dissolvable cbd powder
dissolvable cbd powder

Caliper: The New Dissolvable CBD Powder

Would you add CBD powder to your water and food mixes?

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Chiara C on Tuesday Oct 29, 2019

Caliper: The new dissolvable CBD powder

dissolvable cbd powder

CBD is all the rage these days. This phytocannabinoid has become a wonder panacea for an ever-growing list of illnesses and ailments, from anxiety and depression to insomnia and even IBS. That’s why it’s no surprise that it’s started popping up in everything, from fast food to skincare, and new ways of consuming the substance are constantly being innovated. One of the most recent ones to catch this rapidly growing market’s attention is Caliper CBD, a new dissolvable CBD powder that offers both precision and convenience.


Although CBD powder is by no means a new product, with CBD isolate powders already on the market for a while now, Caliper sets itself apart by providing a highly precise dosage that you can’t get from conventional CBD products. In fact, according to the company, Caliper CBD’s powders are absorbed 450 percent more readily than standard CBD products.


Produced by Caliper Foods, a Denver-based consumer packaged goods company that sells safe, standardized hemp-derived soluble cannabinoids for both consumers and manufacturers alike, this patent-pending new product may just revolutionize the way people consume CBD. The first thing you notice about the product is its ultra convenient packaging and its striking similarity to packets of sugar. Of course the product doesn’t contain any sugar. In fact, unlike many popular CBD products on the market, it also doesn’t contain any THC, a big bonus for people who are put off from taking CBD for fear of testing positive on a drug test.


Despite all all the health hype surrounding CBD, the company makes no health claims and instead chooses to focus on scientific studies and product attributes. Brand director and co-founder of Caliper Foods told Business Wire, “We don’t think it’s our job to convince people to consume CBD. We just want to give people who already want CBD the most consistent, convenient and bioavailable product on the market.”


Caliper CBD wants to take the guesswork out of dosing by providing consumers with a consistently precise dose of CBD via its 0.4 gram packets of flavorless powder - that’s less than a fourth of a teaspoon.


With Caliper CBD, you won’t have to fidget with vials of oils or worry about how much you’re taking. It’s been tested rigorously for safety and potency and will always deliver predictable results.


Caliper Foods knows the state of the popular cannabinoid. That’s why Bradley and company wanted to change the game by providing customers with a no-nonsense product. She told Business Wire, “There’s so much confusion about CBD in the market right now. With Caliper CBD, there’s never a question about the quality or dose of what you’re getting. No other CBD product on the market offers the same consistency – not to mention the convenience of being able to just throw a packet in your bag and mix it into something as basic as a glass of water.”


Caliper CBD was developed with the same technology as Ripple, a line of dissolvable THC and CBD powders from Caliper Foods’ previous launched brand, Stillwater Brands. Ripple is a best-selling beverage product in Colorado. According to LeafLink, more than five million servings were sold since it launched in 2017. Caliper Foods launched in August and has been eager to take all that they’ve learned through developing Stillwater’s products to the brand. Justin Singer, co-founder of the company, told BevNET, “We see CBD and other cannabinoids as the future of functional ingredients. We look forward to continuing to apply our deep food science expertise and manufacturing competence to the developing CBD supply chain as it builds toward large-scale distribution.”


Since then, the company has refined its production methods and has been working with major players in the food industry, like Ingredion and Church & Dwight, who really understand how to process functional ingredients.


With each packet, costumers get 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD that’s calorie-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free, and can be added to shakes, coffee, juices, water, or any dishes of their liking. It’s fast acting and well-absorbed, and is considered much more bioavailable than other products like CBD oil, which may give off grassy flavors when ingested.


However, because it’s purely CBD, consumers won’t be able to benefit from the ‘entourage effect’, wherein different cannabis compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids work together to enhance the experience and the benefits.


Still, even though the entourage effect may be absent in this product, it’s undoubtedly a great new option for CBD users, especially those who prioritize having a precise THC-free dose of CBD. With its 20 mg packets, the convenience it offers can’t be beat. And in a world that’s continuously looking for faster, more efficient ways of doing just about everything, Caliper CBD fits right in with the ethos of our time.


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