cannabis beer province brands
cannabis beer province brands

Meet The Guy Inventing Cannabis Beer

Province Brands In Canada Has Cannabis Beer Flowing Up North

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christalcann on Friday Jan 19, 2018

Meet the Guy Inventing a Cannabis Beer

Would You Drink a Cannabis Beer? Dooma Wendschuh Sure Hopes So! from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


The world seems to be finally coming around to the fact that marijuana can be a beneficial plant. Marijuana is now legal in several parts of the US, and Canada too recently passed legislation that would pave the way towards full legalization in the future. As a result, the weed industry has been booming. The demand is not just for smoking weed. Companies and brands are now inventing various edible and consumable products containing marijuana.

It’s an innovative and exciting field to be in. While consumers can now enjoy marijuana-infused chocolates, cookies, and beverages, Dooma Wendschuh is imagining potentially life-changing uses for marijuana. Mr. Wendschuh and his company, Province Brands, is in the process of crafting beer from cannabis plants. Now, this is not beer infused with marijuana, which is currently available under various brands. This is a beer actually brewed from a marijuana plant.


Inventing Cannabis Beer

Province Brands is one of a kind cannabis company, in that it doesn’t really view itself as a weed company. Mr. Wendschuh wants the company to compete in the trillion-dollar alcohol industry with a product that contains no alcohol.

Mr. Wendschuh has said that what Province Brands does is “very different.” The company’s ultimate aim is to use marijuana in place of grains to make beer. Province Brands has made significant headway in the process, and marijuana beer might soon be debuting in the market. When that happens, Province Brands would have produced the world’s first cannabis beer.

The company is not using the typically useable parts of the hemp plant to make this beer either. The beer would be made from hemp stems, stalks and roots-parts that are usually discarded. Marijuana companies do struggle to get rid of parts that are not commercially usable. They cannot be thrown away like food waste because marijuana is still a controlled substance. Pot growers can’t burn these parts either because of the risk of creating a stimulating smoke. Mr. Wendschuh proposes weed growers send the waste to his company, where it would be used to brew beer.


World’s First Alcohol-Free Beer

The marijuana beer Province brands is making is completely alcohol-free. It’s also “great tasting,” assures Mr. Wendschuh. The alcohol-free beer has the potential to disrupt a massive industry. Again and again, research has shown how detrimental alcohol is to a person’s health and social well-being. Marijuana, in comparison, is not as harmful to health. Alcohol is extremely addictive, temporarily causes cognitive impairment, and puts people at risk of chronic diseases. Marijuana is not known to cause similar problems with occasional consumption.

Cannabis beer could act as a substitute for those addicted to alcohol. The beer could present a much safer way to consume a buzzy drink without health or legal repercussions. At least that’s what Mr. Wendschuh hopes.


Competing with Major Alcohol Labels

Even if an alcohol-free marijuana beer is possible, wouldn’t the $1.2 trillion-worth alcohol industry stand in the way? Mr. Wendschuh believes that may not be the case. His company has been in touch with some of the biggest alcohol companies in the world that own famous brands. According to Mr. Wendschuh, big booze brands seem to view marijuana beer not as a threat, but as an inevitability. If someone can create an alcohol alternative brewed entirely from marijuana, everyone would be able to benefit.

Mr. Wendschuh says that at the end of the day, cannabis beer would be an enjoyable beverage that simply doesn’t cause harm. He’s hoping that with funding pouring in and many jurisdictions loosening marijuana laws, the ultimate Province Brands goal could become a reality in the immediate future.


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