Weedcraft tips part 3
Weedcraft tips part 3

Weedcraft 3 - Understanding the Egregore of Cannabis & How to Use it Properly

Have you tried the Weedcraft game and need some expert tips?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jan 18, 2021

Weedcraft 3: Understanding the Egregore of Cannabis & How to Use it Properly

weedcraft tips part 3

NOTE – This is the 3rd in a series I’m writing about Cannabis Conjuring or Stoner Sorcery or Marijuana Magick – or any other way you’d like to call it. This follows up on a briefly mentioned concept in Weedscraft 2 – Intro into Stoner Sorcery.


What is cannabis? What does it mean to you? If I were to ask this question to a bunch of people in a room, I’m sure that I would receive many different responses. For some it may be medicine, for other entertainment while for others still it could be a source of spiritual connection.


For some it’s their livelihood and for others it’s the scourge of the earth. And everything changes when you call her by a different name. See that, I just personified cannabis without even trying to.


Marijuana, Ganja, Cannabis – a plant that goes by many names and has many meanings to many different people. Those that consume and those that don’t.


This is what we call an Egregore – of which I wrote about in my second article on Weedcraft. To help refresh people’s minds on the concept, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia – and which would be primarily the definition I’m assigning to the word for the sake of this article.


“…psychic manifestation, or thoughtform, occurring when any group shares a common motivation—being made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of the group. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a juridical person or legal entity) and the meme.”


Under this definition, anything can be an Egregore. Even the soon-to-be-ex President and weakest insurgency ever in the history of insurgency leader – Donald Trump.


The collective beliefs on “how he is” and “what a fucking cunt he’s being” and all that – it’s really an Egregore because it’s a “thought form” that exists in the minds of those who either love or hate him. In reality, Trump is probably nothing like how people think he is.


Coming back to cannabis – the Egregore has been forming since the dawn of the modern human. We know – according to many history books – that cannabis was one of the first plants cultivated by early farmers.


It has been used in different capacities throughout the ages and has always had some sort of “genetic connection” with humankind. Genetically speaking, every human that’s alive today has some trace connection to the plant due to their ancestry [most probably] having consumed the plant. It’s virtually impossible to have avoided in the previous centuries since it was a major ingredient in the majority of medicines. If someone got sick – cannabis was usually a part of the healing process.


Considering that there is such a vast collective experience with the plant – let’s see if we could tap into the archetypal powers of Mother Ganja to assist with our partaking of the sacred smoke.


Why Framing Matters


The last phrase probably took some of you by surprise. I was talking all “philosophically” when suddenly I diverted into a more mystical line of thinking. That was on purpose.


The unconscious mind does not engage much with facts and reason. It prefers the theater of belief as a resource of engagement. Once the unconscious is on board though – you’ve got power.


This is why when I think about egregores, I typically “shut down” the analytical part of brain so I can engage with the imagination. I play the game, “What if” which allows me to let go of the rigidity of modern thinking and enter into a more playful state.


When this happens, and you can connect with an idea on an emotional level – your body begins to do weird things. For example; you could consume a sugar pill and cure yourself from an incurable disease or someone could tell you that you are sick – only to find a week later you actually become sick.


This is why “framing” is so important. What your unconscious believes – it manifests.


Therefore, when you begin to personify something like cannabis – you can call upon the properties of Mother Ganja to quicken the healing or you could invite Mother Mary Jane to waft your anxieties away with the burning of her sacred smoke.


This almost turns into a form of meditation as you become consciously and unconsciously aware of the happenings of the plant and the interactions of your body. More importantly – you allow the unconscious to facilitate the process seeing that the unconscious is responsible for 95% of all your actions.


Of course – you could simply smoke weed and be done with it, but part of the experience of being alive is taking your experiences and flipping it to your will.


If you’re a skeptic, why not try to embellish the idea a bit. For the next seven days, treat cannabis as an “entity” of sorts and when you smoke, she sits with you and engages with your energetic self. Just allow those thoughts to linger in your unconscious and speak to her in the physical. Make requests that you think she can grant – have fun. Or you could just get high and play video games instead but even then, cannabis has been intricately linked with gaming as well – so why not invoke her powers to help you “poon a noob” or two?


Or if you’re interested in Real Magick – you can check that out here.








What did you think?

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