Ukraine relief t shirts
Ukraine relief t shirts

Hey Russian Warship T-Shirt - Ukraine Relief Fund

Grab a shirt, support the Ukraine Relief Fund

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Oaktree on Friday Feb 25, 2022

russian warship t shirts

If you haven't seen the video, livestream, or listened to the recording of the Russian invasion of Snake Island or Zmiinyi Island just off the coast of the Ukraine, 13 soliders were murdered by Russian forces because they refused to give up a barely populated island to the Russians.  Their now famous and world resounding response was "Russian warship, F#$& YOU!"

All 13 soliders were killed and will receive the highest Military honor the Ukraine can bestow on a deceased solider.

The amount of bravery is equal to the amount of sadness the brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers of these soldiers now feel, soldiers that were killed in a such a needless situation. 

We decided to put up this t-shirt for Ukraine relief, in whatever form that looks like in the next few weeks. 

All profits generated by the shirt will be send for Ukraine relief efforts.

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