Doctors For Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) agree, “A vape a day keeps the doctor away.” What's up doc?! Getty + Aaron Ontiveroz
Doctors For Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) agree, “A vape a day keeps the doctor away.” What's up doc?!

The Reefer Report For The Week Of April 22, 2016

Celebrating 420, Pennsylvania legalizes marijuana and a former prison is turning into a cannabis cultivation facility.

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Laurie Lyons on Friday Apr 22, 2016

As we all come out of our 4/20 haze, it’s time to catch up on the week in cannabis news. This week we see some new cannabis products hit the market for fans of edibles and fashion, as well as a variety of articles about the history of marijuana. 

Business & Economics

You can get nearly anything delivered to you through a subscription box service these days, and now the cannabis industry is joining the home delivery trend, reports Fox News. Nug Run, a California startup, has introduced the NugBox, full of high quality edibles and pre rolled joints, as well as other complementary snacks. The service is available in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area and will soon expand to other 420-friendly locales.

The Slate brings in James I Bowie, a sociologist who specializes in examining trends in logo design, to discuss the “brief history of uninspired marijuana logos” with a call to cannabis-related businesses to get more creative in their branding design. 

As Medical Marijuana Inc put it, an ironic twist was revealed recently as the city council of Coalinga, California voted to transform a former prison into a cannabis cultivation and extraction facility. 

Vice examines what a potential patent war over cannabis strains could look like and how that would affect the industry. Lawyers and patent trolls are all part and parcel with the industry now, and concerns that navigating intellectual property rights may open the industry up to takeovers by big business are very real.

The International Business Times reports that Italy’s top prosecutor has claimed that the Italian Mafia and ISIS are working together to smuggle hashish through North Africa and Libya and that legalizing marijuana would deal serious blows to the organizations.

Politics & Legislation

Last week the governor of Pennsylvania signed a bill into law legalizing marijuana in his state. That’s one more down, inching the US even closer to the halfway point of the entire nation legalizing medical marijuana. Nicely done, Governor Wolf.

Medical & Health

Bad news for the brains of pot smokers - The Daily Mail is reporting on a new study by Columbia University Medical Center that says that marijuana affects dopamine levels in the areas of the brain linked to learning and memory. Bummer.

On the other hand, Huffington Post Canada has a great story about cannabis’ growing role in the field of brain cancer treatment, so much so that the keynote speech at the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada’s upcoming conference is about medical marijuana. 

“A vape a day keeps the doctor away,” muses Esquire in their subheadline for this piece that profiles the newly created group Doctors For Cannabis Regulation (DFCR), a group of physicians that support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The Washington Post also writes about the group, going into a bit more detail on the topic.

The Scientific American did some digging into the science behind the DEA’s war on drugs, as well as some of the history of the movement to ostracize marijuana from its roots as a healing agent. Really fascinating stuff.

Sports & Entertainment

Doctors aren’t the only ones rallying to support medical marijuana; 30 ex-NFL players are joining together with a California extracts company to test cannabis for its ability to treat chronic pain and depression, reports The Daily Beast.

Speaking of NFL players smoking weed, NFL Sports reveals a little more about the league’s system of drug testing players between April and August, leaving them free to engage in recreational or medicinal consumption throughout the rest of the year. Ironically enough, the window for testing opened on 4/20 this year.

Get ready to cry real tears as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” takes to the streets of LA to interview people to see if they have a medical marijuana card. Joy is for sure my new hero -- keep being you, lady.

Everything Else

Planning to bake some brownies this weekend? Be sure to read this article from Vice about how you’re probably going about it all wrong. Then again, if you didn’t already know not to put weed directly in your food, you have no place in the kitchen anyway. The article is about JefftheChef420 aka the Julia Child of Weed (because there are no male chefs whose name he could use?) and his forthcoming book The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine

With the high holiday on the calendar, even publications like Time Magazine were getting in on the cannabis content. Here they create a “Brief History of Marijuana Law in America,” starting in 1937 when the federal government first regulated marijuana.

What better way to commemorate history than to showcase it in a museum? That’s exactly what the Oakland Museum of California is doing with their Altered State: Marijuana in California display, which Forbes describes as “as thought-provoking as it is titillating and often funny.” The exhibit runs through September 25.

Apparently there’s a thing called the Annabis Bag, which masks the smell of weed with a fashionable and functional purse. Forbes tests the bag out, but since marijuana isn’t legal in New York, they had to get a little creative with the test subjects. Spoiler alert: I need one of these bags stat!

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