cannabis asthma strains
cannabis asthma strains

5 Cannabis Strains For Asthma

Medical Marijuana For Asthma Helps Ditch The Steroids

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DanaSmith on Thursday Nov 2, 2017

Cannabis Strains for Asthma


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You might be surprised to hear that cannabis can treat asthma, but science tells us otherwise. History too – historians discovered that Egyptians used cannabis to treat many conditions including asthma as far back as 1213BC! Even famous writer Marcel Proust wrote about his use of cannabis for the treatment of asthma.


Asthma has taken the lives of over 3,000 people in 2010. The shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness experienced by those who live with asthma can reduce the quality of one’s life. But while many patients prefer not to use cannabis because they are afraid that it may make symptoms worse, the good news is that it’s actually been proven to help.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, and cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Other ways that cannabis helps reduce the symptoms of asthma include:


  • Cannabis reduces bronchospasms, which is when muscles in the lungs suddenly constrict causing difficulty breathing.
  • Cannabis provides relief from asthma-related pain. More than 75% of asthma patients experience chest pain during an asthma attack, and in some cases it can be so severe and debilitating. The pain is caused by the inability to breathe properly because airflow is interrupted.


While there are several great strains for treating asthma, some patients are hesitant to smoke cannabis the traditional way. If you’re worried, there are other excellent delivery methods you can try. These include vaping, edibles, and tinctures.


Top 5 Strains For Asthma


harlequin cannabis strain

  1. Harlequin is a rare cannabis strain, with THC content ranging from 5 to 10%. In some phenotypes, Harlequin can reach as much as 11% CBD, making it the ideal strain for prevention and management of asthma attacks because it keeps inflammation at bay. Harlequin is a relaxing sativa that delivers euphoric and uplifted effects, making it a good strain for choice for asthma patients to medicate with any time of day.


charolettes web strain

  1. Charlotte’s Web is the perfect strain for asthma patients who don’t want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC but need effective relief for pain and inflammation. This legendary sativa is well-known for its miraculous medicinal uses particularly for pain. Asthma patients who suffer from severe chest tightness are recommended to try Charlotte’s Web; its happy, uplifted, giggly, and focused effects will make you forget that you even have asthma at all.


girl sout cookies

  1. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most well-loved strains for its delicious flavor and medicinal properties. This strain will effectively treat bronchial and muscle spasms while delivering a sense of euphoria that your body and mind will feel. If you don’t trust us on its effectiveness, keep in mind that Girl Scout Cookies has been the recipient of numerous Cannabis Cup awards. For many patients of asthma and other conditions, Girl Scout Cookies is the go-to strain for pain. This is also an excellent choice if your asthma is preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, since Girl Scout Cookies is also widely used for the treatment of asthma.


cannatonic strain

  1. Cannatonic is a staple strain that every household should keep in place of prescription drugs in their medicine cabinet. This cannabinoid and terpene-rich strain is high in CBD with less than 6% of THC, making it the strain of choice for asthma and pain patients who don’t want to get too stoned. Cannatonic offers a mellow and smooth buzz that ensures you’ll stay focused and productive without melting your mind from intense psychoactivity. Cannatonic is a good strain if you need daytime relief from asthma and pain, even a little before you head off to work or socialize with other people will do you good.

afghan kush strain

  1. Afghan Kush is a potent indica that will help you get a good night’s rest despite asthma and pain. When you medicate with this strain, its effects will primarily be felt in the body, sending you off into a state of serious, delicious relaxation as you feel your pain melt and your bronchial muscles expand. Afghan Kush is high pain-fighting THC as well as anti-inflammatory terpenes caryophyllene and humulene. This strain is known for a body-numbing high, ideal for medication in the evening or right before bed.


What are your favorite strains to help alleviate asthma?








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