Cannabis Super PAC Fund
Cannabis Super PAC Fund

Did You Know Cannabis Legalization Now Has Its Own Super PAC Political Donor Fund?

Legalize America is the first Super PAC fund set up for get weed legalized at the Federal level

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Joseph Billions on Monday Jul 10, 2023

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A newly established super PAC called "Legalize America" has been launched by a coalition of marijuana businesses and advocacy groups. The primary objective of this super PAC is to elevate the prominence of cannabis as a national issue in the upcoming 2024 election and beyond. Legalize America plans to collaborate with industry partners to encourage customers to make "round-up" donations at the point of sale when purchasing products from dispensaries.


The Legalize America super PAC's formation involves their organization and its member companies, according to the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC), which made the announcement. This super PAC is able to take donations of any size, unlike traditional political action committees, but it is not allowed to work directly with political candidates. The creation of Legalize America is a reflection of the efforts made by marijuana businesses and advocacy organisations to advance cannabis reform and increase public understanding of its importance on a national scale.


Legalize America's Strategies to End Cannabis Prohibition and Create a Prosperous Industry

"Legalize America is dedicated to putting an end to cannabis prohibition and driving expungement initiatives and responsible cannabis use," stated Matt Harrell, Chair of Legalize America and representative of Curaleaf, in a press release. The super PAC is determined to employ all available means, including scorecards, endorsements, and targeted independent expenditure campaigns, to advance cannabis reform and foster a thriving and equitable cannabis industry.


Despite widespread public support for ending marijuana prohibition, the coalition emphasises that Congress remains entrenched in outdated views. As a result, the super PAC aims to expedite the nation's progress on cannabis reform. Legalize America plans to establish partnerships with influential public figures and prominent brands to achieve this objective. Additionally, the super PAC intends to explore collaborations with cannabis stakeholders to offer customers the option to make "round-up" donations at the point of sale, contributing the spare change to the campaign.


Legalize America Secretary Pete Meachum of Cronos Group believes that the 2024 presidential election will be decisive in the fight to end cannabis prohibition. Accordingly, the super PAC is laying the groundwork by employing advertising, grassroots engagement, voter outreach, and events to ensure cannabis remains at the forefront throughout the campaign. While Legalize America asserts itself as the first cannabis-focused super PAC dedicated to reforming cannabis laws, a California-based mobile cannabis dispensary filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in 2013 to establish the Legalize Marijuana Super However, no evidence suggests that this effort raised or distributed any funds following its launch.


In contrast, anti-legalization forces launched the Protect Our Kids PAC last year, which is specifically focused on opposing cannabis legalisation. Legalize America's membership currently aligns with the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC), which includes notable partners such as ATACH, Canopy Growth, Columbia Care, Curaleaf, Cresco Labs, Cronos Group, Dutchie, Houseplant, Marijuana Policy Project, PAX, PharamCann, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Vicente, among others.


Political Landscape and Candidates' Views on Cannabis Reform in the 2024 Presidential Election



Legalize America, initiated by the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC) and its member companies and organisations, aims to establish a wide-ranging coalition that includes additional entities such as companies, organisations, celebrities, and grassroots donors, emphasising engaging consumers. The upcoming 2024 presidential election highlights the increasing significance of drug policy, as candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties have already expressed their stances on marijuana reform early in the campaign.


During recent exchanges, Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. responded to Republican candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' opposition to federal decriminalisation of cannabis. Furthermore, former President Donald Trump appeared perplexed in a recent interview when confronted with the discrepancy between his proposal to impose the death penalty on drug traffickers and his prior pardon and promotion of a woman as a symbol of criminal justice reform achievement. At a CNN town hall event, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie emphasised his commitment to ending the war on drugs if elected, advocating for a treatment-oriented approach for individuals grappling with addiction while concurrently supporting heightened enforcement against drug sellers.


Legalize America's website affirms its dedication to collaborating with advocates, industry professionals, and community leaders to craft thoughtful policies supporting cannabis legalisation. Their core focus revolves around promoting federal legalization, expunging non-violent cannabis offences from records, and ensuring that the advantages of legalisation are accessible to all Americans, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.


Overcoming Challenges and Opposition in the Path to Cannabis Reform


While the momentum for cannabis reform grows, the path to ending prohibition still faces challenges and opposition. Various factors contribute to the resistance against comprehensive cannabis legalisation, including entrenched stigmas, public health and safety concerns, and conflicting views on drug policy. Additionally, the influence of anti-legalization groups and individuals, such as the Protect Our Kids PAC launch, underscores the continued opposition to cannabis reform efforts.


Legalize America acknowledges the obstacles ahead and is prepared to tackle them head-on. The super PAC seeks to influence public opinion, alter attitudes, and inform the public about the advantages of legalising cannabis by utilising alliances with prominent public figures, brands, and grassroots donors. In order to ensure that candidates address the topic and advocate for policies that support responsible use, the expungement of non-violent cannabis offences, and equitable access to the advantages of legalisation for all Americans, Legalize America plans to use targeted advertising, grassroots engagement, voter outreach, and events.


Legalize America seeks to dispel myths and overcome obstacles to cannabis reform by actively interacting with stakeholders, advancing evidence-based research, and encouraging discussion. Their ultimate objective is to establish a successful and just cannabis market representing public opinion and advancing American drug laws' continuous reform.


Bottom Line


Legalize America, the first cannabis-focused super PAC, aims to elevate the prominence of cannabis as a national issue in the 2024 election and beyond. With a commitment to ending cannabis prohibition, promoting responsible use, and driving expungement initiatives, the super PAC plans to employ strategies such as endorsements, scorecards, and targeted campaigns to advance cannabis reform and create an equitable industry. Despite challenges and opposition, Legalize America intends to collaborate with influential figures, brands, and grassroots donors, utilising targeted advertising, grassroots engagement, voter outreach, and events to keep cannabis at the forefront of public discourse. Through these efforts, the super PAC seeks to dispel myths, address public health concerns, and foster a thriving and just cannabis market that reflects public opinion and continuously advances drug laws in America.





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