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Is Big Pharma Trying To Make Money From Hops-Derived CBD Products?

Is there in CBD in hops? Science is dubious on that claim.

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DanaSmith on Sunday Dec 10, 2017

Is Big Pharma Trying To Make Money From Hops-Derived CBD Products?

Is Big Pharma Going to use Hops to Make CBD Products? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


In a recent press release, Vancouver-based pharmaceutical company Isodiol International Inc. discusses the launch of ImmunAG in the US. ImmunAG is touted to be the “first non-cannabis cannabidiol product derived from the hops plant.”


Yes, you read that right.


We know that hops is the close cousin of cannabis, but does it really contain CBD that’s just as powerful? Or is Isodiol trying to get on the bandwagon with its claims?


ImmunAG, a time-release tablet, was unveiled during the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo held in Las Vegas last month. The tablets can be purchased online through the company website. “The release of ImmunAG is a monumental milestone for Isodiol, as it marks the industry’s first foray into non-cannabis CBD products,” says Isodiol CEO Marcos Agramont. “This launch is a continuation of our company strategy to provide a diverse range of products as we strive to increase shareholder value by creating entirely new market segments.”


In layman’s terms, Isodiol is pretty much creating false statements to increase revenue.


In a Civilized article, Christopher Hussey of Isodiol says, “The widespread belief is that cannabinoids come from cannabis. The actual reality is that cannabis is one of several plants that produce cannabinoids.” He goes on to explain that cannabinoids are also found among other plants that make up the Cannabaceae family such as flaxseed and liverwort. Hussey adds that cannabis is the vehicle that “the world has latched onto for a long, long time.”


“In addition to that, while cannabis produces a bud where all its effects come from, the hops plant produces a pod. If you look at the two of them side by side, you’ll notice they’re very similar,” he says.

Here’s where it gets a little shady.


Isodiol is keeping the techniques used to extract “CBD” private. “In the same way that the cannabis industry has grown and crossbred different strains to increase the cannabinoid output of the cannabis plant, we have created two high-output strains of hops – using proprietary techniques that we’re keeping to ourselves at the moment,” clarifies Hussey. He claims that their CBD is more effective; and that their secret purification and extraction method has produced a molecule “much greater than anything currently derived from the cannabis plant.”


A Vice investigation goes deep into the story with a piece discussing skepticism over the product by no other than scientists. Vice talks to Jonathan Page, a professor at the University of British Columbia’s Botany Department who says, “It’s really puzzling to me… As far as scientific literature goes, there has been no reported case of CBD being isolated from the hop plant.”


“To Isodiol, I say show us the evidence. A corporate press release is not scientific evidence,” Page says.


Page is familiar with cannabis and the cannabis industry. He manages Anandia Labs, a Health Canada-licensed research center focused on the genomics and biochemistry of cannabis. Anandia Labs also provides testing services for licensed cannabis producers in Canada. One of the major milestones of the company was discovering the genes that give cannabis its flavor. “You could synthesize CBD in a lab, though that’s generally not economical. I just simply do not know of anything other than cannabis and hemp that have CBD in them,” said Page.


Vice goes on to include the sentiments of Hyasynth Bio-founder Kevin Chen, a Montreal startup that genetically modifies yeast to mimic cannabis’ effects. “The short answer is no, aside from our strains of yeast and chemical synthesis, I have never heard of any plants that make cannabidiol naturally. The consensus in the community is similar, people are skeptical of it.” Chen clarifies that theoretically, it seems possible to be able to extract CBD from hops since cannabis and hops are cousins.


Isodiol argues that their product is the answer to the stigma of using CBD from cannabis. “Stay-at-home moms, and many working professionals want nothing to do with cannabis… there’s a stigma of being associated with it. We have the ability to open up CBD to the entire market, and remove that stigma,” Hussey tells Vice Money.


Isodiol’s Claims


On the Isodiol website, BioActive ImmunAG is selling from $75-$360. The product description reads, “A completely natural herbal complex that helps support the endocannabinoid system. BioActive ImmunAG may also help to improve age-related cognitive functions, alleviate stress, feelings of anxiousness, and body discomfort.”


I echo Page. Show us the evidence, Isodiol.









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