essential oils in cannabis
essential oils in cannabis

5 Reasons to Use Essential Oils with Your Cannabis

Essential oils can heighten the cannabis experience between you and a partner

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5 Important Reasons to Use Essential Oils

essential oils and cananbis

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the benefits that essential oils can give the human body.  You should know those benefits and use them for your own purposes, such as relieving stress, anciety, improving skin and lung health, and creating a better sense of well-being.  Here are five reasons why you should use essential oils as a cleaner and why they are a safer alternative to off the shelf products and big corporation products.

An alternative for scented candles and air fresheners

Why risk the chances of having your house burned down by unattended scented candles. With the use of a diffuser you can spread the scent of the essential oils efficiently, covering much space in the room. It is an excellent alternative for scented candles, and you can purify and clean the air in the process. You don’t need to deal with having to use air fresheners with harmful chemicals anymore. An essential oil diffuser is a small stand or platform the essential oil can emanate from without the use of burning or fire.  Diffusers are safe and reliable for essential oil disbursement in the air.

Helps improve your sleep 

Some essential oils are scientifically proven to help improve your sleep. It may be in connection with the aroma that these oils give off that enables you to relax and unwind after a tiring day. If you wish to use a diffuser, you can disperse the fragrance efficiently, helping you to sleep more and relax. If you’re having problems with your sleeping patterns, you can look online for essential oils that benefit your sleep. The most popular essential oils that help you sleep are Lavender and Chamomile

Help you to relax

If there is one thing that essential oils are well-known for, it is that they help to relax you. The brain is a very complex organ that is responsible for controlling most of your actions and emotions. It is the main reason why you feel distressed, annoyed, and uncomfortable with your surroundings. But with the help of the aroma of essential oils, you will be able to let your brain relax and give your mind a positive response, relieving your body from stress and tension. 

Many massage therapists will use essential oils to help their clients relieve stress and pain in the body.  Generally speaking, a masseuse will ask you questions about your body, pain points, stress in your life, and then select a blend of essential oils to mix into the massage treatment.  There could be elements of physical pain, past abuse, anxiety, and physical health issues that a variety of essential oils can be mixed together to help treat.  For example, oil from tree barks and plant roots may have different properties and help the human body with different ailments.  There are essential oil courses taught online as well as in many workshops and New Age classes.

Some essential oils have medicinal properties

There are a select few essential oils that have a powerful anti-inflammatory property that will help lessen swelling, skin irritation, and inflammation. The medicinal properties of essential oils also help to relieve muscle and body pains. There will be certain illnesses that will cause a whole lot of pain to your body. Using essential oils as an alternative pain reliever is very recommendable. For example, what is Rick Simpson oil? It is a heavily concentrated crude form of the essential oils of a cannabis plant. It contains most of the plant’s fat-soluble compounds that can help relieve the body of pain.  Rick Simpson oil, or RSO as it is called, is hailed as a cancer fighter, and in some cases a cure.  While much more research is needed to be done on RSO and the essential oils mixed with the cannabis plant, many online videos and blog posts reference the use of Rick Simpson oil as an alternative therapy in the fight against cancer.  Many cancer patients use it in conjunction with your prescribed cancer treatments from their oncologist or accredit cancer doctor.

Used as a bug repellent 

The last benefit that you can get from essential oils is they act as an excellent bug repellent. If you have a duel with nature’s pesky pests, you can use the scent of essential oils to help drive them away. You don’t need to suffer from the harmful chemicals that bug sprays emit, instead use a much safer and cleaner alternative, and that is with the use of essential oils. 

Many ingredients in bug repellent, like Deet for example, have tested out to cause problems in the human body.  Cancer causing agents are listed in some bug repellents so creating an all-natural bug solution is much safer than rubbing some of these sprays and lotions on your body.

Now you know that the scents that come from essential oils make sense.



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