espresso machine cannabis extracts
espresso machine cannabis extracts

You Can Make Cannabis Extracts With A $300 Espresso Machine

High Quality Cannabis Extracts From Your Coffee Maker?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Aug 22, 2018

You Can Make Cannabis Extracts With A $300 Espresso Machine

cannabis extracts expresso machine


Researchers have just discovered a new use for your $300 espresso machine: cannabis extracts.


The findings of the study, which will be published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry, details how researchers were successful in using a hard-cap espresso machine to manufacture cannabis extracts. The team of researchers, from the University of Valencia in Spain, intended to make extracts for analysis using common laboratory solvents and the espresso machine.


To conduct the study, researchers only used some pot which was confiscated by cops.


“It has been evidenced that the developed method for the major cannabinoids extraction is a really encouraging example of the wide range of possibilities that a conventional and low cost hard cap espresso assisted extraction could offer in analytical laboratories,” says the study.


The researchers analyzed extracts of THC, CBD, and CBN made from the espresso machine combined with solvent 2-propanol and compared them with traditional ultrasound extraction utilizing ion mobility spectrometry and gas chromatography. Surprisingly, they discovered that using the espresso machine yielded just as accurate results but was faster and cheaper. They used a Nespresso Essenza Manual XN2003, then placed the cannabis in the machine filter. It only took less than an hour!


“The quantitative extraction of THC, CBD, and CBN from the buds, leaves, and stems has been achieved in a single and fast extraction of 40 seconds,” reads the study. The researchers also noted that they used a thorough cleaning method, and that the machine was “used in our laboratory during the last two and a half years without observing any damage or incident.”


“Our experience shows that this method for extracting the main cannabinoids yields good results, and demonstrates the variety of uses that can be made with a cheap and convenient espresso machine,” the study concludes.


It may seem like a strange idea, but the findings are important for cannabis users looking for an affordable way to make their own extracts safely at home. However, before you go and make your own cannabis extracts at home, keep in mind that it’s best for us to wait until more experiments have been made by the experienced and skilled hands of scientists within controlled laboratory conditions.


Furthermore, take note that the extract used for the study was only intended for analytical and laboratory purposes. Isopropyl alcohol shouldn’t be used for human consumption, but you can use alcohol to get a liquid extract that can safely be consumed. The flowers will also need to be heated using a process called decarboxylation, which should be done before extracting alcohol.


Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in using cannabis extracts especially in countries that have legalized the drug. In California, for one, the market share of cannabis flowers has dropped from 90% to 54% from 2015 to 2016, as cannabis extracts, primarily cannabis oil, have become more popular. Vaping cannabis oil, specifically, in the use of electronic pens or cigarettes has become the consumption method of choice for many cannabis consumers. There are also many other ways to consume concentrates; while vaping is the most famous of all, consumers can choose to dab or use tinctures.


There are many reasons why a cannabis consumer may choose concentrates over flower. Perhaps the most popular reason why many veer to the other side is because concentrates are much more potent, plus you get more bang for your buck. The average potency of cannabis flower is around 10-25% THC, while typical concentrates contain 50-80% THC. This doesn’t even include the extracts that can go beyond 90%. But these figures can easily intimidate newbies, so it’s no surprise that they appeal more to seasoned consumers. On the other hand, a concentrate that is rich in CBD may be a good alternative for beginners because after all, not all concentrates need to get you high.


Safety and purity is another common concern. When you smoke cannabis flower, you also tend to inhale plant material which ends up leaving your glass noticeably black with tar. This is a cause for concern for many, who worry about the impact of tar on their lungs. This effect is eliminated when consuming oils because the water and glass stay cleaner for a longer period of time.








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