deal feels too good to be true, it probably isn't true. 


Bottom Line

When people hear the term "Free" alongside any product they desire, it sometimes makes it easier for them to want to try it before carrying out due diligence. But with BBB's warning, it is evident that all CBD enthusiasts must be cautious about how they try and use free samples. 


Most companies offering such free samples but without guaranteed money are scam ventures that prey on CBD lovers. They know that many people love CBD oil and are keen on giving it a try and use it to their advantage. 


In addition to their stern warning, BBB has suggested that consumers first carry out extensive research on a company before signing up for free samples. The consumers must understand the terms and conditions of the free samples and when the trial ends. 


Lastly, the fact that your favorite celebrity's face is attached to a product photo doesn't mean it is certified or good enough for you. Remain skeptical of all brands and endorsements by famous people until you confirm the authenticity of the product. Free samples don't always equate to a safe purchasing process.

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