hemp based material
hemp based material

Hemp-Based Materials to Go Into Affordable Housing Projects

Hempcrete and hemp-based building materials are going into public housing

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Laurel Leaf on Tuesday Sep 7, 2021

Affordable Housing Project to Use Hemp-Based Materials

hemp building materials

Hemp-based building materials are becoming the most highly sought-after items in the construction industry mainly because they are environmentally friendly. Now, these materials will become the focal point of an affordable housing project. 


The role of Global Hemp Group Inc. in boosting the hemp home industry

Global Hemp Group Inc. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has recently developed 664 acres in Hayden, Colorado. The purpose of the development is to construct affordable housing units utilizing hemp-based materials. 


The company plans on doing this over 25 years, and these newly acquired acres are their third purchase in 2021, putting their total number of lands at 874. The project is now known as the Colorado Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone Project. 


The purchased land will be used to grow hemp plants first before the housing project commences. Global Hemp Group plans on showcasing the hemp homes on 44-acres.


In a press release shared by the company, they maintain that the project is a vertically integrated one that seeks to explore the advantages of water resources to grow industrial hemp. They seek to process and maximize hemp at the on-site production of green renewable building products.


Ultimately, the goal is to build inexpensive and carbon-neutral houses which will stand the test of time. Town Manager for Global Hemp told Craig Daily Press that the project would be a master plan to attract companies. 


Hayden Station will shut down in 2028, which will lead to a massive loss in tax revenue. Hence, this hemp project is so important because it will hopefully replace the revenue stream lost with the closure of the Hayden station. 


The impact of the master plan on the community 

Aside from the fact that hemp-based buildings are affordable, they also offer much more value to the community where the facilities are located. Hemp is growing in popularity, and with companies like Global Hemp Group wanting to grow the plant first on-site first, it will encourage community residents to take up hemp farming. 


Town Manager Mendisco believes that the town is lucky because the proposed master plan clarifies how the area will be developed. He also told the press that the company had shown the city all the necessary documents with residents ready to welcome the development. 


He further added that the project is a perfect fit for the town's agricultural history. Although it wouldn't be typical farming with popular products like wheat or rearing cattle, cultivating hemp still classifies as agriculture. 


If done right and with the right kind of partnership, both the company and the community will be successful. This move will also provide lots of jobs for the community. More so, communities will become increasingly aware of hemp's benefits not just as a suitable alternative to traditional building materials but as a profitable crop. 


Hemp homes: the future of sustainable building

For a very long time, environmentally-conscious construction companies sought practical and cost-effective substitutes for their building materials and thought such an option doesn't exist. Gradually, people started carrying out research, and hemp was always considered. 


Today, builders crippled by the ever-rising cost of building materials such as steel, lumber, and concrete have an acceptable alternative in hemp. Construction investors dealing with tight margins struggle with handling the increase in price, which is why houses are becoming a lot more expensive. 


Now you understand why Global Hemp Group Inc. is interested in "Affordable housing" as with hemp, they are guaranteed TWO viable benefits. The first is that hemp is cheaper to use, and the second is the fact that it reduces dependence on fossil fuels. 


Hemp can be utilized as the primary material for the following building stages:


  • Floors

  • Foundations

  • Roofs

  • Insulation

  • Shingles

  • Walls 

  • Cabinets 

  • Sheeting

  • Blockwork 

  • Brickwork 


Hemp is also a breathable building material; it is mildew, mold, and pest resistant. It is also an excellent insulator and available throughout the country and can effectively fill whatever a shortage of lumber or steel causes gaps. 


For over 80 years, hemp was incorrectly categorized with cannabis as a drug prohibited in America. But this situation changed in 2018 when it was legally and officially detached from cannabis, although there are still in the same industry but not the same thing. Hemp homes will continue to grow with this recognition, and it will also encourage more people to try it out.


What is the objective of every construction business owner? The dream of an environmentally conscious construction business owner comes true every time hemp is used. Interestingly that dream can become a community-driven one because people still do not know that hemp holds a lot of potential in the construction sector. 


But the moment one person in the community takes the initiative and builds a hemp home, others will do the same, and from then on, there will be more hemp homes in the city. 


So Global Hemp Group Inc. is starting with acres of land, which is a lot of investment into protecting the environment and offering low-cost housing at the same time. With this investment, the hemp construction industry will get a lot of attention which is good for business.


Starting a building project soon, be like Global Hemp Group Inc., and look out for hemp material. Then discover ways through which you can use it instead of concrete, steel, or lumber. The hemp building trend has come to stay! 


Bottom Line

The hemp and cannabis industry has been in the spotlight for a long time due to the myriad benefits they offer consumers. Particularly with hemp, it has become a leading material used in the construction industry to minimize or eradicate harsh chemicals harmful to the environment. 


With Global Hemp Group Inc. taking the lead by setting up affordable housing projects, other companies will soon follow suit. Hemp already has a bright future in the construction industry, and it is only a matter of time before it takes over the entire sector for the health and safety of the environment.








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