Congress fights for Cannabis
Congress fights for Cannabis

34 Members of Congress are Fighting for the 250,000 Jobs the Cannabis Industry Creates in the US

Cannabis companies create around 240,000 jobs, so it should important for Congress

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Apr 23, 2020

Some Members of Congress are looking out for the Cannabis industry

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While this year’s presidential elections promises to be a whole bunch of “the same shit a different year” – in that, the democrats are probably going to try to force a candidate like they did last time and the republicans are going to double down behind Trump.


Why? Because in all likeliness – the Democrats are going to force “Good Ol’ Handsy Joe” because he’s Status Quo. His rival – Bernie Sanders was immediately classified as “non-viable” and the rest of the candidates will probably be skootched out to make way for “Mr. Obama’s White-Dude” who – those in charge of the Democratic Party “has a shot”.


Sorry to inform you – if that’s the strategy you’re probably seeing four more years of Agent Orange. While all of this Shitfuckery is going on – there is a bi-partisan push to get Covid-19 financial relief for the cannabis industry.


Congress of Cannabis


It’s a breath of fresh air to see active members of Congress fight for the cannabis industry. It means that we have come a long way in the fight to legalize cannabis and if they manage to pull it off – would cement the cannabis industry within the hive mind of society.


Since the CARES Act coronavirus relief package was approved – it didn’t include any provisions for the cannabis industry. This despite the size of the relief package hitting 2-Trillion dollars. Yes – this is what that number looks like:


$2,000,000,000,000 Dollars


However – there are 34 bipartisan members that are trying to provide relief to an industry who has been plagued from overregulation since the day it became “pseudo-legal”. Of the members doing this include the likes of Katie Porter and Tulsi Gabbard, and Republican Matt Gaetz to name a few.


The reason the cannabis industry has not been included is due to the current illegal status of the substance on a federal level. Thus – the federal government feels it is not obliged to help them out – despite that it rakes up billions in tax-revenue each year.


The letter states that marijuana is a business employing around 240,000 people in this country. And despite its struggles, it produces tax revenue for states and municipalities -- a figure of $1.9 billion last year alone is quoted. - SOURCE


These estimates are very conservative considering that the cannabis industry creates a lot of “side-industry jobs” such as work for lawyers, marketing agencies, packaging companies, etc.


Nonetheless – a quarter of a million jobs should be more than enough motivation for politicians to “okay” the provision. I would like to remind people to “WRITE DOWN THE NAMES” of any politician that is intrinsically against supporting the cannabis industry.


That candidate is acting out of a Dogmatic response and religion should have no place in government. The religion of “conservatism” or “liberalism” has tainted out global governments to the point of absurdity to the point that even a pandemic becomes a political issue.


Write down the names – and remember, we’re going to have to clean house when the dust settles.


Why having 34 members of congress in favor of cannabis is a good thing?


If you notice the current presidential candidates – all above 70-years-old, there is a very definitive message about this presidential election. “It’s the last one granted to the previous regimes”.


I believe – and this is just one of my Ganja Theories – that the next generation of political and governmental leaders will stand up. I believe that while there will definitely be a push from the Status Quo to maintain control over everything – these new leaders will need our support to overcome the toxicity choking our world.


“But I’ve always been __________”!


That’s good – I’m not saying you should abandon your principles and values. I’m saying that a binary solution in a quantum world will always fall short. It’s time we step out of this “forced candidate”.


Except for Donald Trump  - the rest of the presidential candidates have been “lifelong politicians”. This begs the question – what can they produce? Are words the only thing they are good for? Also – Biden is a Drug War beneficiary – are we supposed to forget about that?


Trump – well, let’s not even get started on Trump…


What I’m getting at is that don’t you all think it’s time we choose better. These cannabis congress members – while I’m not endorsing any one of them – are showing the American people that “they are listening”.


Perhaps – it’s time to abandon “party loyalty” and think to ourselves, “what if we could start over?” What if we could simply do away with all these cunts on Capitol Hill and start again?


Maybe that’s not a possibility under the current circumstances – but getting more Tulsis and more Porters and more Gaetz’ in congress might make shit move faster. All I’m saying is that the powers that be have not given me any indication to “trust them”.


This year’s elections seem to be going the way of Trump and if it does – please, take a moment to think about whether you want to keep on repeating the same patterns or whether it’s time to ‘abandon ship and start anew?’


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