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cannabis facts and figures

Cannabis Facts and Figures You Should Know

Marijuana Facts That You Should Use To Educate Doubters

Posted by Reginald Reefer on Monday Jan 30, 2017
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Cannabis Fun Facts: Interesting Stuff to Know





Cannabis is most likely the most talked about illegal drug in the world, but it went mainstream big time in the U.S. in 2016. So many states have passes new legislation allowing legal use of weed in different capacities. States that have already legalized marijuana had enormous dividends from sales last year. More than $6.7 billion was made last year, according to a report in Tuesday Forbes.



Even with all these facts on the table, there are still those opposing cannabis reform. Most of the opponents lack the knowledge and are not willing to open there minds towards the benefits cannabis can offer.



The best way to win people over is to educate them. So, with no further ado, let us look at some fun facts about the most talk-about plant on earth.


  • What is the true origin of Marijuana? Well, one thing we know for sure, the hippies did not discover marijuana first. In a museum in Arlington it says that the oldest reference to marijuana in text was in 2727 B.C., when the Chinese Emperor supposedly discovered it for medicinal purposes. It is unclear though, where he scribbled his findings down, as the earliest examples of Chinese characters date to 1200 B.C. by the Shang dynasty.


  • Ancient Taiwanese also used hemp fibers to decorate their pottery about 10 000 years ago.



  • Marijuana versus Hemp. Even though marijuana plants are in the same botanical species as industrial hemp plants, there is one genetic switch. Other than Cannabis Sativa, Industrial Hemp plants don’t produce THC because they lack a gene that creates the enzyme to form THCA. While marijuana plants produce THC they don’t produce as much cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) as the hemp plant that has an abundance of it.





  • Is Marijuana fine for your pet? Like us humans, animals can benefit from cannabis medical benefits, but people should be aware that too large doses of cannabis can be deadly for animals. They should also use non-psychoactive based tinctures or prescribed marijuana products only.



  • What is it about cardiac arrests? No overdose is possible on cannabis like with other drugs, for example heroin or cocaine, but in 2014 German researchers linked two sudden deaths of two men to cardiovascular complications due to smoking marijuana. One, aged 23, died in public while using a bus and marijuana was found in his pocket. Another, aged 28, was found dead with papers and a baggie of marijuana next to him. Both had THC in their tissue postmortem. The researchers wrote that after they discarded other causes of death, they assumed it was brought on by smoking cannabis.



  • In 2014 researches went through more than 2000 cases of medical complications with marijuana in France and discovered that 2% had to do with heart problems. It is known that cannabis can increase blood pressure and heart rate when smoked, and a person with vulnerability to heart problems, could be at risk.




  • Drug bust Record held by Marijuana. In the Guinness Book of World Record it shows the biggest drug seizure ever was in Colombia in 1982. 2,903 metric tons, or 6.4 million pounds were confiscated and 495 people were arrested.



  • More Random facts about Marijuana


  • Famous people we know and pot. George Washington was discovered to have used cannabis. He wrote on more than one occasion about his plants and how to grow them. Richard Nixon also helped Louis Armstrong to smuggle 3 pounds of marijuana at an airport. He was standing in a line when Nixon passed by and when he saw him; he offered to let him pass with him. Later his aid told him what happened. It is also known that Shakespeare and Carl Sagan, amongst many other used marijuana.






  • Beer and Weed are cousins. Cannabis and hops belong to the same family Cannabinaceae. It would be possible to graft hops onto marijuana plants and vice versa.


There are over 200 slang terms for marijuana. Some most common to us are weed, grass, hash, ganja and pot. The word marijuana comes from Mexican slang and is believed to derive from the Spanish pronunciation of Marry and Jane. The scientific name for marijuana is cannabis.



The cannabis plant can grow almost in any environment and in ideal areas could grow as high as 18 feet. No wonder the famous comedian Bill Hicks once asked why marijuana is illegal as it grows naturally all over the planet and making nature against the law is a bit absurd, isn’t it?



The growing popularity of marijuana is evident and the marijuana symbol, the leaf, can be seen on clothing, stickers, jewelry and more. The more we talk about it, the more people will know about it and finally, the more they will understand about it.









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