best online vape stores
best online vape stores

7 Online Vape Shops That Offer Great Deals

What online vape stores offer the best deals?

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HighChi on Tuesday Feb 19, 2019

7 Online Vape Shops That Offer Great Deals

online vape stores

At this day and age, online shopping has become a common practice amongst individuals who want to experience convenience and the advantage of purchasing from a virtual store. Shopping from an online shop means you no longer have to stay in line and no more carrying the product you purchased from the store to your home. That’s why online shopping has appealed to most vape consumers especially the ones that value subtlety and want a discreet shopping experience.

Because of this growing trend, a lot of vaporizer businesses have opened virtual or online shops. While some of them are independent online vape shops, others are virtual extensions of an actual physical store. Today we’re going to list down 7 of the best online vape stores in terms of which offers the best deals. Now, to reiterate the purpose of our list, the stores are rated from 1 to 7 depending on which of these stores offer the best deals. This means affordable price and high-quality products with number 1 as the best down to 7 being the least.

Alright. Let’s begin!


1. VapeActive Vape Store

First on our list is the VapeActive vape store. VapeActive was founded in 2017 and is a company driven to provide vape consumers of different types get units at the most affordable price. What we loved most about VapeActive is that they get their vape products straight from the manufacturers themselves. They purchase vaporizers in bulk where they get premium discounts from the manufacturers and pass the benefit back to the buyers so they can get the best deals out of the product they’re looking for. VapeActive uses their purchasing power and leverages this advantage so that they can sell the vaporizer units they have at a much more reasonable price.

One of the most notable statements found on VapeActive’s website is their goal to help smokers transition from the conventional means of inhaling and ingesting traditional herbs to vaping which is a healthier alternative. We know that vaping isn’t at all cheap, although VapeActive believes that everyone should get a shot at experiencing a smoother transition to a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to make secure your purchases and avoid fake items, VapeActive is one the most trusted sites.


2. VapeHobby

VapeHobby made it second on the list for their wide collection of vape items from the biggest names in the industry. Now don’t get me wrong, like VapeHobby, VapeActive and other inline vape shops in our list also carry a wide range of products but what’s impressive about VapeHobby is how they managed to put up such a large collection of products from the biggest names in the industry while keeping the prices fairly reasonable. Not only do these guys sell vaporizers, but they also sell other smoking essentials like grinders and rolling papers.


3. YourVaporizers

So, it’s pretty obvious that all the online vape shops in this list sells their items at a pretty competitive price. But what placed YourVaporizers on the number 3 spot is because they’re one of the first few online vape shops which we found that had a dedicated coupons page. That’s right, not only do they sell their items at an affordable price, they also have a page dedicated for the collection of coupons one can avail when shopping at their website.

They provide their customers exclusive discounts and almost every vaporizer brand or product has a specific discount either by deducting particular “%” off the original price, or specific monetary value deducted from the selling price. While other online vaporizer stores offer discounts but will have hard to navigate discount and coupon pages (as if they’re giving the buyers a challenge before giving the discount), YourVaporizers has an intuitively designed discount page you’ll have an easy time navigating. The codes can be easily used during checkout which is such a huge plus.


4. Element Vape

Element Vape has been around the cyberspace since 2013. These folks have served the vaping community probably far longer than any online vape store in this list. What’s good about Element Vape is their ability to keep up with the times even though they’ve been in the business for quite some time now. What we’ve noticed in earlier online vape stores was their inability to adapt though the changing times, needs and demands of the customers was the common factor for their downfall.

Yes, Element Vape offers vaporizers at low rates but what their ace is in the business is their customer service. Probably one of the benefits of having played long enough in this industry is that they’ve learned quite well how to deal with vape customers. They make customer satisfaction look easy probably because they have trained professional staff working to live up to their reputation. If YourVaporizers offer year-round discounts and coupons, Element Vape has some really good clearance sales that were sure you’ll love.


5. Direct Vapor

A beautiful store attracts potential customers, the same principle can be applied for online vape stores and Direct Vapor surely took this into consideration. Not only does Direct Vapor’s website look stunning but it also is easy to navigate. The overall customer experience when browsing in their website is simple and straightforward. The variations as well as the products they offer are laid out properly, which makes that much of information pleasing and less stressful to the eyes. Like the first four online vape shops Direct Vapor offers great vaporizer deals to its customers.

The addition of their “no clone zone” is a great tactic to reinforce their policy of not selling any counterfeits. Small but helpful details like this help assure customers that they’re getting authentic and original items. Direct Vapor is a testament that in online vape shops, visual appeal and practically virtual information will help boost your online vape store.


6. Vapor DNA

Vapor DNA is an online vape shop that not only sells high-quality devices but also trades high-quality e-liquids. If you’re shopping for your next e-liquid, they we strongly suggest you check out their hot deals. Why? Vapor DNA is probably one of the first few online vape shops that stock up on the freshest and newest vapes and e-liquids. So, if you’ve heard something new, probably a vaporizer, a vape liquid, or even an accessory, you might fancy. Chances are, you’ll find them first here at Vapor DNA.

Not only are they quick to stock up on products from local manufacturers here in the States, but they also get new products regularly from big Chinese manufacturers.


7. Namaste Vapes

Last but certainly not the least is Namaste Vapes. Namaste Vapes specialize in cannabis vaporizers, the ones you use for concentrates and dry herbs. Nearly all the essentials you need when vaping cannabis products can be found in Namaste Vapes.

They’re also known for their “Buy 1 get 1 Free” promo where you can get the chance to win a free grinder, bong, and even a vaporizer if you add any of their featured product into your cart.


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