Cannabis for Spiritual Transformation
Cannabis for Spiritual Transformation

Can You Use Marijuana for a Spiritual Transformation? Where I Disagree with Sadhguru

Can cannabis help you on your spiritual journey?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Dec 4, 2020

Can you use marijuana for spiritual transformation? Where I disagree with Sadhguru…


If you’ve read some of my work, you know I like philosophy and just thinking about things that venture into the edges of consciousness. Because of this side-passion of mine, I follow a bunch of “thinkers” of our time and those who have passed but still remain relevant.


Arguably one of the more famous spiritual advisors these days is Sadhguru which takes a more unconventional way of dealing with spiritual issues. What I mean by this is that Sadhguru’s digital game is off the charts.


Nonetheless – the man knows some great truths and I agree with him on many topics. However, I also write this piece because while he may be a wise individual, I don’t think he has all the answers.


When it comes to someone asking him whether you can use “plant medicines” for consciousness expansion – Sadhguru didn’t say you can’t, but he also said that “true spiritual transformation only occurs from within” and while that is also true to some degree – one cannot ignore the therapeutic and spiritual potential of these plants.


You’re Hardwired for Drugs


Spiritual people, often like scientists – view drug use as pathological. What this means is that they believe that the “core state of human” is sobriety. While I agree that that is the “base state” in that – if you do nothing the body will work on a particular frequency or configuration.


However – our brains also have plenty of receptors that bind perfectly with certain tryptamines and other psychoactive chemicals. Is this an accident? Did we accidently evolve to have these receptors or is experimenting with consciousness our birthright as folks who are aware of their own consciousness?


I personally subscribe to the idea that these plants are “condensed information” waiting to be released. Of course – cannabis is a very mild psychoactive plant that will hardly make you hallucinate unless of course you eat it.


And while Sadhguru did mention that we have an endocannabinoid system – he said that we should get our cannabinoids from within, not from without.


Once more – this is somewhat correct except that the endocannabinoid system fully develops roughly at 25 years of age and then the endocannabinoid production significantly decreases. There are activities like meditation and jogging that can increase these endocannabinoids, however – in many cases this isn’t enough.


In fact, one could argue that many people who are finding relief from cannabis for whatever ails them are suffering from some sort of endocannabinoid deficiency.


The reasoning behind this is simple. If someone is manifesting a problem and then smokes weed, and suddenly feel better – the artificial or external cannabinoids supplanted a process that would have been activated/deactivated by an endogenous cannabinoid.


Yet – due to the reduction of endocannabinoid production in the body – just like you need your vitamins when you age – so you need your supplemental cannabinoid intake.


We have evolved alongside this plant for tens of thousands of years. The history of cannabis and the human race supersede any philosophical worldview you can imagine.


Now that you’re conscious – why would you stop using the very tools that helped shape your consciousness?


There is no one way….


This is probably the biggest lesson people need to learn. While I respect Sadhguru, I don’t think he is god or that by listening to him I will find enlightenment. I believe that every human is a unique expression of consciousness and that your unique configuration of life will provide you with unique opportunities.


If some of those opportunities include surfing a wave of psychedelia – then I would consider that a unique expression of consciousness on this planet. More importantly, enlightenment exists right here and right now – you don’t need to “transcend” yourself to achieve it.


You do need to recognize the folly of your own existence and realize that you are consciousness experiencing itself right here and right now. Nobody else has the insight over your life as you do. While it’s okay to listen to others and to learn from their walk – and Sadhguru has had one hell of a walk – ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own actions and your own transformations.


I would argue that following a religious dogmatic process is far more detrimental to spiritual transformation because dogmatic rituals typically lead to stagnation in innovation. There’s a reason why organized religion is dropping in popularity and things like the occult is gaining traction.


The point here is that your life is as unique as mine, and you will have choices that only you can make. Sometimes, diving head first into psychedelia is just what you need to shake loose the paradigms that keep you trapped. That in itself is a sense of illumination.


However to be fair, Sadhguru was talking about abuse. And abuse will never lead to spiritual transformation.


Thus, as with everything – cannabis is only a detriment to your spiritual development if you believe it’s a detriment to your spiritual development. Conversely, if you believe it aids you – then it certainly does.








What did you think?

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