cannabis mastermind groups
cannabis mastermind groups

Cannabis Mastermind Groups - What Are They and Can You Start Your Own?

Marijuana mastermind groups can help small businesses in a variety of ways!

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Dec 20, 2022

cannabis mastermind groups

Napoleon Hill in his book “The Law of Success” introduced the idea of a “Mastermind Group”. He later expanded on this concept in his book, “Think and Grow Rich!”


In a nutshell, a Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentorship coalition that focuses on leveraging the power of the group to accelerate learning. Typically, within a mastermind group you’d want different “experts” to become your council according to Hill.


However, you don’t necessarily need to have experts in your group for it to be considered a “Mastermind Group”.


In this article, we’re going to be covering the basics of how to start a Cannabis Mastermind Group to learn anything within the niche of cannabis, whether it’s growing, building a business, or creating a culturally relative concept for people to consume (Book/Cartoons, etc)


A Mastermind Group is about Self-Mastery and tapping into the wisdom of the crowds in order to achieve your goals and objectives easier and with more efficiency.  Therefore, when applied to cannabis – it can greatly reduce your learning curves and accelerate your process of achieving your goals.


So let’s dive into it!


The Basics of a Mastermind Group


Before we diverge into the “cannabis” aspect of the mastermind group, let’s talk firstly about the core principles of a Mastermind Coalition.


Here’s a quick list of what a Mastermind Group sets out to achieve;


  • Keep yourself Accountable – The Mastermind Group is about making a commitment with other people in order to achieve a specific goal. Since you are no longer restricted to yourself and actually have other people holding you accountable – your probability of success increases significantly.

  • Gain Immediate Wider Perspective – Since you are several people attempting to complete a specific or related goal, you’ll be able to gain more insight on what you are doing and where you can improve. Having an objective opinion that is looking out for your best interest is key to making better decisions and analyzing your choices with more objectivity.

  • Accelerated Learning – Since you’re not one person attempting a goal, but several different people, you don’t need to learn from just your mistakes. In fact, each individual’s mistakes will educate the group – meaning you don’t have to make the same mistake as a peer simply because the peer was able to inform you prior to making the mistake in the first place.

  • A Community – Like it or not, humans are always looking for a place to belong. A Mastermind Group is like a special club, even sort of a “secret society of success” where you are an exclusive member. What is talked about within the boundaries of the group is secret to the rest of the world. This means you can forge relationships, build trust, and have a group of people who’s got your best interests at heart.

  • Motivation – Whenever you run into a brick wall or get stumped by a problem, you no longer have to deal with it by yourself. You can tap into the wisdom of the group, ask for some motivation, or just unburden yourself to people who are willing to listen with no alternative motive. You’ve got a support system for your success!


There are immeasurable value in having a Mastermind Group at your disposal.


But let’s take a look at what this means within the context of cannabis.


Basic Benefits of a Cannabis Mastermind Group


When it comes to your cannabis mastermind group, there are also immeasurable value to be obtained. For example, if you’re starting a “Mastermind Growers Group”, you’ll want to team up with about 4-5 different cannabis growers.


For starters, it will allow you to grow 4-5 different crops (even if it’s just 2-4 plants per person), meaning that you’ll be able to obtain “more strains” per grow cycle.


If you decide to “crowd share” your crops, this means that at the end of the cropping cycle, you could have up to 20 different strains if you’re a mastermind group of 4-5 people growing 2-4 plants each.


Additionally, unless you’re buying feminized seeds, you’d also increase  the odds of female sprouts in order to get Sinsemilla. However, in the case that perhaps one of the plants turn out to be “male”, another member of the Mastermind Group could be the “dude grower”.




Within your Mastermind Group, you could have a “Dude Grower” which would be a single person dedicated to growing and maturing “male plants” in order to collect the pollen. The reason you want to have a “dude grower” away from the female plants is because cannabis plants easily get pollinated, and by outsourcing all of the males to a particular location away from the females – means you can also “pollen harvest” in order to create new and unique strains!


Therefore, whenever one of the Mastermind Fem-Growers sprouts a “dude”, they call in the “dude grower” to come collect it and mature it offsite and collect the  pollen. Especially if it’s a good strain.


In most cases, solo growers would simply dispose of the dude – however, within a Mastermind Growing collective, even dudes are beneficial to the group.


Other Benefits of a Mastermind Grow Group


Apart from “Dude Growing”, you’ll also have the benefit of learning from everyone’s mistakes and perhaps even chipping in to buy bulk. When you begin to buy in bulk, you significantly reduce the cost of operations for everyone, and you can standardized the growing conditions across the independent grows!


Also, in the case that you’re doing a Mastermind in a place that doesn’t appreciate the dynamics of small growers networks – you’ll also diminish risks considering that you won’t have to grow 10-20 plants in one spot, but rather can have many more smaller grows. This allows each grower to focus on the quality of a single plant while knowing that there is less risk of crop failure.


If one of the grows get over-run by mold or a bug infestation, it’s only one separated module of the whole – meaning that your chances of having some good weed come “crop out time”, is far higher.


However, this is only one application of the Mastermind Group within the cannabis niche. There are other ways you can set up a Mastermind Group to help you achieve your cannabis goals!


Different Types of Cannabis Mastermind Groups


With a little bit of creativity you can customize these Mastermind Groups to suit virtually any objective. In the following section I’ll do some creative brainstorming to get your mind flowing.


