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nevada recreational

Where You Can Buy Recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas

Nevada Recreational Cannabis Goes On Sale Starting Today

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christalcann on Saturday Jul 1, 2017

Where You Can Buy Recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas


There’s an even better reason now to visit Sin City – the vibrant city of Las Vegas is now selling recreational cannabis. It makes perfect sense anyway, since drinking, gambling, and some forms of prostitution is legal in Nevada – cannabis will fit right in this crazy city.



As of July 1, Nevada will join other states that are permitting adults 21 years of age and older to buy cannabis for recreational use. Medical cannabis use has been legal in Nevada for several years now but the state hits another milestone as it allows recreational sales. The silver state will now get greener!



However, keep in mind the rules for toking in Nevada – it will still be illegal to consume in public places including bars, casinos, parks, restaurants, concert halls, convention centers, and touristy areas. Violators will need to pay a $600 fine. Cannabis sales will be limited to ounce ounce for each person, each transaction for recreational users, while medical patients are allowed possession of up to 2 ½ ounces. For edibles, patients can buy and own up to 1/8 an ounce of concentrates.



Nevada’s new law will regulate cannabis just like cannabis, which means that only licensed dispensaries can sell recreational cannabis for 18 months beginning July 1. The law sales that cannabis in Nevada must be cultivated, packaged, and sold in the state, and there already is a high supply for the plant here. Because of the sheer competition, dispensaries try to keep the costs down so it’s a great state to visit if you aren’t looking to splurge but want to try their own home-grown quality plant.



If you’re living or planning to visit Las Vegas, there are over three dozen dispensaries where you can buy recreational cannabis but here’s a starting guide for some of the best in the city:



  • Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is one of the most well-established dispensaries on the strip, known for providing top notch cannabis products for several years now. The budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly, and it’s a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn about the right strain to use recreationally. Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary offers a wide range of high THC products, products made with the Rick Simpson oil, a wide range of flowers, and edibles.


  • Essence Cannabis Dispensaries operates in three branches in Nevada, with 2 in Las Vegas. Essence Cannabis Dispensaries has been been named as one of the city’s best dispensaries several times, making it a must-visit for anyone who’s looking for an overall great experience and excellent selection of cannabis products. Essence takes pride in having professional staff including experienced budtenders, registered nurses, and has its own 54,000 square foot pharmaceutical grade cultivation facility also located in Las Vegas.


  • Las Vegas ReLeaf offers premium-grade cannabis that has been lab-tested and soured locally.  They have great deals and each patient will get one-on-one attention to ensure that they get the best strain or cannabis product for their needs in a comfortable and cozy environment. Plus, now that summer is here, it’s the best time to try their very own selection of tasty strains and products perfect for the scorching hot weather: some of their picks include Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Cough, Game Changer, and Blue Dream.


  • Medizin Las Vegas is another award-winning dispensary in the city, known for their in-house products grown through cutting-edge technology utilizing full-spectrum technology. Medizin Las Vegas takes pride in using advanced cultivation techniques to produce top-of-the-line gene expression. Recreational users are recommended to try their amazing selection of premium flowers, strains, and concentrates.


  • CannaCopia Las Vegas Dispensary has a wide selection of excellent strains, including award-winning and rare strains including Matrix’s Gorilla Glue, Sierra’s Super Lemon Haze both in flower and shatter form, Tahoe Hydro Co, Alternative Medicine Association Vanilla Kush, and so much more. They also offer delicious Valhalla Gummies and all flavors of Kiva chocolate bars. CannaCopia not only has a fantastic selection but they also have great prices, so if you’re on a budget don’t forget to check this place out to get the most out of your greens!










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