Volcano eruption Gizmodo
Volcano eruption

Yes, There Must Be Stoner Hikers In Japan, Too.

Thank God We Got A Confirmation On Level 3.

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Oaktree on Friday Feb 5, 2016

Earlier today, a volcano near the city of Kagoshima in Japan erupted, spewing lava and hurtling rocks nearly two miles away. The volcano is just 30 miles from the Sendai nuclear plant, but officials says there’s no immediate cause for concern.

The blast happened in Kagoshima Prefecture at 6:56 p.m. local time. No reports of injuries have been reported, but officials with Japan’s Meteorological Agency have cordoned off the area, expanding an existing no-entry zone around the volcano to a 1.2 mile (2 km) radius. Officials have upgraded the volcanic alert from level two to three, so the mountain is completely off-limits. (credit Gizmodo)


The mountain is completely off limits, huh?


You think?

You mean the massive rush of steaming hot lava and lightning bolts from Zeus's hammer didn't give it away? 

You sure we can't keep the north side trail open?


I am so glad to see hikers must get stoned in Japan as well as the States.  I thought only Stoners in the USA would be stoned enough to try and hike an active volcano with a full eruption going on.  I mean, if they didn't make it a level 3 volcanic alert, would people be pulling up in their Honda's and camping gear and saying, "It doesn't look too bad, just take off that extra jacket you brought and lets gooooooooo!"






What did you think?

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