It's Raining Weed in Tel Aviv, Hallelujah, It's Raining Weed, Amen!

It's Raining Weed in Tel Aviv, Hallelujah, It's Raining Weed, Amen!

Drones dropping marijuana all over Rabin Square, Tel Aviv?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Sep 7, 2020

It’s Raining Weed in Tel Aviv, Halleluiah, it’s Raining Weed. AMEN!

drones drop weed in tel aviv


“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Green Drone sending you free cannabis from the skies.”


This was the message that was the Green Drone pro-legalization Telegram messenger channel. In Tel Aviv, on September 3rd, a Drone flew over a popular square and dropped cannabis baggies from the sky.


Yes – this really happened.


Tel Aviv Drone Protest


Two people were arrested after their stunt of flying a drone over Rabin Square and dropping weed on people from the sky. The stunt was to draw attention to legalizing cannabis in Israel for recreational purposes. It’s currently only legal for medical purposes.


The cops made a statement according to Reuters;


In a statement, police said they suspected the baggies were filled with “a dangerous drug” and that officers managed to recover dozens of them. Photos distributed by the police showed what appeared to be cannabis inside. – Reuters


When this stunt happened – the Maariv news website photographed people walking through traffic picking up the weed packets. The cops confiscated as much as they could.


But the message traveled around the world. This was the point of the protest and I for one am honored to spread the act even further. If you’re reading this – you should totally share this with other activists.


Viral Protests the Way of the Future?


This is the second big stunt pulled by activists this year. Earlier this year – Mexican cannabis activists planted a bunch of seeds next to government offices in a form of protest. It was their “first legal crop” which also garnered international attention. I wrote about that incident here.


Now with the Tel Aviv protest – which only took two people and a few ounces of weed – the world now knows of some of the happenings in that part of the world.


Perhaps these activists have tapped into something here – Viral Protesting. Amplifying civil acts of disobedient in such a fashion that the news-hungry media can’t do anything but to promote it. Of course – there is a delicate balance between earnest activism and fame seeking.


Both of the protest stunts this year was definitely an earnest attempt to raise awareness about an issue that has been plaguing humanity for more than 50 years.


Committing to one reality


We’re currently in this weird period in human history where things are very….liminal. We are finding ourselves at a cross roads where on one hand – everything that we used to do exists and on the other, everything we wish we were doing.


We have become increasingly upset with the way things are going and some people believe that by “going back” we’ll be better while others simply want to “tear down” to build anew.


While the latter may not be the ideal solution for everything – it certainly hits the mark when it comes to our drug policies. The government has had more than enough time to sift through the research to come to the conclusion that “cannabis is safer than beer”.


By the mere fact that you can buy beer at Walmart or your local corner shop – cannabis should be treated similarly when it comes to recreational use. We cannot tell kids “Don’t smoke weed but alcohol is okay” when in fact, physiologically speaking cannabis is far safer.


If we’re trying to be responsible when it comes to cannabis and any other drug for that matter – the only way is to take it out of obscurity, to embrace the fact that we all like to get a little fucked up every now and then – and to regulate the commercial side of things.


For the small-scale farmers, allow them to sell at farmer’s markets or smaller informal marketplaces without scrutiny.


If you want to bring more “equality” to the cannabis game – you need to give those who have been most negatively affected the opportunity to lift themselves up. Straight up legalization and a reduction of all penalties of cannabis would do that.


Politicians stand in your way


Of course – you there reading this is probably saying, “Damn straight!”


The problem is that we have twats as elected officials. True – there has been a dramatic shift in political support when it comes to cannabis – but they all still want to regulate it and make money off it. There are few politicians who are legalizing cannabis out of the principle that it should have never been illegal in the first place.


If we’re not addressing these players – we’re not making significant process with reform.


Secondly – all those who once benefited from the illegality of cannabis should be banned from participating in the legal market for life. For example, Kamala Harris – while sponsoring The MORE Act – should be banned from ever seeing a single dollar directly from the cannabis industry because she put cannabis users in jail.


If someone says, “Well it was her job!”


I say, “that’s what the Nazis said…”


Point being – there is no grey area anymore. Activists from all over the world are finding creative ways to protest and our biggest struggle has always been those who are supposed to govern us. It’s time we replace them – and we should replace the vast majority of them.


If you want a new world – we need to Ctrl + Alt + Del the old one. Starting with the architects of the policies.








What did you think?

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