overgrow the government in 2022
overgrow the government in 2022

OverGrow the Government in 2020 - A Different Way of Protesting

Could wild grown marijuana on public lands make legalization a shoe-in?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Aug 6, 2020

OverGrow the Government in 2020 – A different way of protesting

overgrow the government in 2020

I don’t particularly remember where I first heard of the concept of over-grow the government – but in essence it’s the epitome of guerilla protesting. I think this was an idea form Herer [not sure].


In essence, the philosophy of “over-grow the government” deals with the idea if enough individuals were to sporadically plant cannabis seeds on public grounds – that the government would not have the resources to eradicate them all. As the public are exposed to frequent cannabis sightings – the negative image of the plant begins to deteriorate and public perception shifts in favor of legalization.


Eventually – wild marijuana would be everywhere, circumventing legal procedures and making it irrational to keep it illegal.


Of course – these kinds of protests are highly unlikely due to the fact that it would require a coordinated effort or at the very least – some sort of OverGrow Manifesto that individuals could carry out on their own. There have been some attempts to get organized – but for the most part, “stoners do what stoners do.”


For most of you reading – this tactic would seem ludicrous. I mean – would this even generate any attention or wouldn’t local governments simply eradicate the weed without letting anyone know it was growing there in the first place?


One would think – and then 2020 rolls by and presents us with….

Is It Time to #Overgrow the Government? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


420 Marijuana Plants Found Growing Outside of Mexican Senate


While many people are focused on US cannabis – Mexico has been moving cannabis laws despite a more conservative populace. Of course – the ‘legalization effort’ has been underway for quite some time now after activists won five consecutive Supreme Court Cases – which prompted constitutional amendments.


The Mexican Supreme Court Declared that cannabis is protected under the Mexican Constitution, which forced lawmakers to legalize the industry.


However – lawmakers have been taking their time, delaying votes, creating systems that favor the government as opposed to entrepreneurs, and so forth.


Activists – earlier this year – protested the Senate, and while doing so – began planting seeds in the surrounding garden beds. They called this the first “Non Clandestine Grow” in Mexico with the idea of plastering the plants right into the consciousness of the public.


A few months later – Mexico City receiving frequent rain, the humid climate is ideal for cannabis growing, volcanic ash within the soil provides similar terpene profile as Californian cannabis – except, without the genetic pool.


What happened?


420-cannabis plants, ranging from 4-6 feet in height surrounded the Senate Building. Their message is simple; “Stop fucking around, legalize it for the people….it’s our constitutional right!”


How effective was it?


The initial planting of the cannabis took place in the first quarter of 2020. It took roughly 3 or 4-months for the plants to reach a height that became noticeable.


Once it was noticeable – a local newspaper picked it up. This then was reposted on The Hill – which then caught my attention, and I wrote about it here.


If you ask me – these activists definitely garnered a lot of attention without doing much except implement an old guerilla grower tactic of “OverGrowing the Government”.


It seems that in 2020, when people are locked down due to COVID – overgrow the government seems like one of the safest and most responsible ways to protest the unjust prohibition of cannabis [GLOBALLY].


Perhaps, it is every cannabis consumer’s responsibility to go out and plant seeds; as a form of protest to a criminal system that stems from racism, slavery, and reeks of authoritarianism.


If a handful of cannabis activists in Mexico managed to grab your attention today – as you’re reading these words – think about what your contribution would do to weaken the grip of prohibition on cannabis.


Some might say that we should play by their rules and legalize cannabis the “right way”. But I counter with the notion that the rules are what is unjust. The processes have been created to benefit the few at the expense of the many.


Unless growing nature – and I’m talking about EVERY SINGLE PLANT ON THE PLANET – is a right of any human being living on earth – then “the rules” is a bunch of bullshit. Any justification for prohibition can be contrasted with harmful legal substances, which would immediately point out the hypocrisy within the law.



To overgrow the government is a non-violent way where nature does the protesting. We’re only stewards to the cause – helping our pal Mary Jane make her voice known. The prospects for Federal Legalization doesn’t seem too bright for the US currently – perhaps it’s time for consumers to become more active with their protests.


Perhaps – we need to revisit over-grow the government in 2020. Take a few seeds the next time you go out, drop them in some public garden, go about your day knowing that you actually did something.


Repeat it as much as you can.


What do you say 2020? Shall we have a “Over Grow The Government Revival”? I mean – why not?





What did you think?

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