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Moms For Marijuana

5 Reasons Why Every Mom Should Support Cannabis Legalization

Opiate Addiction, Alcohol, Healthy Kids, and Education

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Jan 8, 2017

Top Reasons why Moms should support legal Cannabis

5 Reasons Every Mother Should Support Cannabis Legalization from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


It is said that if you want Cannabis to be legalized nationwide, get the moms onboard. Legalization advocates have already discovered that female support tends to be leading cannabis measures. If women, especially mothers could be convinced that legalization cannabis is more than being stoned and that their children would not be at harm’s way, they are won over.



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Cannabis reform is growing in popularity and more than half of the population of the US is in favor of legalization, but there is still a little bit of a gender gap when it comes to support. There are many factors that contribute to this gap and some of them have to do with stigma, child safety awareness and community safety. Most moms would always put their children first and if they have a distorted view of cannabis, they will have a negative view on legalization.



An informed mother will be a valuable advocate towards legalization. Education and awareness about the responsible use of cannabis is the key to let moms understand the benefits of this majestic plant. At the moment the full potential of cannabis is still hampered by federal law in the US and prohibition in many other countries.



With legalization in so many states, many already started to change their viewpoint as they realize that people using cannabis, whether for recreational use or medicinal purposes, remain functional and healthy.



With no further ado, let us look at some valid reasons why moms should support legal cannabis:


  • Cannabis businesses are good for the economy- As the cannabis industry is growing; it brings more work, money and activities. In just the first 18 months after legalization in Colorado, cannabis has produced $610 million dollars. Why is this good? Tax money from cannabis is used for drug education, regulatory oversight, treatment and prevention options, public health and law and safety. It furthermore benefits the economy by the reduction in cannabis related arrests and incarcerating non-violent cannabis offenders. Tax payers money will be saved and stay in the community.



  • Cannabis treats many medical conditions- Cancer, anxiety, epilepsy, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Arthritis and Crohn’s disease are but only some of the medical issues that cannabis addresses. There are currently more than 200 different conditions that have proven to be changed for the better using cannabis for treatment.



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Small children with aggressive cancer and seizure related illness have been successfully treated with cannabis. Standard Western medicine is not living up to par and people should have the right to know the wonders of what Cannabis can do. Cannabis is a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals and mothers should know what benefit is has for the treatment of their sick children.



  • Cannabis Legalization and Regulation help Protect our Children- Tax money created by the cannabis business help to build new schools and increase drug educational programs. Financial strain on the family can also be reduced by more work being created and this would lead to more wholesome families. Marijuana use is also less harmful than over-the-counter drugs and seems to have an influence on lower suicide rates.


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  • Addictive Opiates can be Replaced by Cannabis- Medical Cannabis can be a leading tool in fighting the symptoms people have urging them on to use opiates and heroin. Already it is noticed that states that implemented medical cannabis laws, have lower yearly opioid analgesic overdose death rates, than states where cannabis is not legal. Medical Cannabis is also excellent in helping people detox from addiction to opiate and heroin. Recent studies showed that 66% of people in the study group of 1400 done by HelloMD stated that they use Cannabis as their first choice to treat their problem and 84% said it addressed their condition successfully.




  • Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol- Any mom has a reason to be concerned when their kids reach teenage phase, because often that is when experimenting with all sort of substances become stronger. Excessive alcohol use is far more dangerous than cannabis. Apart from the effect on the liver, brain and heart to name a few, it also reduces the effectiveness of the immune system. Furthermore, Cannabis is not the Gateway drug, but rather alcohol is. It is now to believe that alcohol opens the door to other substances, rather than cannabis as previously believed. When moms are informed of the safety of Cannabis and understands the benefits thereof, healthier teenage experiences could be developed. Under no means is this a supportive argument to expose adolescents to cannabis rather than alcohol, in fact, both should be taken in consideration in the development phase of the brain; but understanding more about Cannabis, will give moms a better authoritative stance.



Moms are responsible for the well-being of their families. Isn’t it better then to get moms informed and prepared to deal with their kids?  Get moms onboard!





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