cannabis IQ test
cannabis IQ test

Cannabis Does Not Lower Your IQ Says New Study, or Does It?

Does using marijuana lower or raise your overall IQ score?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday May 18, 2020

New Study Suggests cannabis DOES NOT lower IQ

cannabis IQ test

Prohibitionists have touted time after time “Cannabis lowers your IQ” and their go to study is the one that was conducted in New Zealand.

However, a new study covered in Scientific American threw a proverbial spanner in the spokes and challenged the narrative that IQ is affected by cannabis use. Essentially – what the article talks about is the different type of testing researchers do to figure out things like exposure to a drug and the physiological affects over time.

In the New Zealand Study – the one often touted by anti-cannabis activists – the researchers simply compiled data from a relatively large sample pool of New Zealanders and tracked their IQ over-time. When they looked at the data they saw that those who had smoked cannabis had “lower IQs” than those who didn’t – and mostly, when users started in their early teens.

However – this study has been under a lot of scrutiny since it was published because the researchers couldn’t possibly remove variables such as home life, economic situations, major relationship mishaps, nutrition, alcohol, other drugs, and numerous other factors that has a direct influence on IQ.

Nonetheless, this is more than enough data for prohibitionists to use in their debates.

Within this OTHER study that Scientific American is talking about – the process is different. Instead of trying to track data changes overtime – they tracked the cognitive abilities of twins. What they found was that some twins did model the New Zealand findings, whereas others didn’t.

It undoubtedly proves that “IQ Loss “ is not an absolute when it comes to cannabis consumption as a teen. It also doesn’t mean that it doesn’t play a role in IQ either. All it means is that it’s not so black and white when it comes to drug consumption and physiology.

Furthemore, each endocannabinoid system is unique and cannabis interacts with each human differently. Perhaps – for some its beneficial to consume cannabis early on because of faulty endocannabinoid receptors that weren’t fully developed due to endocannabinoid deficiency during prenatal development – I don’t know…I’m not a doctor. But I have spent the best part of 15 years researching and reading medical papers and while I do not claim to be an expert – there are obvious questions that are not being asked by the medical community.

Rather – we get politicized research with an objective. On one end – we have PRO-Cannabis studies which aim to prove cannabis as a medicine for mass acceptance. On the other – we have ANTI-Cannabis studies that aim to discredit cannabis and keep it as an illegal substance.

And what suffers at the expense of it all? TRUST!

We can’t trust anyone anymore…

There was a golden age of…perhaps ignorance…where people believed the information given to them by their institutions. There was an innocent trust and people hardly questioned the research from “official sources”.

Yet – because science has been politicized and weaponized for partisan and legislative objectives – we no longer have unbiased-science. Especially during the Drug War Narrative. There are obvious conflict of interest within a vast majority of papers that for every study that says one thing about cannabis, another study will contradict it.

So who do we trust? Who doesn’t stand to gain anything from cannabis? Who can study the plant void of any personal biases?

I believe that this is a problem not only with cannabis – but with virtually every information source in society these days. We no longer have trust in the experts not because of ignorance but because experts and leaders have repeatedly broken our trust through systemic-criminal behavior.

The Drug War in its entirety is a sham. There is no logical, scientific or rational reason why we would continue with a policy that;

Was created by a criminal that was impeached [Nixon]

Was advised by the Scientific community that it was a bad idea [Shaffer Commission]

And has systematically stolen the liberty of over 20,000,000 Americans since its inception

Started Countless Wars

Militarized the Police

Targets minorities

The list goes on.

Yet ALL of these atrocities were backed by science and experts. These were our leaders. Hell, one of these “leaders” is attempting to take the highest seat in public office.

I’m talking about Biden of course – who has been riding the Drug War wave for the better part of his career.

Trust has been lost. I don’t know about you – but we need to re-evaluate how we use science to make us stronger, smarter and more efficient and caring people. Right now – we have weaponized studies aimed at creating a greater divide as opposed to unbiasedly studying the things we consume and ensuring that we’re well informed about all the consequences.

We should never use science to stifle someone else’s liberty. We should never use science to advance political agendas or propagate “evidence” to support your clauses.

This is one of the fundamental lessons we can learn from the War on Drugs and it’s ever apparent during our current lockdown –

Nobody Trusts Anything Anymore.

Trust me!









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