police can smell weed in your car?
police can smell weed in your car?

Can Police Really Smell Weed In Your Car?

Can Police really say they can smell marijuana in your car when they are standing on the road?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Aug 13, 2020

Can police really smell cannabis in your car?

police smell marijuana in your car

The world seems to be slowly and gradually accepting the benefits that are embedded in cannabis as a potent natural product useful for medical and recreational purposes, however, we are still a long way from where we ought to be in terms of acceptance across different parts of the world. The interpretation of this statement is that there are still many regions of the world where stereotypic views are being expressed towards cannabis and cannabis users. This stereotypic view has resulted in a situation where many laws concerning cannabis in different states are not entirely fair on cannabis users especially those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The effects of these stereotypic views have resulted in a situation whereby many cannabis users especially those using it for medical purposes find it hard to come forward in their environment as cannabis users. The continuous restrictions are due to different laws across different regions that have somewhat denoted cannabis as an illicit drug due to its psychoactive nature. This stereotype has also been helped by the conventional method usage of cannabis which is majorly by smoking and this has preempted many cannabis users to find newer ways to use cannabis, however, the stereotypic views still very much remain.

Much that needs to be done in order to facilitate a change in this trend that is ongoing in different regions of the world is education. By providing many with critical information as to the truths that are embedded in the cannabis plant and what they really entail, a lot of people with negative views of cannabis will have a rethink.

Cannabis does more than just get you high, it contains lots of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that play a huge part in the medical and recreational effects of the plant.

Cannabis and the law

When it comes to cannabis and the law, it is important to state first that some regions and places have good cannabis laws that favor those who use cannabis either as a medicinal or recreational product and this has allowed many cannabis users comfort to freely express and show their use of cannabis. However, many regions still have very strong laws that resist the use and acceptance of cannabis and it is important that we understand how to work and operate within such environments so as to not be on the wrong end of the law.

As expected, the arm of the law that many usually have problems with regarding cannabis are the police and with the “in plain smell” law, many are at the mercy of police when it comes to cannabis. The cannabis transport laws are still very different in many regions of the world especially in the United States where different states have a different representation of laws concerning cannabis transport, however, the “in plain smell” law still stands in many places. In simple terms, this law means that the police is allowed to search a property by detection of an odor of marijuana. It's a sad reality that we still have laws like this in 2020.

Can the police really smell cannabis in your car?

Many have argued that this law has allowed many policemen to search people in the streets or in their cars on the simple notion that they can perceive the smell of marijuana. This has driven majority to question whether it is possible for policemen to truly perceive the odor of cannabis especially when its in a sealed compartment.

Terpenes embedded in cannabis account for the scent and aroma of cannabis and they serve as the basis for the inquiry into the ability of policemen to truly smell cannabis in the car. After conscious studies were carried by experts, there is a strain on the possibility of the olfactory lobe to truly perceive the scent of cannabis in a car especially when it is kept in closed compartments. This then basically makes one question the basis on which this law that is so crucial is established on, seeing as the studies conducted don't fully validate it.

The law is the law and one cannot deny that, so it isn't just important to understand the law, one should be able to work around the law so as not to get in danger of it. It is therefore important that proper precautions are taken to ensure that cannabis users are right with the laws of their states and regions. This is the present reality of the cannabis world and it is important that cannabis users properly understand them so as to not be in danger with the law even as we look onward to better and more welcoming laws.



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