How To Make Concentrates
How To Make Concentrates

How To Make Concentrates At Home, Without The Explosion In The Kitchen

Explosion Free Concentrates Are The Best Kind

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How to Get Concentrates at Home, Explosion-Free


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You have probably heard a lot of horror stories about the dangers of making dabs at home. The sad fact of the matter is, most of the stories are true! Making concentrates can be dangerous, but it also can be totally safe. So why make it the dangerous way if you don't have to? We are going to give you the tips and tricks you need to make concentrates the safe way.


The Safest Concentrate


While the modern media may make “safe concentrates” seem like an oxymoron, it's not! The safest concentrate that there is, free of any extra solvents, is rosin, the extract that comes from cannabis when it both heat and pressure are applied. Since it does not use a solvent such as butane, it is safe not only to smoke, but also to make at home! The best part is, you very likely already have everything that you need to make it!


What Are the Required Tools?


The only things that you will need are parchment paper, any dabber, an oven mitt, a temperature-controlled hair straightener and of course, some quality herb!


While some other techniques require expensive equipment, the rosin technique is something you can implement at home or if you are a professional. Either way, it is much safer than playing with volatile chemicals such as butane.


Is Rosin as Potent as Other Concentrates?


Rosin is, in fact, just as potent as other concentrates. If you are making it in large quantities, you may notice BHO gets a slightly higher yield. That being said, you will either trade quantity for lack of risk or vice versa. If you are familiar with BHO and have a safe system, perhaps it is better for you. However, if you have little to no experience using volatile chemicals, it is better that you don't start now. Instead, grab the few tools necessary and get ready to make some rosin!


How to Make Rosin


As aforementioned, you only need a select few tools. They are:


  • Cannabis
  • Parchment paper
  • A dabber
  • An oven mitt
  • A temperature-controller hair straightener


Once you have all your items, plug in the hair straightener and heat it to about 300°F. After it is hot, you can place the parchment paper over the iron plates. Then, place the cannabis between the plates and squeeze hard—not hard enough to break the straightener, though, of course! You should see a syrupy substance come release onto the parchment paper, and that is when you can let go and collect with your dabber. The product you collect will be rosin!


It's That Easy!


While you can buy rosin in many dispensaries, it is quick and easy to make at home as well. Without risk of explosion, there is no reason you can't have concentrates at your fingertips in no time.





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