social equity cannabis brands
social equity cannabis brands

5 Meaningful Reasons to Buy Weed from Legacy and Social Equity Cannabis Brands

As consumers, we can do our part to support social equity and economic empowerment cannabis brands

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Joseph Billions on Friday Dec 25, 2020

5 Meaningful Reasons To Buy Legacy And Social Equity Weed Brands

social equity marijuana brands

The beauty of the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis is that more players can easily come into the industry and thrive. The enormous advancements across the board creates a booming market for many to explore and thrive. However, it should be noted that there are some members of the cannabis industry that have been present for a long time but have been largely overlooked. Before the widespread acceptance of cannabis and the influx of large firms, the work of carrying the message of cannabis largely lies with small legacy growers. These legacy growers and social equity weed brands have been around for a while so it would be an understatement to say they've gathered considerable knowledge and experience about the herb.

Many of these legacy growers and cannabis firms owned by people of color have a deep knowledge of the herb running back generations. This knowledge is usually passed down across family lines and the knowledge is then used to benefit consumers. These firms see the herb as so much more than a euphoric plant as they regard it highly as a healing agent. However, with limited resources and exposure, they are very much the underdogs of the industry when compared with larger firms.

In this article, I'll drill down on 5 major reasons why you should patronize legacy and social equity weed brands this holiday season.

It is a purchase with in-depth meaning

The process of purchasing weed can mean so much more than the exchange of weed for cash. By buying your weed from legacy and social equity weed brands, your purchase stands for something. We can also go as far as saying that your purchase stands for justice. This is because most of these legacy growers have suffered restriction for a great deal of time. These prohibitions have made such legacy growers struggle for a long time and with the advent of the new age of cannabis, it is their time to enjoy all the industry has to offer.

You can help them benefit by raising their standard and sense of belonging in the industry. By patronizing such brands, you aren't just playing a role in helping to make dreams a reality, you're also helping to preserve the rich history and knowledge of cannabis being preserved by such growers.

They offer top quality cannabis

Legacy growers have a rich origin and tradition when it comes to dealing with cannabis. This rich history transcends into a standard growing process that gives a top-quality product. The history these growers have with cannabis comes from personal experiences stored within the families. People of color and legacy growers have been dealing with cannabis for a long time. This has helped them develop a keen knowledge about the natural herb. This means they are more equipped in identifying quality weed products from substandard ones.

These growers take pride in their knowledge of cannabis and it is always on display when they interact with consumers about the weed. The weed purchased from such growers is sure to be of the best quality. The weed they offer are products that they have had personal experience with meaning you can trust what you are buying.

It is a right move against years of prohibition

The present state of things surrounding cannabis can offer a wrong impression of where cannabis started from. Cannabis advocates and drug reform activists have done a good job of spreading the message of the truth of cannabis. However, for years many were filled with the wrong notion about cannabis because of several propaganda messages geared against the cannabis industry. This hugely played a role in the spreading of negative stereotypic views about cannabis across the world. During this period, different series of prohibitions were placed on cannabis and legacy growers were at the receiving end of these prohibitions.

Patronizing these small firms now helps to correct and right the wrongs of prohibition. This social activity helps to bring about change and greatly impacts the communities harmed by these prohibitions for years. This is far from a charity move, instead, it’s a social move aimed at giving such communities a fair shot after being restricted for so long.

It gives a form of equality to the playing field

The cannabis industry is filled with many large firms and we are grateful for them. They help to create and foster a great network of workers in the industry. They also help to make the cultivation, production, and sales process easier. Unfortunately, it is hard for small firms like legacy growers and social equity weed brands to compete with such firms in the industry. They lack the means and sufficient capacity needed to promote their brand like these firms can. This is why patronizing such brands helps to offer a sort of leveled playing field for them to compete with larger firms.

Buying from legacy growers and social equity weed brands gives room for all businesses to thrive and make a profit. It helps to include people of color and small companies. It shows that you root for them and you are willing to back it up. Supporting these firms also helps to stabilize the market as they offer quality competition to larger firms. This ensures the price of weed is balanced and ensures that the market is stabilized.

It is a fulfilling experience

There is an appeal that comes with buying from such small firms that many may be unable to fully appreciate. Many of these small firms are hard to find at first which means considerable work has to be done to search them out. You can be sure that this effort is worth it because, at the end of the search, the results they offer are fulfilling. Since they are smaller, these firms offer better customer service and other wonderful perks that might not be available at bigger firms. They form quality relationships with the customers and are always ready to share beneficial information.

Bottom line

The total experience gotten from patronizing legacy growers and social equity weed brands is one that cannot be gotten elsewhere. Patronize legacy growers this holiday season and you will be forever glad you made the move.








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