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Tinctures? Terpenes? What Are Tinctures and Terpenes?

Cannabis Tinctures Are Sublingual Joys

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Nov 15, 2016
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How To Get The Most Benefits From Cannabis Tinctures



Tinctures are a great way to receive the medicinal benefits of cannabis. It’s actually also an effective way to make sure that you are getting more accurate doses, since this delivery method requires you to use a dropper or syringe.  With just a drop or two taken sublingually, you’ll already begin feeling the effects of taking cannabis tinctures sometimes in under 15 minutes. This happens because terpenes and cannabinoids are more easily absorbed in your mouth’s tissue lining and enters the bloodstream quicker than other delivery methods.



While there are many popular delivery methods for cannabis, tinctures are the most underrated yet they can be the most beneficial especially when you are taking cannabis medicinally. But if you don’t want to feel stoned or high, non-pyschoactive mixtures are also available via tinctures.



If you’re interested to explore the world of cannabis tinctures, here are some tips to help make sure that you are getting the most out of it:



  • Choose tinctures that are manufactured using only an alcohol extraction process. Out of the different processes available to create tinctures, alcohol extraction is the gentlest out of all because it’s the only process that can conserve the most terpenes from the cannabis. Other extraction processes utilize CO2, which damages the bond between the terpenes and cannabis only to reintroduce it later on with less potency.



When the terpenes are intact, this is when the cannabis can give you the most significant medicinal benefits. Terpenes are beneficial in making cannabinoids effective for your condition, and they also have their own special health benefits. Another great benefit of using tinctures that are made from the alcohol extraction process is that it won’t increase your tolerance to cannabis which means that over time, you’ll be able to use less of the produce to see the results you are looking for.



  • Explore the many cannabinoid varieties available through tinctures. You’re no longer limited to just sativa, indica, or hybrid strains; with tinctures you can choose those that have been designed with specific ratios that can be customized to serve a particular medicinal need although it may take you some time to find the ideal ratio for you (but hey you can always ask the help of your budtender to recommend an appropriate tincture ratio for your needs).





Remember that the cannabis plant is loaded with different cannabinoids, each of which have their own medicinal value. Each of these cannabinoids will also produce different effects in your body.



  • Try using whole-plant tinctures that have been made from the entire flower instead of trim. Cannabis flowers contain the most terpenes and cannabinoids as compared to other parts of the plant. If you opt to use tinctures that are made from trim, you won’t be getting as much terpenes and in fact you’ll just be taking in more THC (unless you are only taking it for recreational purposes).  Tincture extracts that are made from the entire plant will give you the benefits of what we know as the entourage effect, giving you all the best possible benefits of all cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant at the same time.



  • Only buy tinctures that have undergone testing and that use the appropriate labels. Tincture bottles should clearly indicate how much THC and cannabinoids are present, as well as other specific information that patients need in order to make the right decision on which mixture to purchase. It would also be helpful, especially if you’re new to tinctures, if the bottle states how many milligrams are contained in each dropper because this information is necessary for proper and dosage. If you aren’t sure about what you’re taking, you may want to do some research on the company website before spending your hard-earned cash on a tincture extract.




Cannabis tinctures are designed to give patients the benefits of instant medicine delivery combined and safe, consistent dosing. There are some companies that are now working on a tincture spray that can also be used underneath the tongue in a similar way. It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t be swallowing your tincture dose; otherwise it will only be absorbed by your gastrointestinal tract.



It’s also possible to add a drop or two of your cannabis tincture juice or tea for easier delivery but remember that if you dilute the tincture in a beverage, the absorption time will be slower than when applied sublingually.










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