disposible vape pen reviews
disposible vape pen reviews

8 Things to Know When Buying a Disposable Vape Pen

Disposible vape pens are getting more and more popular, but what should you look for when buying one?

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Chiara C on Thursday May 4, 2023

disposible vape pens

Have you been considering switching to vaping from smoking cigarettes? Are you perhaps considering trying out disposable vapes before you invest in a regular vaping starter kit?  But do not know where to get started or know anything about it?

Picking Out The Right Disposable Vape Device For Yourself

Whenever you shop for a disposable vape or a disposable electronic cigarette, consider the following points:


1.Number of Puffs Per Pack

Disposable vape devices are nothing but a compact way for traditional and regular e-cigarettes.

The number of puffs that a disposable vape device provides is considered to be its battery life.


Vaping from a disposable vape device is similar to inhaling a cigarette. Just like you inhale smoke when you use a cigarette,  you inhale a ‘puff’ of flavored nicotine vapor when you use a disposable vape device.


You need to select your disposable vape device or vape pen based on your smoking habits.


The amount of puff you smoke can vary upon how much quantity of puff you inhale per drag.

But on average a puff is considered 2 seconds of drawing per drag.



An atomizer is a component in a disposable vape pen that heats up the e-liquid or vape juice.

In a disposable vape device, an atomizer comes pre-packaged.


Once done with the complete usage you need to discard your disposable vaping device. So, you don’t have to worry about changing coils as such.


But you do need to ensure that the atomizer that your disposable vape device will contain should be a good one and does not cause any vape juice leakage or liquid clog or a give burnt taste of vape.


Usually, a good brand will use high-quality internal components.


3.Nicotine Dosage

You might have to check the content of nicotine that your disposable vape device will contain depending on what you are going to use your vape device for.


If you want to switch to vaping because you want to quit smoking then you might want to consider a disposable vaping device containing 5% vape.


Remember the average content in a disposable vaping device is much more than that in a cigarette. A disposable vaping device will come with a 2 percent nicotine salt strength or an average of roughly twenty cigarettes. 


It is important to choose your disposable vaping device based on the reason and the amount of nicotine you might want to inhale.


Along with this, you could also be inclined to try out vaping just once, in which case you might want to get a vaping device that has a lesser nicotine content.


4.Amount of Liquid

The amount of liquid is also a determining factor when you want to consider buying a disposable vaping device.


If you want to get a vaping device for traveling purposes and do not want the hassle of carrying the equipment of a regular vaping device, a disposable vape device with a larger tank capacity is your best pick.


However, if you are keen on trying out different flavors and then deciding on the kind of flavor you might want to invest in, you should get a disposable vape tank with a smaller capacity.


In case, the capacity is not mentioned on the label, you can estimate the amount of liquid held by the tank based on the number of puffs per pack.


5.Warnings on Label

Reading for warnings and cautionary instructions is an important factor to be considered before you get a disposable vape pen.


It is crucial to read about various allergy warnings or warnings related to nicotine content in the vape pen.


Including warnings on products containing nicotine is mandatory and disposable vape pens that come without a warning on their labels or packages should be avoided. 



Your budget is an important factor when choosing a disposable vaping device. While you are comparing the costs of smoking cigarettes to vaping, you might want to think of the costs of using disposable vaping devices and a vape starter kit.


Vaping is comparatively cheaper than smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.


Also, a regular vaping device involves a lot of components, and the vaping kit can be quite expensive if you are going to use the vaping kit only for a few days.


Simply put, if you are planning to use the vaping device for a short-term or few days or for traveling it is wise to choose a disposable vaping device.


A disposable vaping device can prove to be costly and can pinch your pocket if you end up using it over the days. It is best to invest in a regular vape kit if that is the case.


7.Reputed Vendor

Checking up on the vendor history and the brand reputation will give you an idea of the overall quality of the disposable vape device.


Generally, good brands ensure stringent quality checks before they deliver their product. Purchasing from a good brand will ensure that you get a smooth and high-quality experience from your investment in disposable vaping devices.


You can read about the vendor history and the brand name on the internet. You might also want to check some online reviews by various other users who have used disposable vaping devices from the same brand before you buy one.


Although the brand name and the vendor is not strict measure to determine a good quality vaping experience. Sometimes newer brands can end up surprising you and provide good quality as well. So you must pick accordingly based on your personal preference.


8.Flavor Used

The best part of disposable vape devices is that they come in a large variety of flavors.


The e-liquid flavors come in the most popular and interesting flavors like apple, strawberry, blueberry, mint, and tobacco flavors.


You might want to pick up a disposable vape device based on the kind of flavored vapor you want to experience.


Since each disposable vaping device comes with a pre-packaged e-liquid flavor, you can only try out just one flavor at a time. 


While choosing a disposable vaping device can seem like a daunting task, you don’t have to get overwhelmed by the process. Simply keep in mind the above points while making your purchase.


Disposable vaping devices are used by vaping enthusiasts mostly because of their hassle-free, easy-to-use, and economic advantages for short-term usage. Since you do not need to worry about changing coils or refilling the e-liquid after finishing with a disposable vaping device, it is easier to choose a disposable vaping device and just have a smooth and rich experience. So go ahead and choose your disposable vaping device wisely.





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