weed shopping online discounts
weed shopping online discounts

Bargain Hunting Tips When Shopping for Weed Online at a Digital Dispensary

What are some pro shopper moves when ordering your cannabis online?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday May 14, 2021

Top Tips for Bargain Shopping Cannabis Online!

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We live in a wonderful time where you can use your smart device, browse a robust catalog of cannabis products and press “Purchase” with your thumb & having the goods delivered right to your door!


If you were to have asked me 20-years ago if this was how cannabis would be purchased in 2021 – I would have asked you to hook me up with the shit you’re smoking!


But it’s true – these days we have a plethora of choices when it comes to cannabis. We can have pre-rolls, grams, ounces, edibles, concentrates – whatever you can imagine delivered to your door!


With more dispensaries getting online and with policy finally catching up with technology, the digital catalog of cannabis products have increased significantly!


With an increase of choice comes a reduction of prices – for those savvy enough to spot awesome deals. Today we’re going to be taking a closer look at the best practices to ensure that you get great weed at better prices.


Looking for Specials!


Let’s start with the obvious first!


As with any regular brick & mortar store – a good bargain shopper will walk down several isles before spotting the best deal possible!


Similarly, you should not commit to the first digital dispensary you find. Check out different options in your area. Odds are that if you live in a place where you can buy weed online – like in Canada for example – there are more than one online option available.


Since these dispensaries are competing for your dollars – they run different specials at different times trying to win you as their customer!


As a consumer, if you’re not taking advantage of this – you like to bleed money! There are several awesome deals including 2x1’s, couponed discounts and much more!


Becoming a Regular


Some digital dispensaries like Top BC Cannabis for example employ a "Rewards System“ . This is a common practice for rewarding repeat customers by giving them special discounts.


Depending on the complexity of the reward program, you can get dollar discounts, free product and access to new product before everyone else.


If you’re a dispensary owner reading this – PAY ATTENTION!

This model will help cultivate the 20% of customers that will support 80% of your business. By creating a space where their accumulative participation counts towards them gaining access to more cost-efficient pricing is a strong motivator.


As a consumer, you could decide to stick with one of these dispensaries but I’ll propose a better idea.


Create a Buyer’s Club!


Since these online dispensaries are trying to ensure that you repeatedly buy form them in order to gain the rewards, you can use this with your “smoking circle” to your advantage.


By having each one of you become “loyal members” of different dispensaries – you can bulk purchase on particular dispensaries to increase the buying power and increase the rewards.


Of course, this only if you want to have bargain weed – if not, you’re forced to buy from one dispensary in order to reap the benefits.


Check for Contests & Events!


We know that on special days there will undoubtedly be discounts available on the market. For example, 420 is a day where everyone is trying to unload a lot of weed. Just check out this online dispensary! Not only did it have a 420 give away, it’s also got discounts on concentrates and so on.


Proving the validity of this entire article. =)


The smart consumer will save up his capital to buy more on these days in order to reduce the price per gram. Additionally, enter into as many contests, giveaways, etc as possible.


If you’re worried about getting spammed with weed products, simply make a new email account called “Bargain Hunter” and whatever else you’d like to add to it.


Then simply sign up to all the events and contests using that email. Easy peasy!


In all likeliness, you don’t win anything – but unless you participate, your chances of winning anything is zero. Thus, by playing the numbers game you could be pleasantly surprised with a major discount or even free reefer!


If you don’t try, you’ll never know!


Buy in Volume


This may not be possible for most since the costs of ounces can be a lot. Ranging from $100 an ounce to $300+, not everyone can drop $1000 on weed in a single purchase.


In fact, most people buy bits of weed here and there. Only those who are closer to the source of production gain access to large quantities.


Yet if you can save up for these special days and then buy volume – you’ll significantly reduce the price per gram.


If the weight of the price is too much to handle, then utilize the “buyer’s club” approach by tallying your money together with friends.


The idea is to reduce the cost of the price per gram and one of the easiest ways to do that is to buy in Bulk.


That’s why Costco is such a powerhouse of a business.


The Sticky Bottom line


With more options comes more opportunities to play the game. These days you can bargain shop cannabis, which was something unheard of 20 years ago.


Back then you got what you got and you didn’t complain. Or you complained but nobody gave a shit because you got what you got!


However, with so many options to choose from – these days the savvy cannabis consumer can reduce the cost of cannabis while increasing the quality and quantity of the product acquired.


For those still living in states or countries where you can’t purchase weed online – this article was not for you. But hey, at least you know what to do when it inevitably will become legal where you are.


I’m curious – what are your top tips for finding bargain weed online? Let the rest of us know in the comment section.








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