marijuana scholarships from Veriheal
marijuana scholarships from Veriheal

Get Paid to Study Cannabis - $20,000 Scholarship for a Degree in Weed Now Up for Grabs!

Veriheal is now offering marijuana scholarships for students studying cannabis.

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Apr 27, 2021

Get Paid To Study Cannabis - $20,000 Scholarship for a Degree in Weed Now Up for Grabs!

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Given the increasing demand for skilled people to fill in cannabis jobs, having the right education will be an asset to get you into the industry – and will certainly increase your chances of getting even better pay.


Now, Veriheal, a cannabis tech healthcare business, have announced a scholarship. Entitled Innovation in Cannabis, the scholarship is worth $20,000 and will be awarded to qualified students who want to earn a degree in cannabis. Though the scholarship program launched last year, they only gave half the amount; this year, they doubled the amount to grant 20 of $1,000 scholarships for qualifying students.


“With this scholarship fund, we’re putting $20,000 directly into the hands of a new generation of innovators who will help shape the future of our industry,” says Joshua Green, Veriheal co-CEO and co-founder. “The cannabis category is growing at an extraordinary rate, and there are many complex problems that must be solved across all sectors, from finance and technology to science and education. At Veriheal, we’re fortunate to be in the position to support budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life and bring diverse, fresh perspectives to the cannabis field.”


Veriheal is an outstanding company in the industry that places a premium on quality education, so it’s only natural that they want to help students who are interested to contribute to the cannabis industry.


“At Veriheal, education and diversity are at the center of our core values, yet we know how expensive obtaining a college degree can be – particularly in the midst of a global pandemic,” says Samuel Adetunji, co-founder and co-CEO. “We were overwhelmed by the number of applicants we received for the ten awards we offered in 2020, so we’re excited to double that number in 2021 and offer scholarships to 20 promising students across a range of disciplines, backgrounds, and areas of study.”


Students who are majoring in any field are encouraged to apply; the deadline is 5PM EST of July 30th. As part of the application, they require the submission of an essay at least 1,000 in words that details the applicant’s intentions on how they would improve the cannabis industry. The winners will be selected based on a combination of innovation, knowledge, and a passion for the future of cannabis not just as an industry but also as a medical tool.


Last year, the winner’s essays focused on agriculture, business, biochemistry, pharmacology, public health, liberal arts, and medicine.


“Veriheal has experienced triple-digit growth over the past year, scaling to become the nation’s number one platform for cannabis education and medical marijuana card services. As a black-owned and operated business, we’re making it our priority to pay it forward and invest in the future leaders of cannabis who will break barriers and pave the way for innovation in the burgeoning industry.”


The Importance Of Studying Cannabis


Veriheal’s scholarship program is more timely than ever.


Laws around the world may continue relaxing when it comes to cannabis, but it’s still important for people to receive formal education around it. Doing it will help prepare people to develop innovative ways of helping others see cannabis as a therapeutic drug, while increasing awareness on the plant’s benefits.


There are numerous advantages to studying cannabis, which is why we are seeing a rise in cannabis curriculum. The cannabis industry workforce is going to continue picking up, and for this reason, even traditional universities have decided to take their own approach to developing a cannabis curriculum. It’s great to see that many of these colleges are providing a holistic look into cannabis education, because they include issue-specific classes on top of certificate and degree classes that allow students to delve deep into certain skill sets such as cultivation or marketing.


According to Cowen & Co., the cannabis industry could be worth as much as $75 billion by the year 2030. By then, there will be thousands more jobs needed to be filled in numerous businesses in a huge array of positions. These include botanists, chemists, financiers, business development reps, and so much more. Any applicant with a background and intimate knowledge of the industry and its inner workings will definitely be the right candidate, but not everyone knows where to start with formal training. If you want to succeed in cannabis and make big bucks, it’s not enough to love the herb – you’ve got to know what you’re talking about in your chosen expertise.


Back when recreational cannabis was new, it was a huge deal to become a budtender at a dispensary. But these days, cannabis is serious business, and high paying jobs await people who can provide technical expertise on certain subjects. There are many more places nowadays where one can apply for a marijuana education. For one, Northern Michigan University offers marijuana degree programs, as well as Medicinal Plant Chemistry which is an undergraduate major.


Of course, there’s also the famous Oaksterdam University of California, a school which pioneered the first marijuana college in the United States. They were the first to ever offer certificate courses related to cannabis, and you can choose from several programs including business certificates, management, horticulture tracks, and more.


These are just some of many choices available for individuals passionate about cannabis enough to pursue a higher education on the subject. Remember that cannabis continues to evolve, and it will be a fertile ground for talented individuals for a long time to come. Marijuana will continue to contribute to the economy in a major way so as it matures, it will require the services of professionals from several disciplines for businesses to successfully create, invent, develop relationships, and lead the way.








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