how to get weed during covid19
how to get weed during covid19

Accessing the Essentials - Weed is Essential Right Now, So How Do I Get It?

Cannabis has been deemed essential in the pandemic, but how can you pick it up?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Apr 21, 2020

Accessing the essentials: Cannabis during a Pandemic.

how to get marijuana during covid19

One of the ways to deal with the novel global pandemic known as coronavirus or COVID-19 is by social distancing and staying at home. When doing this, you may decide to carry out some activities such as watching TV, rolling a joint or having a toke among others to keep yourself busy while enjoying this moment for as long as it lasts.

Cannabis is turning out to be the one thing the coronavirus can't destroy. Even though it's not clear how much access to cannabis that will be available as the shutdown goes on, the demand for it is still on the rise. At least, it is evident that the shutdown has only made people want to buy even more weed during this forced 'staycation'. No better time than now, when we have nothing to do but sit and wait it out with a joint. Sadly, getting cannabis in this period seems pretty tough because of the strict guidelines surrounding the lockdown so many dealers are forced to alter the supply and buying process.

Why Cannabis is Essential

In these critical times, some people still need cannabis products for therapeutic purposes such as pain management, PTSD management, depression, cancer treatments, anxiety, or just to keep themselves occupied and sane during this period, the demand for weed has seen a considerable increase and it is unlikely to reduce anytime soon because a lot of individuals who depend on weed either for recreational or medical purposes are going to want to stock up on their favorite plant. Losing access to medical cannabis for those using it is a very scary proposition. It should be noted that there are a lot of individuals who depend on medical cannabis to stay healthy on a daily basis and it's no longer news that medical cannabis patients are almost always the most susceptible individuals especially for respiratory diseases like COVID-19. So if their supply were to be cut short because of the lockdown how will these individuals survive. It should also be noted that the fallout and compulsory leave this virus imposed is making it hard for people to get their regular prescriptions filled, pharmacies are now overwhelmed. And in such a scenario more options are what's needed and that's what medical cannabis provides, an alternative option that patients can turn to. A factor that can make all the difference especially in times like this.

Also, there are some that do not depend on cannabis for its medicinal properties but are instead interested in its other properties. We all know marijuana can be used as an important tool for de-stressing, cooling off and clearing the mind. A couple of things everyone really needs in times like these.


Getting Your Cannabis

If you are one who needs cannabis for recreational purposes or you're one of those whose health could suffer if the access to cannabis is stopped, how can you buy your weed to keep yourself up and running? How can you have access to cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ordering Online.

Ordering for your stash online seems to be the safest and surest way to access cannabis during this period. There are sites where you can order the amount of weed you need, pay for it and it will get delivered to you safely in the comfort of your home.

Using curbside pickup or delivery.

Pickup for cannabis is available at hundreds of stores nationwide. All that is required is getting in touch with the store ahead through dedicated numbers, placing your order and picking it up outside the dispensary. This will limit the time spent around strangers and any possibility of physical contact to the lowest minimum.

State Regulations

More cities, states, and countries are beginning to implement full lockdowns, shuttering all retail businesses that are considered non-essential. While this has a lot of positives it might not be the way to go where dispensaries are concerned. All states need to enact emergency regulations and safety measures to aid businesses who are serving medicinal cannabis to patients. As states impose mandatory lockdown to enforce social distancing, like other essential businesses, medical cannabis dispensaries should be allowed to operate. An example of this is how Canada made a declaration that allows dispensaries to remain open during the lockdown. Some states in the United States such as Minnesota and Texas have taken the initiative to make provisions for this in the form of declarations and executive orders.

Bottom line

Cannabis consumers and patients are also advised to take other precautions like using edibles, tinctures, vaporizable flowers, and other non-combustible cannabis products over smoking as smoke can affect the lungs and COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory illness. This is why cannabis consumers should ensure they take all necessary measures to protect their lungs and immune systems.

Finally, it is worth noting that the coronavirus pandemic will require some behavioral changes from consumers to ensure their safety and the safety of those in their immediate environment. It is highly advisable that the popular puff and pass cannabis tradition be halted for the time being.

Stay home and stay safe!










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