trying different cannabis products
trying different cannabis products

8 Things To Know Before You Try Your First Cannabis Products

What are some do's and don'ts before you start trying different cannabis products?

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BehindTheWaves on Thursday Feb 29, 2024

trying cannabis products

The popularity of cannabis has increased in recent decades, and the trend is likely to continue. This is attributed to the endless health benefits these products bring apart from their recreational use. More regions are also legalizing cultivation and consumption, giving people confidence when trying it out. Whether you’re seeking cannabis products for recreational enjoyment or medical purposes, there is basic information you need to understand, and here is the breakdown.

Know the Law

Cannabis laws differ depending on the state or country you are in. As a cannabis user, it is important to familiarize yourself with the laws that apply to you. While some regions allow for both medical and recreational use of cannabis, other areas only permit its medical use.


It’s important to gather complete information on the rules and regulations regarding the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis. This will help you follow the correct practices and avoid any legal consequences. To ensure compliance with the regulations, you should only purchase cannabis products from authorized dispensaries with a good reputation.

Start Slow

As a beginner, the general rule of thumb is to start slowly and give your body enough time to adjust. Also, remember that everyone is on their path due to their different metabolisms, tolerance levels, and general body chemistry. If new users take in too much THC, they might experience unpleasant reactions, like feeling anxious and uncomfortable.


No matter if you’re puffing, inhaling from a vape, or eating edibles, always stick to the recommended amounts and give it time for the effects to occur before you have more. Remember to self-assess regularly to determine when adjustments may be paramount to meeting your desired experience and comfort level. It is essential to slowly transition to different brands over time.

Prioritize Quality

Choosing high-grade cannabis is vital for a few key reasons. To start with, top-notch cannabis gives you a steady and fantastic experience. If you’re using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, having a consistent dose of cannabinoids and terpenes can help you better manage your experience and achieve the desired results. Quality items are usually made with safer, eco-friendly growing methods. 


When buying any cannabis product online, target reliable stores. The best will offer you an extensive collection of products to choose from, from cbd oils to THCA flowers. When purchasing THCA Flower by Vape Showcase, visit their website to explore the various flavor options available. Read more about the chemical and physical properties, as well as their pricing. Also, confirm the licensing and how customer-centric the shop is.

The Different Consumption Methods

You have different ways of using cannabis products, each with a specific onset time and experience. One common way is by smoking, where your dried weed undergoes combustion to give off the smoke. This makes you feel the effects quickly. 


Vaping is growing in popularity due to its discrete consumption and perceived lower risk compared to smoking. When you vape, the vaporized CBD oil or flowers from a vaporizer are inhaled. It works fast and lets you control how much you take, making it a good option when starting cannabis consumption. 


There are also options like tinctures, where you drip cannabis extract under your tongue and let it sit for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. If you want more localized relief with no psychoactive effects, topical applications will serve you right.

Consult a Healthcare Professional

It is critical to speak with a physician or other trained cannabis specialists if you have specific medical concerns or are considering taking cannabis for medicinal purposes. They can give you advice that fits your health history, dominant symptoms, and treatment goals. 


Your doctor can also help you get detailed information on strain selection, potential interactions with other medicines, and dosage. If you’re fighting constant pain, feeling super stressed, or dealing with other health conditions, getting advice from a doctor can be helpful. They’ll also monitor your progress and be better positioned to advise on whether you’re fit for a higher dosage.

Proper Storage

Get the storage right to conserve the freshness, flavor, and potency of the cannabis products. This also ensures that they’re out of reach of kids and pets. Target high, unreachable points, such as cabinetry. Consider keeping your cannabis in a spot that’s dark, cool, and dry to prevent any degradation that can happen through exposure to humidity and sunlight.


Putting your supplies in something airtight, like glass jars or metal boxes, is the way to go. This stops any moisture or air from getting in and lowers the quality. Make sure to store it away from heat sources, such as cookers or heaters, to maintain its flavor.

Avoid Sharing

It is important to prioritize everyone’s health and safety. Sharing joints, pipes, or vape pens increases the risk of spreading illnesses like the common cold, flu, or even meningitis, which can be spread through saliva. Sharing smoking equipment without proper cleaning can also spread harmful germs or bacteria, putting everyone’s health at risk. 


Additionally, sharing might increase the possibility of getting more THC than the usual dosage. This could have more adverse effects, primarily if they’re not used to it or have health issues that make them more sensitive. Even when your products run out, find it prudent to wait till your order arrives to be sure of a safe and consistent cannabis experience.

Plan Your Experience

Gaining knowledge about cannabis is crucial to ensuring a secure and pleasurable introduction to the world of cannabis. Prior to indulging, it is imperative to create an environment for tranquility. Take note of the caution that states that using cannabis may impair judgment and coordination. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking cannabis. 


Mixing cannabis with alcohol or other substances should be done carefully, as this might intensify the effects and raise the possibility of negative outcomes. It is recommended that people use cannabis sensibly, putting a focus on enjoying the benefits. You can set off on a path of exploration and relaxation with a sense of peace by making safety and mindfulness the top priorities throughout your cannabis experiences.


Consuming cannabis is beneficial in many ways, from bringing relaxation to helping you manage chronic conditions. When you begin your journey in the cannabis industry, you should be more knowledgeable about everything, including the ideal dosages and where to get high-quality supplies. To enjoy an incredible cannabis experience for a long time, stick to the recommended practices.





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