what is better with marijuana
what is better with marijuana

5 Social Experiences That are Just Better with Marijuana

What goes better with a bag of weed?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Sep 18, 2020

5 Social Experiences That are Better with Marijuana

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To know of the goodness of marijuana and how much the euphoric feeling facilitated by THC helps to increase intensity in social gatherings is overwhelming, you need to feel it! Alongside the numerous medical benefits of cannabis due to the presence of the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc, the recreational benefits cannot be overlooked. Marijuana has been used by many to add the needed spice and life to their everyday life while some have used it to spice up their social life with friends.

This trend has seen different types of people come together to enjoy the goodness of marijuana. One such class of people are weed moms who gather together to enjoy the benefits of cannabis edibles as they use marijuana to get rid of a lot of built-up stress and inhibitions.

This use of cannabis has increased rapidly as some states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. This opens the door to a different number of social experiences that people can enjoy together while using cannabis as the added catalyst to spark up the experience. We will be looking into five common social experiences that are better when cannabis is added to the mix. Read on!


The buildup to festivals and special social occasions in many regions make it a day that many people look forward to and a day that expectations are very high in terms of how monumental they will be. The true core of such days is the gathering of the people and the experiences that are shared on such days. Most times many people rely on alcohol to make such days more monumental whereas cannabis may be a better alternative. This is because the effect of marijuana will easily complement the elated mood and feelings that accompany such gatherings. In states where the use of cannabis is legal for recreational use, cannabis users can expect to have a swell time when they go out to festivals together. They get to ensure the comfort of music and traditions while indulging in the THC and CBD goodness that cannabis has to offer.

Camping Trip

The major factor that promotes camping trips is the need to be away from the troubles of the city and towns and resort to the serenity of the outdoors. Friends go on camping trips together because the seclusion from the busy word helps them open their minds up more while in the comfort of the peace offered by nature. These trips make bonding easier and they can even be made better when marijuana is added to the mix. Depending on the type of marijuana strains being used, camping trips can be made to open the mind more. Marijuana strains that are high in levels of CBD are perfect for such occasions. This is because they complement the effect of THC by giving a safe and relaxed high which is free of inhibitions. With this, the campers have their minds open and free from any form of inhibitions that will make for the perfect type of camping trip.


Many friends are quite known for their ability to bond over food which is why cookout has continued to grow in acceptance among different age groups. It is both popular among young millennials and big families which include boomers as well. The popularity of cookout is because they can be hosted in the comfort of the backyard and all that is needed is food, drinks, and light entertainment. They allowed different friends to gather together and enjoy barbeque and drinks and when cannabis is added to the mix, they go from ordinary to extraordinary. Marijuana can be used to make the sauce for the barbeque and it just puts everybody in the right mood to enjoy the occasion. Cannabis barbeque sauce is becoming more popular especially for the purpose of cookouts as more cannabis users are becoming open to the prospects of enjoying the goodness of marijuana among friends in the backyard.

Fishing Trips

The leading motivation for fishing trips has always been for the purpose of bonding and for the sport. The competition that arises from sitting on a local pier and striving for the bounty in the water has always been popular among different classes of people. As much as parents take their children on fishing trips to bond, many young friends also use the opportunity to bond. The secret ingredient that has not been fully maximized when it comes to improving fishing trips is marijuana. All that is needed to make your fishing trip unforgettable is the right type of marijuana strain and it easily changes scope to a monumental social experience. This is because the effect of the cannabinoids in cannabis makes the users on the trip more open to sensations and the effect of CBD is sure to afford clarity of the mind. The right strain of marijuana should be taken though because strains with a high level of THC may affect the stealth and care needed to catch the fishes in the water.

Board Games

The competition that friends have over games in their homes makes for some of the best social experiences out there. They can be considered to be on par with going to the movies and museums. This is because they tend to test the wit of the persons involved and make for big bragging rights in closed circles. This is why board games and different forms of indoor games are popular among the mist of social experiences that can be made better with marijuana. friends can comfortably share a joint over an indoor board game as they look to outsmart each other. The effect of the cannabinoids helps to improve the alertness and activeness of the players involved.

Bottom line

There are also a host of other social experiences that can be made better when cannabis is introduced into the mix. This is because marijuana helps to relieve users of different types of inhibitions and opens them up to more sensations that make for monumental social experiences.








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