weed moms or wine moms
weed moms or wine moms

Are Weed Moms the New Wine Moms?

Are cannabis edibles and vape pens the new Mommy Juice?

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jsp1073 on Wednesday Sep 9, 2020

Are Weed Moms the New Wine Moms?

weed moms or wine moms

The responsibilities of a mom in society are well known. especially when she has to be a Mom along with other responsibilities. The tag of a mom already denotes children, and it is an understatement to say that raising a child is not an easy task. From helping them grow, to playing the role of a caregiver and educating along the way, the consciousness of a mother is always on the safety, growth, and development of her child. This, coupled with work responsibilities and things needed to be taken care of around the house. makes the duty of a mother to be quite a daunting task. In a bid to deal with this sort of stress, society began to get used to what we know as wine moms, but with the increasing acceptance being enjoyed by cannabis, a change might be looming.

The role of a mother is definitely one that is very demanding both in terms of the physical responsibility, as well as the emotional toll that it takes. Moms go through a lot to keep it together either when they are nursing kids, or taking care of kids that are a bit older and are already running around the house. It is not uncommon then to see different moms come together to talk about their experiences, speak to friends in similar shoes, and share ideas. This was mostly done with wine. And with the positive vibes that wine brings to the mix, the tag wine moms began to set sail.

Wine Moms

The term "wine moms" has commonly been used in society for a while now as it has enjoyed a good level of social acceptance. It is not a new sight to see different moms come together in a house to talk in the evening or have a night out over a couple of wine bottles. The benefits of wine in helping to relieve pressure, stress, and exhaustion cannot  be overemphasized. These among many others is why the gathering of wine moms has been a very common feature of many societies nowadays.

Wine is legal, a product that has little or no stereotypic views from society which is why it has gained such acceptance. Nonetheless, there still are some drawbacks that make wine less suitable for the roles that the moms use it for. Despite the positive effects that are attributed to red wine, the body still treats it like a poison and it accounts for some other effects in the body. Long and continuous indulgence in wine can increase depression in some, lead to weight gain, cause hangovers, and brain fog. Another silent point that cannot be overlooked with wine is the tendency to lead to alcoholism which is a very serious problem when it develops. All this makes up the reason why though there is a need for moms to gather and find ways to relieve themselves from a lot of the stress they are surrounded by, wine might not be the best solution.

Weed Moms

The growing acceptance and decriminalization of cannabis in many regions is doing a lot of good in terms of propelling the different benefits that can be harnessed from cannabis. This has allowed many to see different forms in which they can utilize cannabis both for recreational and medicinal purposes. This is why as an alternative to wine moms, a new trend of weed moms is already on the rise.

The benefit that this new trend is riding on is the fact that many organizations and governments are looking towards accepting cannabis as a natural product of immense benefits useful in dealing with a number of health problems.

The trend for weed moms is based on the wide range of benefits that marijuana offers moms in dealing with the emotional pull and strain that comes with their workload. The calming and sedative effects of marijuana products with a good level of CBD is very common among weed moms because it helps to remove the levels of stress that has accumulated from their different responsibilities. This is also aided by the fact that cannabis due to its composition of cannabinoids and terpenes can be very useful in dealing with sleep disturbances, pain management, anxiety, migraines, and a host of other problems. These health problems are a common issue that plagues moms which is why a good number of them are individually using weed to help cope and relieve stress. More importantly, they are also coming together to share these benefits and encourage others as well.

Contrary to popular views that to enjoy cannabis it must be smoked, there are other methods of consuming cannabis, most of which are usually used by weed moms as opposed to smoking. Cannabis edibles are a regular when it comes to weed moms because it is an easy way of consuming cannabis with less attraction from others. Many weed moms are also more open to homemade recipes of cannabis edibles because it increases their activity in the kitchen and it can be shared easily with other weed moms. Vape pens, topical creams, and tincture are also available to help weed moms harness the recreational and medical benefits that are in cannabis for the benefits of their body as well as their minds. It should be noted, however, that cannabis use is not suitable for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding and proper care needs to be taken to keep children from cannabis products.

Bottom  line

The acceptance enjoyed by wine moms in society is largely due to the view that society has about wine. This same sort of acceptance is also possible for weed moms when a more accepting environment for weed is achieved. The trend already suggests that those days may not be too far ahead as many are finding solace in the goodness of cannabis. Weed brings a lot to the table and the majority of people, not just moms, are turning to this gift of nature to meet their different needs, medical or recreational.

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