weed shark tank
weed shark tank

Cannabis 10x is the Shark Tank of Weed and They are Back for Round Two

The shark tank of cannabis "Cannabis 10x" is back for their next round!

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BehindTheWaves on Thursday Jul 2, 2020

Cannabis10X is the Shark Tank of Weed”

weed shark tank

Virtual Capital Pitch Events attract Cannabis Wealth for capital raises.


“There was serious competition!  Even though we didn’t win, we received great exposure and are talking with two groups interested in investing in us.”


If you want real exposure to Cannabis Investors you need to hook up with the founders of Cannabis10X.  They are moving the Cannabis industry!  We asked for a few minutes of their time to have a brief Q&A on what they’re up to now…  Meet Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford, founder and co-founder of Cannabis 10X.


Cannabis.net: Hey guys, thanks much for the time today!


Jason Tropf: Our pleasure!


Holly A Ford: Thanks for having us Curt


Cannabis.net: So these virtual pitch events!  What’s up!  You had one in June right?... and attracted some serious investors. How did you do that?


Jason Tropf: We raised the bar.  We reviewed around 100 submissions and invited 20 great businesses to pitch to our panel of experienced investors that judged.  The Q&A was tough and the brands revealed their true strengths and weaknesses.


Cannabis.net: That’s great!  Last one was the Roaring 2020’s.  What is the July 18th event all about?


Holly A Ford:   “Build a Better Mousetrap” -  after the Emerson quote. We’re looking for innovative brands that will lead the industry.  Cannabis investors are actually quite sophisticated. They know to position themselves for long-term success in this new industry, they need to hold the car keys.  They’re looking for investments that have true unique selling propositions and can solve the issues currently at play.  


Cannabis.net: OK great!  So Tech and innovation. How many brands and how do they submit?


Jason Tropf: 20 Businesses.  They submit in Cultivation, Processing, Distribution and Retail.  We’ll choose the best 5 in each of those 4 categories to pitch our judges.  Each round will have an audience poll with winner chosen.  Then the coveted cannabis crown voted on at the end.


Cannabis.net: OK great!  That will definitely be fun to watch.  I heard you have Bruce Linton, founder and former CEO of Cannopy Growth as the keynote. Amazing! Why Bruce?


Jason Tropf: Bruce is a a pioneer in this industry.  He is wildly successful and a little bit of a renegade.  We will be doing a fireside chat with him as the keynote discussing blitz scaling in the Cannabis space.


Cannabis.net: Nice! Last month you had some great sponsors. And with Cannabis10X being called the “Shark Tank of weed”, and Linton as keynote, this thing could get really big. How does our audience become a sponsor?


Holly A Ford: Just get on the Cannabis10X.com website and there is a link right on the front page to the options. We are limiting the number of sponsors as we want to make sure that they all get really good runway.  They’re included in the program, videos, press releases  - and some levels can even do a value-added promotional during the live event.


Cannabis.net: Ok great! You two are getting a lot of attention these days in the press. You are running the only Cannabis-only business brokerage in the world as I see it, and franchising several brands. But wildly, everyone wants to see you in front of the camera! How do you feel about that?


Jason Tropf: Yeah that was a twist we were not expecting.  We both have a background in front of the camera.  Holly was a model, broadcast journalist and radio host.  I was around the globe in music and then also journalism.  So it works fine as long as the corporate machine has the right players behind us.


Cannabis.net: Yeah got it!  And CBS and Viacom may be in play?


Jason Tropf:  We’ll see.  Rather not discuss that at this time.


Cannabis.net: All good!  Well we are looking forward to seeing this event!  We will add all the links here for presenters, tickets and sponsors!


Holly A Ford: Thanks Curt!  It was a pleasure!


Jason Tropf: Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!


Cannabis.net: Yeah definitely! Thanks both!



A great virtual interview! We are looking forward to watching these two! Get tickets, submit your brand or sponsor the event below:


Build a Better Mousetrap

Technology & Innovation

July 18th 12:00pm EST - 6:00pm EST


SUBMIT BRAND: brandsubmission@cannabis10x.com





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