cannabis for cachexia
cannabis for cachexia

Cannabis Strains For Cachexia

Loss of appetite and body mass that comes with cancer and other illnesses

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Cannabis Strains For Cachexia

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Cachexia, also known as wasting syndrome, is often a complication of cancer. Patients with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, heart failure, kidney failure, emphysema, and more are prone to cachexia as well. Cachexia is responsible for around 20% of cancer deaths.


Individuals with cachexia are less responsive to treatments such as chemotherapy, and are more prone to suffering from side effects. The main symptoms of cachexia include severe unintentional weight loss, skeletal or muscle loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, anorexia, and a reduced quality of life.


However, cannabis has shown to be promising as a natural alternative for cachexia particularly because of its appetite-boosting properties. Cannabis-based medicine dronabinol is already being used for treating cachexia, but nothing is more effective than actually using whole-plant medicine. Other conventional treatments being used

These are the 5 best strains for battling cachexia.


pineapple express strain

  1. Pineapple Express is a deliciously tropical hybrid strain with powerful medicinal properties and a potent buzz. Patients will enjoy its uplifting, relaxed high to help calm anxiety and reduce depression. This strain is also a popular choice among patients suffering from mental disorders. Pineapple Express is effective in inducing the “munchies”, and is well-known for its appetite-enhancing effects. This strain is also beneficial for the treatment of pain and headaches. Minor side effects of Pineapple Kush include dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild paranoia.


orange kush

  1. Orange Kush is an excellent indica for cachexia patients. Not only will Orange Kush cause you to burst out in giggles, but it also induces appetite. This strain will help you get some much-needed rest for healing from within, while fighting stress, pain, and depression. Orange Kush is also widely used for its ability to knock chronic pain and sleep well, ideal for cachexia patients. If you are new to weed, though, Orange Kush may cause mild dizziness and headaches. Best to medicate with small doses and gradually increase once you get used to it. Other minor side effects that may accompany Orange Kush, especially when medicating in high doses, include dizziness, headaches, paranoia, dry eyes, and a dry mouth.


lavender kush cannabis

  1. Lavender Kush is an award-winning strain with potent medicinal and psychoactive properties – best suited for patients with some experience with cannabis. Lavender Kush delivers a mild euphoria and deliciously sedating body high that will relax you from within. This strain is ideal for cachexia patients who struggle with both sleep and appetite loss, so get ready to have your favorite munchies by your side when medicating with Lavender Kush. Many patients also turn to Lavender Kush to alleviate chronic to severe pains and aches throughout the body. However, if you are prone to paranoia or anxiety, it is best to medicate with Lavender Kush in small doses at a time – perhaps try microdosing with this strain first.


critical kush

  1.  Critical Kush is the love child of Critical Mass and Hindu Kush, with some genetics of Skunk No. 1 added in. As a result, Critical Kush is one potent indica dominant strain that is notorious for giving users a serious case of the munchies, and putting you to sleep. Medicating with Critical Kush delivers a very relaxed, happy, and euphoric     Critical Kush is usually seen with a THC content of around 18% and a decent CBD content, so you can be sure that this strain packs a powerful punch. Critical Kush is widely used by patients for the treatment of other conditions including muscle spasms, stress, and pain.


afghan kush

  1. Afghan Kush is a powerful sedating strain that is just as powerful in treating a lack of appetite. Also known as Afghan OG, this indica strain is straight from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Medicate with Afghan Kush during the day or night – anytime you need a relaxant and something to induce your appetite. This strain is known for delivering a blissfully sleepy but happy and euphoric high. Afghan Kush is a popular strain for the treatment of anorexia, as well as chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Some users report minor negatives with Afghan Kush, including anxiety, dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia.












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