should you buy weed online
should you buy weed online

Should You Try and Buy Weed Online, Yes or No?

Should you be ordering your marijuana online and skipping the lines at the dispensary?

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HighChi on Thursday Aug 13, 2020

Should You Try and Buy Weed Online, Yes or No?

buying weed online

The medical and recreational marijuana market, and weed-based products, is now ever-expanding. This boom in recreational and medical marijuana economics is not unwarranted. The health benefits of weed are increasingly resonating with people in all age groups. Nowadays, life has become blazingly fast-paced with kids, COVID, and Zooming for a job.  Whether it is our 9-5 job, education, or social aspirations, every endeavor comes with a huge mental cost. This toxic competition can lead to a range of neurological disorders such as anxiety. In this situation, weed has proved to be a great remedy.


Weed has various other benefits as well, such as it helps in pain management, and inflammation reduction. These reasons have prompted 11 states in the US to legalize both the recreational and medical use of marijuana. Other states already allow prescription usage of cannabis only, or medical only states. As new scientific evidence in favor of cannabis is surfacing in the modern world, the demand for this commodity is reaching new heights each day.


Traditionally, marijuana was bought at storefront dispensaries by showing a legal prescription, but this form of retailing had its fair share of pros and cons. Enter e-commerce. These days, we can buy everything online. The world of online retailing has taken the world by a storm. People find it increasingly convenient to order stuff they want from the comfort of their house, without having to dress-up, fuel their cars, and face people. However, every innovation has several drawbacks as well.


If you have been buying weed at physical stores and are evaluating the merit of placing an online order, we have you covered. Here we have explained both the benefits and drawbacks of trying and purchasing weed online.

The Case Against Purchasing Weed Online

Online purchases might appear very convenient, but the consequences can be the exact opposite. There are three disadvantages to purchasing weed online.  Finding a weed dispensary online is hard enough but what about these issues.

You Cannot Test For Quality

Marijuana is an organic plant-based product that has a limited shelf life. If you consume old weed then it will completely obliterate the calming experience. Purchasing weed online does not give you the freedom to evaluate the product before sealing the deal. This includes checking its quality in terms of appearance and aroma. However, when you go for store-bought weed, you have the complete freedom to physically inspect the quality of the product and evaluate whether it is worth buying.


Testing for quality is essential when it comes to buying weed. Smoking low-quality not only wastes your hard-earned money, but also negatively impacts your mental wellbeing.

Lack Of Accountability

When it comes to online retailing, the brand with the most advertisement wins. But there is something fundamentally wrong with online advertisements: a weed advertisement does not guarantee that the seller is legitimate. When buying weed online, you cannot inspect whether a store exists physically or not. In this situation, it is easier to fall prey to phony sellers. Furthermore, because there is an upfront payment in most cases, losing your money is a likely reality. One can never be sure whether the seller that they found online is reliable or not, hence accountability is a grave concern when trying or purchasing weed online.

Non-Negotiable Terms

The biggest benefit of physical retailing is that it involves a dialogue between the buyer and a seller. This allows both parties to enjoy a competitive advantage: the seller can prove the quality of their product, and the seller can negotiate the price to enjoy the discount. A similar principle applies to the world of weed as well. When weed is bought at storefront dispensaries, you can negotiate the price according to the quality, but the same freedom cannot be enjoyed online. Secondly, when purchasing weed online you will miss seasonal statewide shopping events that allow tax-free goods.

The Case For Purchasing Weed Online

If you are a fan of convenient shopping and are looking to bag some profitable savings then buying weed online is definitely for you. Below are the benefits of purchasing weed online.

Time and Location Convenience

There is a reason why Amazon is outcompeting every retail giant in the industry: people just love convenient shopping. The online weed market offers the same benefit. When purchasing weed online, you do not have to dress up, refuel your car, and endure the hassle of inching through traffic. All you need is a digital device and an internet connection, and with a few clicks, you can place a swift order.


Secondly, you also do not have to abide by retailing hours. Most people are working till the late evening, and going out to buy weed in this time window can take a toll on their professional careers. You can buy weed online at any time, without worrying about the closing time of dispensaries.

Wide Variety Of Products and Sellers

Ecommerce is the gift that just keeps on giving. There was a problem with traditional retailing: it was always subservient to the laws of demand and supply. Weed dispensaries also fell prey to this concept. Dispensaries only kept the products for which there was a local demand, hence they never offered exotic products to high-end customers. On the other hand, online stores have a diverse range of products to offer, because they deal with an audience that surpasses local borders.


Secondly, there is also a huge variety of sellers to choose from. Ecommerce gives sellers the ease to establish a store without a large opportunity cost such as retailing land, setting up a shop, etc. This leads to a very promising competition between retailers, and according to the survival of the fittest, only the best ones survive. This competition also directly increases the accountability of online retailers, making sure that customers get the best weed.


When it comes to buying weed online, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are a professional that is working a tough job and do not have the time to buy physically, then you can go online and purchase weed. On the other hand, if you prefer to test a product before buying it then you should opt for dispensaries. There is no objectively right or wrong buying decision. In the end, the most important stakeholder is your convenience and satisfaction.











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