  1. Business Development – When it comes to cannabis businesses – you can either be directly involved with cannabis or be “cannabis-adjacent”. In other words, you could be a service that “services the cannabis industry”. Irrespective of your area of operation, you can utilize a Mastermind to work on developing a cannabis business that will be profitable within the current cannabis industry.

    However, when you’re working on these types of Masterminds – it’s best to diversify your talents. For example, in a business Mastermind, you’ll want to have someone who’s an expert in Accounting, another that’s an expert in Law, etc. You’ll want to cover the bases of all of the important features needed to run a business – these people will help you optimize each element to be a flawless money making machine.

  2. Culture Engineering – You can also create a Cannabis Mastermind to engineer a new cannabis cultural fad or ritual. You could perhaps create a new line of comics or music, events, magazines, etc. While most of the people are focusing their attention on building cannabis businesses – very few people are working on creating “cannabis icons”.

    Things that impact the culture in such a manner that people alter their behavior accordingly. Within the cannabis niche, there has been a few “iconic” people and trends that have achieved this, but there is an untapped potential in this niche.

    In order to make this mastermind work you’d probably want to diversify your skillsets to include, a strong writer, artist, musician, money person, marketer/brander, etc.

  3. Growers Mastermind -  While I spoke about the benefits of the Growers Mastermind, I didn’t talk about the diversified skillsets. If it’s just you and a bunch of buddies trying to grow a lot of weed…then that’s fine. But ideally, what you’ll want to do to make the Mastermind the most effective is include a diverse skillset.

    You’ll probably want someone who’s pretty knowledgeable about cannabis itself, an electrician, a plumber, pest control, lighting cycles, etc.

    If you are creating a mastermind group with your buddies, you can designate specific “skills” each one has to master. In other words, they only focus on becoming absolutely knowledgeable in “one” of the areas, and then help the other individuals by leveraging their expertise!

  4. Activism / Revolution – We can’t forget utilizing a Mastermind to create some real change in the world. You see, the major problem with cannabis legalization is that people are expecting the changes to come “from the top”. In  other words, they want to see “federal legalization” trickle down to their home towns.

    The only problem with this is that politicians will be deciding all the rules. These politicians are bought by major corporations that will skew laws to suit their bottom line. Therefore, the best way to ensure a truly “fair” market is to attack the problem locally.

    You can create a Mastermind group to study your local laws and find out ways to change them. With enough of these Mastermind groups chipping away at the foundation of prohibition, and shaping it into an easily accessible industry that isn’t heavily regulated and controlled by special interests – then the whole system will collapse under its own weight.

    The only reason cannabis isn’t legal today is because people are passively waiting for greedy politicians to grant them their freedoms, when all they need to do is get up and change the law themselves!

    Within a Mastermind group of this nature you’ll want someone who knows about laws, someone who knows how to simplify a message so that it’s easily digestible for mass consumption, someone who knows how to pull in masses of people, someone who can raise money, and someone who can raise awareness.

    There might be a few more I’m missing, but this should set the basis for some hyper-intelligent design from a Mastermind Group that the government would never see coming!


These are just a few basic examples, however you can apply a Mastermind group to virtually anything!


Core Things to Keep in Mind when Creating Your Own Mastermind Group!


When it comes to Mastermind Groups there are a few core principles we should always remember;


  • The Weakest Link – While the Mastermind is designed to elevate the individual, an unwilling participant (someone who’s contrarian to everything in the group) will negatively affect the group’s performance. In the case that you detect a “weak link” within the group, it’s necessary to analyze whether it can be remedied or whether you’d need to replace the talent.

  • Consistent Meetings – while you don’t need to meet daily, once a week or twice a month is more than enough to keep the dynamics alive between you and the rest of the participants.

  • Solid communication – the beauty of modern times is that you can stay in touch with anyone from around the world with apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal. Create private group messages with your team to have a direct line to the Mastermind.

  • Leadership -  While it’s true that a real Mastermind doesn’t have any signal leadership, someone has to organize and host the meetings. I strongly recommend sharing the responsibility by shifting leadership to a new participant every single meeting. In other words, whenever you meet with your Mastermind, at the end of the session you establish whoever is going to be the host for the next session. This form of decentralized leadership allows the power dynamics to remain relatively equal between all group members. Everyone has the same level of “authority”.

  • Commitment – At the end of the day, a collaboration between independent parties means that all participants must share some “commonality” between them all. Every individual must gain significant value within the participation of the group in order to maintain it for a prolonged period. It’s the job of the collective to keep the individual coming back for more!





At the end of the day, there is a lot a person can achieve by themselves. However, there is an old African Proverb that says something along the lines of, “If you want to go fast – go alone…but if you want to go far…go together!”


A Mastermind is just that – going far. Doing things in your life that is greater than the individual and by tapping into the collective mind of a peer group with a similar vision as your own – you can achieve great things.


Whether you’re going to go out and form your own Mastermind Group, or find a group to join – there is no doubt that there is amazing benefit from working in a collective.


If you’re interested in learning more about Mastermind Groups or want to form part of a Mastermind group for personal development – you can click this link right here as I’m on the verge of organizing a few for 2023 & beyond!


If you’re ready to level up your life – then consider joining a Mastermind Group right now!





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