Boston Beer Co. cannabis iced tea
Boston Beer Co. cannabis iced tea

Your Pothead Cousin from Boawww-ston! - Sam Adams Maker Jumps into the Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea Market

Boston Beer Company expands from beer and hard cinder into marijuana beverages

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BehindTheWaves on Monday Jun 6, 2022

boston beer company sam adams cannabis infused iced tea

The Boston Beer Company, Inc., is a prominent company behind popular hard drinks like Angry Orchard, Samuel Adams, and Truly Hard Seltzer. The company, late last month, announced the launch of cannabis-infused iced teas, a new line of products called TeaPot.


Based on the press release published on the 23rd of May 2022, TeaPot is the first cannabis-infused beverage to be produced by the company. It is said that the drink will be available to the general public in selected providers across Canada from early July.


The company's debut production will be the Good Day Iced Tea which contains Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, a strain commonly grown in Ontario Canada, and real lemon black tea. The cannabis is said to be purchased from Entourage Health Corp, a renowned licensed farm. Every bottle of  Day Iced Tea contains 5mg of THC, which makes it ideal for nighttime and daytime use.


Considering the popularity of ciders, hard iced tea drinks, and several variations, this creative thinking from Boston Beer is a forward-thinking move. Besides, it represents a seismic transition in social drinking.


Paul Weaver, the Boston Beer Company's Head of director during an interview with High talked greatly about the new line of products. He affirmed that TeaPot is formulated to be as alluring as the brand itself. He added that cannabis beverages have done to be the highest social form of marijuana consumption. It's as come to be changing the trend of being a solitary cannabis user. There's no longer the need to excuse yourself to join the party later on.


Weaver affirmed that while the current hype surrounding the effects and profiles of the fill-spectrum term is significant, especially in the flower space, beverage markers are only interested in their all taste. According to Weaver, it's a pleasant balance between lemon and tea with a sprinkle of sweetness and zero cannabis aroma or taste. He added that the company is experienced in formulations of ice tea with great taste. Not adding the cannabis flavor or aroma gives the beverage some level of discreteness.


Weaver continued by saying that Boston Beer's expansion into the cannabis space is reflective of the continuous growth of the company. He spoke of Dave Burwick, the company's CEO as a man who loves challenges and prompts all his staff to push the beverage firm to become the best in the world. A lofty ambition, weaver added.


This has motivated the company to move from craft beer and then venture into hard cider won't the creation of the Angry Orchard brand. The company then evolved to formulate flavored malt beverages like hard seltzers and Twisted Tea. Now, the company has ventured into cannabis-infused beverages.



Pedro’s Sweet Sativa – the TeaPot Cannabis Strain


The cannabis strain used to formulate TeaPot is the Pedro’s Sweet Sativa. The strain is rich in terpenes such as pinene and beta-caryophyllene and it is characterized by sweet-smelling spicy undertones. The cultivar is a hybrid dominant in Sativa having a parent of White Russian, Dominican Sativa, and an unintended indica to increase THC potential.


According to Weaver Pedro's train can be gotten in pre-rolls, as whole flowers, or in carts. He added that Pedro's when compared to other strains in Canada is a legend. The train has been around since the era of medical cannabis legislation. And from his recollection, he asserted that when recreational use of cannabis kicked off, it was one of the first strains many people knew by name and sought after. Pedro's indeed has a rich history.


The train is quite uplifting, and it is generally known for its excellent Sativa qualities. If you believe in Pedro's qualities as we do, you should already know that Boston bear is offering you the best strain available. Weaver added. In his words, it only makes all the sense to pick the best strain and infuse it into the blend of daytime and nighttime iced tea.


Looking at the data published by Headset retail in 2020, shares of the cannabis-infused beverage market in Canada increased by 850% 2020. This makes it double the size of the cannabis-infused beverage market in the US courts of some federal level restrictions.


According to the CEO of The Boston Beer Company, Dave Burwick, the objective of the company is to become the most creative consumer-focused firm across the globe. He added that the company has successfully launched several beers and canned cocktails like hard ciders, hard teas, and hard seltzers. Hence, they are motivated by the constant growth witnessed by the cannabis beverage sector and strongly believe it is one of the frontiers for the next innovation.


Dave also mentioned that as the company patiently waits for further legislation in the US, it will continue to develop and formulate new products. Products that will comply with the cannabis regulations set by the Canadian government.


VinePair affirmed that the success of Boston Beer Company lies in its capacity to adapt, venturing into hard iced teas, ciders, and craft brews. In fact, Twisted Tea witnessed unparalleled success during the Covid Pandemic. Although some of the success is attributed to an unexpected event that transpired during the Pandemic.


Twisted Tea saw an increase in popularity which caused a surge in its stock in 2020. While the market was quite volatile at that time, Twisted Tea stock continued to skyrocket courtesy of an unexpected event.


A man who goes by Barry Allen went viral for knocking out a drunk racist man who went out of control and had it coming. Allen knocked out the racist drunk man with a Twisted Tea can, a turn of events that made Boston Beer Company popular. Allen who was referred to as "TeaKO" handled the situation like most people claimed they would.




Boston Beer Company is clearly a company that adapts with the time and this has kept the company thriving and competing for many years. Now that the firm has seized the opportunity of venturing into the cannabis market, more should be expected from the brand.


Certainly, the cannabis market will reward Boston Beer Company for such a bold step.





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