decorative cannabis plants
decorative cannabis plants

A Quick Guide to Growing Decorative Marijuana Plants

Growing eye-catching cannabis plants doesn't have to be hard!

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Apr 12, 2020

A Quick Guide to Growing Decorative Marijuana Plants

decorative cannabis plants

The following guide is not a cannabis grow guide in the traditional sense – it’s a grow guide for times when you have nothing else to do. This particular guide deals with aesthetics as opposed to growing for consumption.


But why grow a cannabis plant simply for the “looks”? There are several answers to this question;


Because the cannabis plant looks pretty even when it’s in vegetative state

Because you can always take a decorative plant into flowering if you need

You can harvest leaves and practice pruning/training tricks

It doesn’t require any complex systems, set up and has a high margin for error


I could write the entire article on “reasons why” – but then I wouldn’t be able to explain to you how to do it and under what conditions you’d like to be planting your decorative plants.


What type of lights should I get for decorative cannabis plants?


The beauty of the cannabis plant is that it doesn’t require much light to get it going. I have successfully grown cannabis from seed to harvest using only two big CFL lights. Sure – the harvest wasn’t the largest, but it was successful and got me very high.


Depending on how big you want to grow the indoor plant – I’d probably say a single CFL would be the best. I would also place a cone-track head for the light. This way, you can direct the light towards the cannabis plant and will make it become more apparent within the room – since it will have a light shining directly on it.


This means – growing a decorative cannabis plant will almost certainly attract the attention of any visitor gracing your hallowed halls. I would expect – you’re social circles include cannabis-friendly or at least cannabis-neutral people.


What about soil?


No need to get complicated with this one – just get some regular old potting soil. Perhaps you’ll flower it one day, perhaps you won’t – it’s a decorative plant so don’t give too much of a shit about it. If you’re growing to harvest – place far more importance on this step.


Conversely – you could try aeroponics which will add another cool element to the plant – but soil would do just fine.


Make it a central piece


If you’re going to be growing a decorative plant – why not make it stand out. You’re already drawing a lot of attention to it by shining a light on it – why not place some art on the wall behind it or some wooden furniture around it – or decorate it as you wish.


But make the cannabis plant the central piece of the “altar” if we can call it that. This will immediately paint the “illegal cannabis plant” in a much more accepting and elegant setting – shifting the perception of people who might panic at the site of “DRUGS!”


Grow one in your kitchen


Same deal – use a single CFL light, set it up in the corner and start growing 1-3 cannabis plants in that area. You’ll want to be topping the plants every few weeks so that they bush out. The more they bush – the more leaf you have to put into your salads or juices or smoothies.


The cannabis plant’s leaf contains a lot of phytocannabinoids – it’s all good for you!


To Prune or not to Prune


I would keep on bushing out the plant as much as I could. However, perhaps you would rather want a discreet decorative plant. In these cases – never top, prune often.


Can I flower them?


You can always force flower a cannabis plant – your decorative plants would be no different. However, within certain cannabis grows – they keep a “mother plant” which always remains in the flowering stage. Your decorative plants are essentially all mother plants.


Meaning – you could utilize your decorative plant locations to “house” your mother plants. You may not want to do this…but you certainly could.


How big should the pot be?


Since these plants will be indoor – the size of your pot will determine how big the plant can grow. If you’re looking to grow “mini plants” – get smaller pots. However, smaller pots could also mean that replenishing nutrients in the soil and watering could increase in frequency.


A bigger pot will also provide a larger plant. For your kitchen plants – I recommend a medium pot so that you can grow a decent amount of leaf on the plant. If you’re going to make a “Central Piece” cannabis plant – a larger pot is also recommended. Bush it out and you can have a Kushmas Tree by Christmas.


Will it smell?


Cannabis plants have a slight smell when they are in vegetative stage – however, they aren’t stinky. They only really start to stink up when you start flowering – so for the most part, you won’t have to worry about smell.


Try it…you’ve got nothing better to do!


I always recommend growing weed – even if it’s purely for decorative purposes. During the next three months – you can grow a large cannabis plant and farm leaf for your smoothies – helping to boost your immune system.


See, it’s a hobby and its functional. You go cannabis! You go!








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